Jun 26, 2011

Potato Latkes Burger with Coleslaw

Potato Latkes Burger
This is a simple snack..Usually they add egg in  potato latkes,but I made it without eggs and it was so crispy and yummy..i will make the traditional latkes with egg and post in another post..This is usually served as a snack,but I put it inside some burger buns and topped it with coleslaw,so you can take it to office or picnic..It will be a filling meal all by itself..The coleslaw I made is very simple..Usually they use raw cabbage and carrot in coleslaw..Somehow I don’t like the raw taste of it ,so I just blanched it in hot water and used..


Burger Buns

For potato latkes:
Potato-3 large grated
Onion-1 chopped finely
Green chilli-1 chopped finley
Cornflour-1/2 cup
Salt to taste
Pepper-1 tsp
Milk-1/2 cup
Oil for shallow frying

For coleslaw:
Cabbage-1 cup shredded
Carrot-1 cup shredded
Mayonaisse-2 tblspn
Salt to taste
Pepper-1 tsp


For potato latkes:

Mix ingrediants given for potato latkes together except oil.

Heat oil in a frying pan and add a spoonful of this mixture in the oil,they will spread and form into a disc shape.Fry this on both sides till golden .

Remove this and drain in a paper towel.

For coleslaw:

Bring  1 cup of water to a vigourous boil.Now add in the shredded cabbage and carrot in that water.let it sit in that for  3min.

Drain the veggies in a cheese cloth and squeeze the water from it.

Add some mayonaisse,salt,pepper and mix well.


Take the burger bun and toast it lightly.

Place a spoonfull of coleslaw and top it over the bun.

Place 2-3 pieces of potato latkes over the top and add another dollop of coleslaw over this..

Cover it with the other piece of bun..

Serve immediately or cover it with foil and enjoy in lovely picnic spot.


Grab your ingrediants for latkes

Mix potato,chilli,onion,cornflour,milk,salt,pepper together

Fry in oil till golden

Grab your ingrediants for coleslaw

blanch your veggies

drain the veggies..mix with salt,pepper,mayo..


Prepare everything for burger

Add a dollop of coleslaw over toasted bun and put 2-3 pieces of latkes and top with another dollop of coleslaw..Cover it with bun



  1. Ummmmmmmmmmmmmm! I´m like it!!! Kisses.

  2. That looks so filling and I think it is a perfect travel food.

  3. good idea having latkes between buns.

  4. Oddly I was just thinking about a potato salad sandwich. Ha, weird I know.

    This is so much better! : )

  5. Hmmm would love to have this burger now... So inviting and yum...

  6. Another temptation Aarthi..Awesome with potato latkes.

  7. Latkes are one of my favorite potato preparations, but I've never tried making them at home. Your latke sandwich looks awesome.

  8. Aarti..this truly is wholesome n i like the idea of blanching in the coleslaw.

  9. Wat an incredible,filling and delicious burger,super delicious and yummy..

  10. The potato latkes sound like a delicious burger patty.

  11. What a cool idea to combine latkes and burger !

  12. very tempting and interesting snack. kids will love this for sure

  13. Potato latkes looks so crisp.


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