Jun 12, 2015

Easy Pineapple Pie Recipe


I love pies..I thought of making a pineapple pie because I had a ripe pineapple at home..This pie turned out really beautiful, buttery and sweet, it was delicious. I used my homemade shortcrust pastry recipe. It is a fool proof recipe, i use them for all my pies, tarts and stuffs like that..

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The sugar amount is entirely upto you,you could make it as sweet as you like.You could do exactly the same way with any filling as you like..

Hope you will give this a try and let me know how it turns out for you..

Preparation Time : 30 mins
Baking Time : 45 to 50 mins
Serves : 6 to 8


Basic Shortcrust Pastry - 1 batch (Recipe here)
Milk for brushing on top
Granulated Sugar - 1 tsp

For Filling:
Pineapple- 2 cup pureed
Pineapple - 1 cup chopped finely
Sugar- 3/4 cup or more
Pineapple essence - 1/2 tsp
Lemon juice - 1 tsp
Cornflour / Cornstarch - 2 tblspn
Water - 2 tblspn

For Glaze:
Hot Water -  1 tblspn
Corn syrup / liquid Glucose / Honey - 1 tblspn


Preheat the oven for 200 degree C. Butter a pie dish well and set aside.

First make the filling, in a pan add pineapple puree, pineapple chunks ,sugar. Mix well. Cook this for 5 mins or so.

Add in Cornflour mixed with water and mix well. Add in essence and lemon juice...Mix these together and till it becomes a thick jam like consistency. Set aside to cool.

Take your pastry, Divide this into two equal portion. Roll it in round shape by placing it between two plastic sheet, slightly more than the pie plate...and place this in the well buttered pie crust and press it using your hands.

Remove the plastic wrap and spoon the filling in it.

Take the other dough and roll it exactly the same way as you did for the previous one.Cover the pie with this.

Make slashes over it, make some design with the leftover pastry, Brush the top with milk and sprinkle with sugar.

Bake this for 30 mins in 200 degree C, Now reduce the temp to 180 Degree C and bake for another 15 to 20mins. Remove it from oven and set aside.

Take hot water and liquid glucose in a bowl and mix well till it is melted.

Now brush with the baked pie with the glaze.

After they cool down slice them and serve room temperature or chilled.

Take pineapple

peel the skin

chop them roughly

take  3/4th of them in a blender

puree them 

now take the remaining 1/4 of them and Chop them finely

now take your other ingredients

take pineapple puree, chopped pineapple in a kadai

add in sugar

mix well

cook for few mins

now it has thickened

take cornflour in a bowl

dissolve it with some water

pour cornflour liquid in this

mix well so it gets thick

Add little lemon juice

and few drops of pineapple essence

mix well
butter your pie dish

take your shortcrust pastry..RECIPE HERE
take the pastry

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Spread a sheet of plastic wrap
place half of the pastry 

cover with another sheet of plastic

roll it out

roll pretty thinly

check whether the pastry is bigger than the dish

peel off the wrap

take it carefully 

flip it over the pie dish

press it carefully

line the pie dish evenly

peel off the plastic sheet

spoon the pineapple filling

roll the other sheet

flip it over the filling

peel off the plastic sheet

cut off the excess pastry

now start crimping the pastry

like this


now take your leftover pastry

roll it out

take any mould

press it over the pastry

beautiful butterflies

now brush some milk over the pastry

make a slash over it, so the steam can escape

place the butterflies over it

sprinkle some granulated sugar over it

Time to bake

Pie is baked

Now this step is optional, take little hot water in a pan

take some liquid glucose, corn syrup, honey or golden syrup

take a spoon

dissolve it with the water

now use a pastry brush

brush all over the pastry

this gives a nice shiny effect

Done..Let it cool for 2 hours

Slice and serve


  1. if ur from delhi or nearby delhi(gurgaon, noida)..can u plz tell me where i can get pie plates, baking trays, etc...have been looking for these but cant find....
    btw ur pineapple pie looks delicious!!!

  2. the pie looks n am sure tastes equally delicious!!

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  4. hi shooting Star,

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  5. I have otg,what temperature this require to bake

  6. Hi Arti,your recipes are amazing.thanks a lot.I wanted to ask how to measure GMs into cups as my pastry was crbling & I think it was due to the confusion of GMs to cups

  7. @AnonymousAdd more butter if your pastry is crumbly

  8. Hi Aarthi, can I use readymade pineapple crush for filling? Is it will come out good after backing?

  9. @mona parekhu have to cook it with sugar and cornflour


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