Jul 21, 2011

Sayur Lodeh(Veggies cooked in a Light Coconut Broth)

Veggies cooked in a Light Coconut Broth
Hai Friends,Hope everyone had a great day..Yesterday I had a lovely chat with one of my new friend named Archana..She told me that she like my blog so much and she made the stir-fry mushroom dish from my blog and it came out so good.She also send me some photos of the dishes she made..I like to share it with you so please check this,this,this.. Thanks Archana for your lovely mail and chat..Always stay in touch..

Now coming back to today’s post..I have been doing Malaysian dishes all this week and I really loved that cuisine..Todays dish is gonna be a vegetarian dish,we can say it as vegan dish too..I used sambal to make this dish,you could check my nasi lemak recipe for the sambal recipe..


Capsicum-1/2 chopped
Tofu-1/2 block cubed and fried
Broccoli-1 cup chopped
Sambal-3 tblspn (check this link for recipe)
Coconut milk-2 cup
Salt to taste
Sugar- to taste
Lemon juice-1 tblspn
Coriander leaves for garnishing
Oil-1 tblspn

In a kadai heat 1 tblspn of oil and fry in the cubed tofu pieces and set aside..

Heat oil in a wok,add in the sambal paste and cook till oil separates.Add in broccoli,capsicum and fry for 3 min.Add in the fried tofu piece and mix well.

Pour in the coconut milk along with salt and sugar and mix well.let it simmer for 10 min.

Turn off the heat and add lemon juice and coriander leaves in it.

Serve hot with rice..


Grab your ingrediants
Fry tofu pieces in oil
fry some sambal paste in oil

add in brocoli and capsicum

add in salt

and sugar
throw in tofu pieces

pour over coconut milk..cook it till oil separates..



  1. Love the presentation and the snaps. Perfect for hot roti's..

  2. Absolutely love the idea of adding sambal paste and coconut milk. I can almost taste the curry :)

  3. Aarthi that's an interesting recipe..looks so much like our south indian gravy from far right..:)

  4. Aarti, this sayur lodeh is one of my favorite Indonesian vegetable stew. yours is especially sound delicious!

  5. que plato más rico de verdurita...bss


  7. I think coconut and coriander must have been created in heaven.There are so many dishes where they give taht extra aromatic punguent kick.This broth for insatnce..must be delicious hsoting them both:)

  8. Looks so yummy..anything with the coconut base is always welcome in my hose.

  9. delicious and awesome clicks..:)

  10. Sounds interesting and tempting.. First time here.. You have a lovely space with wonderful recipes.. Happy to follow your blog.. Thanks for sharing dear :)
    Indian Cuisine

  11. A mi hijo le encanta el tofu, esta la preparo seguro.
    Besitos y buen fin de semana.

  12. Really nice recipe ...I have to give this a try.

  13. Really nice recipe ...I have to give this a try.

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  15. thanks for the step by step photos! the visual really helps to make everything clearer :) definitely gonna try this recipe out soon.


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