Jul 20, 2011

Malaysian Lace Pancakes (Roti Jala)

Roti Jala
This is a net pancake that is a speciality of Malaysia...Very easy to make..For making that you will need a squeeze bottle like the one which I showed in the pictures or else you can buy a mould that is specially designed for this,it is available in all plastic shops..It will look something like this. I served this with sesame chicken..

Flour-1 3/4 cup
Milk-1 1/2 cup
Water-1/2 cup
Salt -1 tsp
Turmeric powder-1 tsp
Oil for greasing


Mix everything except oil  together and form a smooth batter.

Heat the tawa on medium heat..Pour the batter in to a squeeze bottle and gently squeeze it over the tawa.

Let it cook on slow flame till golden brown on bottom.Fold it in triangles.

Serve it with spicy chicken curry.


Grab your ingrediants

Take flour,salt,turmeric powder in a bowl

add in milk


throw in eggs...

beat well
fill this into a squeeze bottle

drizzle this in hot tawa ...

let it cook on one side completely...fold it into triangles
Serve and enjoy..


  1. They look very pretty and like the idea of squeezing from a bottle..yummy.

  2. Que bonits te han quedado esos cakes con el calado. me gustan mucho!!. además son muy fáciles. gracias por compartir. un beso.

  3. This sounds and looks really delicious. I would love to give this a try. Yummy! From the first photo I figured this would be more difficult to make. Thanks for the step by step.

  4. good one..wondering if it can be made eggless!

  5. Seems you have mastered the Malaysian cuisine perfectly!! Have you tasted all this previously or making & tasting for the first time?

  6. Wow.. this is a cute pancake. I have seen this on TLC and used to drool. Now you revealed the recipe and here I go. Will give it a try soon :) Got to replace eggs and try veg version for parents to eat :)

  7. This is so much more fun than an ordinary pancake. Thanks for sharing. Diane

  8. Greta.Will make them for sure.Can't be difficult with your fantatsic instructions;)

  9. Hey this is totally cool... Never heard of this. Malaysian cuisine is indeed interesting. It will be fun making this :)

  10. wow, that looks super delicious. I saw it first in cool lassie's blog and loved it there too :)

  11. This really looks like fun and somethng I could make a version of that would not require buying any additional ingredients. Thanks for sharing.

  12. Great recipe! It's very similar to a funnel cake when you first pour it in to the pan. Thanks for stopping by my blog :)

  13. Hola gracias por visitar mi blog, aqui estoy devolviendote la visita y de paso paseandome por tu interesante blog, la receta me gusta mucho, la encuentro muy exótica.
    Un beso

  14. Hola, encantada de conocerte, gracias por pasarte por mi blog, me alegro que te gustara alguna recta,tienes un blog muy interesante, con comidas muy originales, estaremos en contacto, un saludo.

  15. I appreciate the loving words you left on my blog. It is a pleasure to me that you like my blog. Now I'm going to take a tour of yours;). I'm a follower not to lose contact.

  16. I haven't had this roti jala for a long, long time. When I was young had a Malay neighbour and this grandma used to make this, no gadget, only used her hands to swirl the batter onto the tawa.

  17. Net pancakes? What a great idea, they look cool and fun to make!!!Thank you so much for sharing!

  18. Hai Aarthi,Nice to see you have successfully cooked all those Malaysian food.Really hope that you enjoy it.Happy cooking.

  19. really interesting the squeeze bottle omelette!

  20. Delicious roti jala, best to go with curry chicken, yum yum

  21. Me gusta tu receta de hoy, parece fácil. Tomo nota, la haré un día.

  22. I love the lace technique!

  23. Hi what flour should I use wheat or rice flour?


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