Aug 28, 2011

CocoCola Cupcake & Giveaway Winner

Hai Friends....Happy Sunday

First of all I have to ask sorry to you all for announcing the giveaway winner this late...All because of work and time shortage..

Second I have to thank all of you for leaving lots of comments in a short period of time..

Ok..Now the winner is 


Raksha ...Congratulations..Please send your mailing address soon to my email id to claim your Gift...

Now coming back to todays recipe...It is Cococola cupcakes..Yes it is ...Cupcakes made with Cococola...

When I heard about this recipe first I was thinking how this will taste and so on...But once I made it I was surprised...It came out so good..

So go ahead and make this one...

Recipe Source: A Cozy Kitchen 


CocoCola-2 cup / 480 ml
Oil-1 cup / 240 ml
Cocoa-1 cup / 120 gms
Vanilla Essence-2 tsp
Flour-2 cup / 240 gms
Sugar-2 cup / 400 gms
Baking Soda-2 tsp
Salt a pinch
Whipped Cream Frosting


Preheat the oven to 160°C(320°F).......Line a muffin tray with cupcake cases…

Mix together flour,baking powder and salt together...

Take CocoCola,Cocoa,Oil in a sauce pan and heat it up..Let it cool down and pour this in a mixing bowl.
Add in eggs,sugar,vanilla and mix well..

Add the flour mixture in this and fold well…Don’t over mix the batter..

Spoon this in the Cupcake cases and bake it in the oven for 20-25 min untill the cake is cooked..

Take it out and allow it to cool down…Decorate with your favorite frosting…I used whipped cream frosting…

Serve with milk..

Ingrediants you need
Mix your baking soda and salt with flour...

Take cococola in a sauce pan...Add in cocoa,oil and heat it up...
Pour it in a mixing bowl and allow it to cool down...

Add in eggs....As you can see there are two eggs...

Happily tip in your sugar....

Now goes a dash of vanilla

Add in the flour mixture...

mix it up..

Take a ladleful of batter and eat it....Sorry take a ladleful of batter and fill muffin cases

Add a cupcake paper before filling it...
Filled..Now time to bake...

Baked to perfection...

Allow it to cool down...
While the cupcakes are cooling...Whip up your heavy cream...

Decorate the cupcake as you like...I just went for this kind of pattern...

Now take your sprinkles....I thought of using just the sprinkles..But my little sis want some of those candies dotted on them...
Caring Sister did that too....

Arrange it on a platter or a tray...

Get a close up shot..

and Dig in straight away..


  1. lovely cake Aarthi
    congrats Raksha on the win

  2. First of all congratulations to the lucky winner.Great prize and nice gesture from you.
    You got me there for a moment writing Coco Cola..instead of Coca Cola I thought it might be some new coke product for the cakes;))
    Cup cakes look great:)

  3. what a cool idea!! Cup cakes with Coco cola..I am loving it!!!

  4. This one looks so easy to cook and mouth-watering...delicious!

  5. Cup cakes look so cute and delicious.
    Congrats to Raksha!

  6. I've heard of using soda in baking but have never tried it myself. Sounds really good and I've heard great things about it. Yummy!

  7. Would love to dig straight in but unfortunately the monitor gets in the middle.

    But that does not prevent me from drooling does it. Lovely yummy cake.

    Do check out my event and send me your entries.

  8. Enhorabuena a la ganadora.
    Los cupcakes te han quedado muy bonitos.

  9. Thats a tempting coco cup cake.stepwise pics are really good.

  10. tempting cup cakes.. lovely..

  11. Heard of a few recipes made from Coca Cola .. But your post really making me to have the urge to bake it NOW! Thanks for sharing!

  12. Hey Aarthi,

    Thanks a lot dear for choosing me as the lucky winner.

    Mailed you my mailing address. Please confirm.

    Thanks everyone for ur wishes.


  13. Aarthi, sound delicious with the coca cola. Cute decoration.

  14. Very interesting points. Thanks!

    My blog:
    rachat de credits

  15. Hello, I tried this recipe. I followed the recipe exactly as mentioned. The cupcakes looked perfect after removing from the oven. The top looked perfectly baked and skewer inserted came out clean. But, when I removed the paper of cupcake the bottom part was a bit sticky as if undercooked. Because of this the taste was not good too. Please tell me what went wrong.

  16. @Santoshi am not sure, may be there is something wrong with measurements.


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