Aug 1, 2011

General Tso Chicken(Crispy Chicken in a Sweet and Sour Sauce)

General Tso Chicken
Hai Friends Hope everyone had a great day...Today’s recipe is gonna be the easiest chicken dish...This is also called as Governor Tso's chicken in many areas..The key factor in this dish is the frying of the chicken..You should fry the chicken in low heat for first 5 mins then increase the heat to a high and fry it till the chicken is crispy and tender..Then toss the chicken in the sauce and serve immediately...Hope you all will give this a try and let me know what you think..


Chicken-200 gm
Onion-1 chopped finely
Ginger -1 tblspn minced
Garlic-1 tblspn minced
Dry Red chilli-2
Spring onion for garnishing
Cornflour-3 tblspn
Salt to taste

For Sauce:

Soya Sauce-2 tblspn
Vinegar-1 tblspn
Sugar-1 tsp
Water-1/4 cup
Tomato Ketchup-2 tblspn
Cornflour Slurry-1 tblspn (1 tsp cornflour mixed with 1 tblspn of water)


Mix 3 tblspn of cornflour with the chicken and fry it in oil till crispy.

Mix all ingrediants given in the sauce list together.

Heat oil in a kadai..Add in ginger,garlic,red chilli,onion and fry for 1 min.

Pour in the sauce and cook till the sauce thickens up.

Season with salt to taste.Add in the fried chicken pieces and toss well.

Sprinkle some spring onion and mix well.

Serve hot with rice..


All Stuffs you need for making this dish

Mix corn starch with the chicken

Deep fry in oil till crispy

Sauce ingrediants

Mix everything up

Saute ginger and garlic in oil

add in dry red chilli and onion...

pour in the sauce and mix

Bring to boil

let the sauce thicken

throw in the fried chicken piece

garnish with spring onion



  1. I want to eat this for lunch!!! THIS LOOKS SO YUMMY!!!!!!!!!! Making this yourself instead of a restaurant I am sure is healthier for you. Plus you get to make as much as you want and have it for left overs! You think it would work with shrimp??

  2. Hai dear thanks for your comment..You could surely try this with shrimp or fish..

  3. El polo se ve delicioso, una receta muy rica.
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  4. El polo se ve delicioso, una receta muy rica.
    Aprovecho para invitarte al concurso que he organizado, me encantaria que participaras 1er Concurso de Recetas El pucherete de Mari "Un Recuerdo, una Receta"
    Un beso y feliz verano

  5. lovely... looks very tempting...will go gr8 with some fried rice...

  6. Crave worthy. I want to make this for dinner tonight. Much better than ordering takeout. Yummy!

  7. That looks so delicious and will definitely make me eat more rice than usual! lol

  8. i appreciate your efforts aarthi!!!! you are wonderful cook!!! this looks awesome!!!!

  9. delicious sweet and sour chicken reminds me of chillie chicken that we make looks wonderful

  10. This is one of my favorite chicken dishes!! Love it!! Thanks for the recipe!
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  11. These are definitely drool worthy chicken...

  12. This looks great! I love the way you've shown all of the ingredients in one photo. I would love to participate in your giveaway but I think I live too far away!

  13. Looks so gud ..I just need some plain or fried rice to enjoy these :)

  14. Hi, thanks for visiting.
    I like the way you explain your recipes, so easy to follow.

  15. This looks so delicious and easy to make!

  16. Delicious...will be trying this one....xv

  17. Seems we are all cooking chicken these days.And why not it can be yummy and always different ,thanks to great recepies like yours;)

  18. Wow, I had this in a restaurant before, but yours looks so much better with a homemade touch! :) YuM!

    Oh, btw, I'd like to invite you to join the Weekday Potluck Meme and link up your food entries for the week! :)

  19. It was wonderful to discover your wonderful blog and crispy chicken recipe, thanks for sharing. Many thanks for visiting me and I look forward to coming to visit you again.

    Happy week

  20. This looks marvelous, Aarthi. I love the way you cooked the chicken!

  21. mouthwatering and delicious....

  22. this looks soo goood. I love sweet n spicy chicken. Unfortunately, my husband ain't a fan of it :(. So i always order it for myself, when we dine out. I think i'm going to make this when I've got something else for him as leftover :).

  23. El pollo rebozado con harina de maíz se ve muy crujiente y la salsa muy buena.

  24. Oh this looks soooooo good! Dearest Aarthi, I saw that you came to my older post and left a message and then saw that you visited NOWHERE, our team blog, written by Jackie, a team member. Thank you for visiting! DO COME BACK TO VISIT ME AT CASTLES!!! Anita

  25. WOW! this sounds fabulous ... thanks for visiting my blog .. you have an amazing blog and Your recipes are mouth watering and I like the way you show the process in photos.. Happy cooking ..HHL

    Falling Off A High Heeled Life

  26. Aarthi, I love making this recipe, it been my favorite for years. I love how your chicken looks, delicious!

  27. Sweet and sour sauce is so delicious. This looks fantastic!

  28. I've been looking for a good General Tso recipe and can't wait to try this!

  29. lovely... looks very tempting...

  30. This is one dish I haven't attempted to make yet but that is about to change! Yours looks like it turned out perfectly! YUM!

  31. Brilliant photographs! wow....lovely n delicious .it tastes yummy too!
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