Oct 13, 2011

Eggless Banana Cake / Eggless Banana Bread

I know banana cake is many of us favorite one..This one is a little special because it is eggless..So each one can enjoy it...

Actually this is one of my old post,Last week i tried another banana cake recipe and it cameout better than the previous one..So I am reposting it again with better pictures and better recipe..

So off you go for the step by step recipe with pictures..


Banana-2 big ones
Butter-100 gms/ 4 ounces
Sugar-1 cup / 200 gms
All Purpose Flour / Maida- 2 cup / 240 gms
Baking Powder-1 tsp
Baking soda-1 tsp
Salt a pinch
Vanilla essence-1 tsp


Preheat the oven to 180 degree Cor 360 degree F .

Puree banana till it gets smooth,you could even mash the bananas.

Prepare a cake tin,by applying butter on the bottom and sides of the tin,then dust some flour in it so that the flour coats all the sides and then remove the Excess flour.

In a bowl mix together flour,baking powder,baking soda and salt ...set it aside.

In a mixing bowl add Butter and sugar and beat well.Now add in the pureed banana and stir everything together.

Add in vanilla essence and  the flour mixture and mix everything together.

Tip this in the prepared tin and put it in the oven and bake for 40-45 min..To check,just insert a skewer into the cake and if the skewer comes out clean then the cake is done.

Let the cake stand for 5 min...after that remove it from the tin and let it cool for 15 min.

Slice and serve with a cup of tea or milk..


Take all your ingrediants
Mix baking powder and salt with flour

add in baking soda

and mix well

Take bananas in a mixer

make it into a puree

Take butter,sugar and vanilla in a bowl

beat it till fluffy

add in pureed banana

and mix well

add in the flour mixture

mix well

Prepare a tin

pour the mixture in that tin

bake it to perfection
I love it warm with a smerge of butter
Does that look inviting


  1. bread looks so perfect, like the eggless version, i too make this with leftover bananas..

  2. This very good this Yummy banana cake.
    A greeting!

  3. Thank you so much for sharing this Eggless cake recipe. I am always looking for this type of recipe and I do love bananas so this goes into my recipe file.

  4. Thank you for stopping by the Shiksa blog Aarthi! I liked your banana cake post, I often have people writing me to request egg-free recipes. Looking forward to reading your blog!

  5. I like vegetable cakes like this, you can eat them without feeling guilty. These look real nice...

  6. cake looks delicious dear...
    thx. for the egg less version :)

  7. the cake looks perfect...i like this eggless version...

    do visit my space when you get time...

  8. Looks yummy pa. i am collecting eggless recipes, because i tried cakes with egg and i dont like that smell. will try this and let you know pa

  9. Thanks a lot for such a lovely receipe... :) love it

  10. Can we use oil instead of butter..if so how much quantity of oil we need to use

  11. hello aarthi....can this cake be baked in a M/W oven or do we have to use an ordinary oven??when we use a M/W the upper part of the cake is overbaked while batter remains in the middle part...

  12. i think this bread will taste better if we just mash the banana's instead of pureeing it, pureeing makes the bread very dense

  13. @sujatha umesh This cake can be baked in microwave convection mode. Try to follow the instructions of the oven. Reduce the oven temparature and bake the cake so it will bake uniformly

  14. Can we do this on the cooker?

  15. Hi Aarthi,

    1. Can I use whole wheat flour instead of maida? 2. If yes, do I need to make any other changes in the recipe? 3. Can I reduce the amount of butter and use yogurt instead. Will that work?
    Thanks a lot

  16. @Seema DwivediU can use whole wheat flour, you can reduce the amount of butter and add oil, reduce butter and add curd.. the texture will change a little but taste will be good

  17. @Aarthi Hi Aarthi, I tried this with whole wheat flour and it came out very good. You were so right - texture looks slightly different from your cake but I loved the taste. And its whole wheat so less guilt while eating :)Thanks a lot.

  18. Can we prepare this cake in cooker ?

  19. I tried this recipe it came out really well. Thanks a lot.

  20. Hi Aarthi,
    Thx for the awsome recipies. Love ur blog.I baked this cake, it tastes awsome but only one problem which i faced with every single cake is that it rises from the centre like a pyramid?

  21. @pariit is because u are using a small baking pan, use a bigger one. the batter should never come above half way of the pan

  22. hi .. cud i use brown sugar .. if yes how much quantity pls.. tia.

  23. hi aarthi ..cab I add cocoa powder to this recipe..if yes how much should be the quantity and any other changed to be made ??tia

  24. @Soumya Shrivastavayes u can add cocoa. if you add 2 tblspn of cocoa, reduce the flour amount by 2 tblspn

  25. Hi Aarthi, I baked this in pressure cooker during the weekend and it came out really well ! Thank you so much for your awesome recipes..Am new to cooking and am learning from you :) virtually.Thanks for the inspiration!

  26. Hii mam....i tried thos cake it was too soft. But after some time it got hard. What could be the reason for it

  27. @Anonymousdid bake it in convection mode or microwave mode

  28. can v bake this cake using pressure cooker..??

  29. if i bake this in cooker what will be the baking time.is that the same 40-45mins..??

  30. @Anonymoussame time. u can check after 30 mins

  31. Looks yum..Can we use small bananas instead of big ones.if so how many of them we need?

  32. Looks yum...can I use small bananas instead of big ones?If so how many?


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