Feb 28, 2011

Vegetable Spring Rolls

Spring rolls is a common and a delicious dish from the streets of China.You can just stuff it with any filling (chicken filling or panneer filling) as per your taste.I made these springrolls this weekend,believe it or not…...everything disappeared within 5 minutes.It was that yummy….
It takes a little bit time ,but once once you have the springroll sheet ready in the freezer it is breeze to make.This recipe is from Showmethecurry.com.But I made little modification ,In that recipe they use those frozen eggroll sheets,since it is not available here I made it myself.I think you can use those frozen chappati sheets that are available in the frozen section of big supermarket. Here it is available in Lynns.I have not tried with that,if anybody does ,please let me know how it turned out….Check out the step by step pictures also..

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Feb 25, 2011

Spicy Vermicelli upma(Semiya upma)

Vermicelli Upma
This is one of the easiest recipe to make.It take less than 15 min.It can be made for a quick Breakfast or dinner.The cool thing in this Dish is you can add lot of vegetables in this and make it very healthy.

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Feb 24, 2011

Fake KFC Chicken

KFC Chicken is not available in the place where I live.So I Searched and googled and at last I found out this.I made a little modification according to my taste..But  it came out really good and tasted more or less like KFC chicken.It turned  out so crispy and juicy.So make it and enjoy it everyday……

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