May 17, 2011

Toad in a Hole

Toad in the Hole
 I got so many request for doing kids dishes..So I am starting that series from today onwards.I will try to post dishes for kids once or twice a week.I am starting with a  easy peasy dish..Toad in a Hole,This is a wonderful dish for kids....I know every kids love oozing eggs..This is a special dish for them.I used a small round tin to cut out the centre..But if you want it really,fancy you could use a different shape cutter...Don’t over cook the eggs or else you wont get the runny egg yolk..I hope you all make this and give to your kids and definetly you will be the best mom...


Butter-1 tblpsn
Salt to taste
Pepper to taste


Take a slice of bread.Cut a small circle in the middle using a cutter.

In a pan heat butter and place this bread and also the cut circle over that.Cook for 1 min on one side,then turn them over.

Crack egg inside the hole,making sure not to break the egg yolk.Cover and cook on a slow flame until the egg sets slightly.

Carefully turn the egg over and cook for 1 min on a slow flame.

Remove the bread carefully and place them in a plate.

If you cut open the bread,the egg yolk will come oozing all over the plate...Dip the bread in that egg yolk and enjoy...


Ur ingrediants

Make hole in the bread

Toast it and drop a egg in the hole..Cook it on both sides


  1. wow..nice innovation! kids will surely njoy this..

  2. Very will love this..

  3. Delicious and one of my favourite..

  4. Your toad in a hole looks perfect -- I love that gorgeous runny egg!

  5. I do the same too .. call it egg in a hole :)


  6. hi,
    My first visit here :p would love to follow seems there's a problem with blogger :( neways shall see you more often.
    Absolutely loved the egg preparation, wanna try it soon :P
    hope to see u around

  7. Beautiful work, love this kind of breakfast:)


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