Mar 10, 2011

Egg Noodles

After posting vegetable fried rice recipe,I thought of making another popular Indochinese Dish called as Egg Noodles.This Recipe is for my crazy friend Nameeta,She asked me to post this Recipe,So Nameeta please try it tell me how it turned out.The Noodles which I used is not the maggi or any other noodles,it is plain noodles…You can get it in super markets it is very cheap.It is also called as Egg Noodles.You could add some mushroom,Tofu and any vegetable of your choice.I didn have those vegetables when I made this dish,So I didn use those..Ok Try it…And let me know what you think…


Egg Noodles- 1 packet
Onion-1 sliced
Carrot-1 Juliened
Capisicum-1 juliened
Cabbage-1 cup shredded
Baby corn-2 sliced
Soya sauce-1 tbslpn(or to taste)
Tomato Sauce-1 tbspn(or to taste)
Vinegar-1 tblspn(or to taste)
Red chilli paste-1 tbslpn
Ginger-1 tblspn minced
Garlic-1 tbslpn minced
Green chilli-2 sliced
Salt-to taste
Sugar-to taste
Ajinomoto-2 tsp
Spring onion-for garnishing
Oil - 4 tblspn


Boil the noodles till done,Drain it and drizzle with some oil in it to prevent sticking.

In a small bowl mix in all the sauces and vinegar and keep it aside.

Heat a wok on high heat,Add oil and fry some ginger and garlic followed by onions and green chilli.

Now put in all the sliced vegetables and sauté till done.Add in the Salt,Sugar,Ajinomoto and mix well.

Set the vegetable mixture to the side of the wok and pour in the Egg,Scramble the egg on high heat till done and then mix it with the vegetables.

Now throw in the Noodles and mix together.

Pour in the sauce mixture,chilli paste and toss well.

Mix together,till the sauce coats each strands of eggy noodles.Garnish with diced spring onions and serve with chilli sauce or chilli vinegar(Recipe Below)

Chilli Vinegar:
Slice some fresh green chilli very thinly and cover it with vinegar….Thats it…..Your chilli vinegar is ready.You can preserve it in a Air tight container in Refrigerator,It will stay good for several months.The Longer it steap the better the flavour.So make a batch atonce and keep it in your fridge,it can be used in soups also.


Ur ingrediants

Everything prepared

Boil noodles and chop up veggies...Mix sauces together

fry veggies till done...Set all veggies to the side of the pan and crack in a egg and scramble it...Now add in Noodles and mix well.Pour in the prepared Sauce and red chilli paste...Toss everything together


Carol said... Best Blogger Tips

YUM! Thanks Aarthi!!!! I loved the noodles you bought to work the other day. And now you've posted the recipe here. You rock! I'll try it and let you know how it turned out.

BackStage said... Best Blogger Tips

Tried this without the ginger-garlic (as I was lazy) but turned out perfect anyway!

my world said... Best Blogger Tips

yummy ....very nice recipe & also Presentation is too good ...surely try it...thanks a lot...

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

Wow, Simply Superbb...
I am just watching your blog for half an hour as for your presentation and yummy recipes. You are really a good cook and your husband is very lucky.
Now, i am feeling hungry, going to prepare simple chicken curry and vada pav today.