May 14, 2011

Cheesy Egg sandwich

This is a really a quick breakfast recipe...if you have eggs and cheese you could whip up a nice cheesy egg sandwich...This is a yummy tiffin box dish for your kids and also you can give this as a evening snacks... So please try this and let me know what you think....


Bread-2 slices
Butter-2 tblspn
Cheese- ½ cup
Pepper to taste
Chilli powder to taste
Salt to taste


In a bowl beat egg,salt,pepper,chilli powder together and set this aside.

Heat a tawa,add some butter and pour this egg mixture in the tawa.Cook that for 1 min.

Sprinkle a generous hanful of cheese over the egg and cover it from all sides..Now it resembles and square shape.

Mean time toast the bread on both sides and place this cheesy egg parcel in the center and cook for 1 min.

Cut in diagonal and serve with tomato ketchup.


Ur ingrediants

Beat egg with salt and chilli powder
Pour egg  in a tawa

spread it evenly

add some cheese on top

Fold it...

Toast you bread on the side

Top the egg on the toast

Cover with the other slice



  1. Oh.. this is a perfect breakfast !

  2. I can't say yum, as it has egg in it and I don't eat egg, but I surely love the crust color of sandwich at the top :)

  3. Kid's friendly sandwich, looks filling and yummy..

  4. Super easy and super delicious sandwich!

  5. Hi aarthi made this sandwich tdy, taste very nice n filing thanks


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