Aug 23, 2011

M&M Brownies

M&M Brownies

I waited so long to post this recipe...You all know that I love brownies..You can see quite a few brownie recipes in my blog...I love this brownie a lot because it looks so colourful and the smell of coffee just lifting from this brownie makes your house smell divine..My little sis liked this brownie a lot,she could not even wait this to cool down,she fought with me and grabbed one,went straightly to the fridge and took a box of vanilla icecream,Scooped that and topped it over the brownie and went to a calm place to enjoy(Crazy ha!!).I am telling you “Hot Brownies and Cold Vanilla Icecream” is a “Marriage made in Heaven” (Can you all understand my feelings for this)...I want you all to try this one specially with some icecream..Please give it a go and let me know what you think...


Flour-3/4 cup / 80 gms
Butter-100 gms
Sugar-1 cup / 200 gms
Cocoa-1/2 cup / 50 gms
M&M or Cadburys Gems-1 cup
Vanilla-1 tsp
Coffee-1 tsp
Baking powder-1 tsp
Salt -1 pinch


Preheat the oven to 180°C(350°F).Grease a baking pan with butter.

Mix baking powder and salt with flour and set aside.

Take butter in a sauce pan and melt it down..Take it off the heat and add sugar and mix together till it gets melted.

Add in vanilla,cocoa,coffee powder,eggs and mix well.

Tip in the flour mixture and mix well..

Add M&M to this and mix well..Tip this into the baking pan and put some m&m over the top and throw this in the oven.

Bake this for 20-25 min till the top sets and looks slightly moist.Let this cool completely..

Cut into squares and serve with a cup of milk..


Grab all your lovely stuffs...
Mix together flour,salt and baking powder together...
Take butter in a sauce pan

add in sugar and melt it down...

all melted and looks glossy...

add in some vanilla...

and throw in some cocoa...

don't forget to add some coffee too...

throw in eggs....

and the flour mixture...

add colourful M&M in this....
combine well...

tip this on to a greased pan...Top it with some more M&M's...

Bake it to perfection...

Let it cool down..Then cut it out...
Arrange it on a plate...

Or serve with a glass of milk...

Nice Fudgy inside...

You could even arrange it like this for parties....


  1. looks so yummy.perfectly made.yummy

  2. Wow yummy brownies...looks so tempting

  3. mi piacciono molto i brownies sono deliziosi i tuoi!complimenti:-) ciao

  4. kids will love this for sure. perfectly done.looking nice too

  5. Hmm..looks so yummy! Love brownies..

  6. You are such a great person.Constantly going through this process of capturing every step you make.I compliment you for that.No excuses not to be succesfull making great stuff like todays recepie:)

  7. That looks really colorful n yummy:-)

  8. Added to my must make list. I have all of the ingredients on hand. Will be making these for my son as "potty training" treats. Hopefully these brownies will help with this long drawn out process. Haha!

  9. Tasty looking brownies, loved the addition of M&M's.

  10. Looks so gooey and perfect... would love that entire batch

  11. wow those brownies sure look awesome and divine. I have got to try it out :)

  12. Yes Brownies with ice cream is just heaven

  13. Perfect! And you're absolutely right...warm desserts with cold ice cream is the best combo.

  14. Wow beautiful fudgy brownies...As u said the vanilla icecream cud be only the best choice to propose the browny :)

  15. Very moist and fancy for kids of all ages..Have a great day Aarthi!

  16. Look really yum! I'm sure my kids would love them if I let them eat that much sugar. :)

  17. Okay, okay, what we have here is a new improved brownie.

  18. At home we love brownies, and these with M & Ms You look great.

    Greetings from Madrid

  19. @Dzoli Thankyou so much dear..

    @ pretend Chef That’s great..make it and tell me how it came..

    Thankyou all for your lovely comments

  20. Aarthi,

    Are you using all purpose flour for this brownies?

    Thank you,

    Rookie Cook! =)

  21. @Rookie Cook....Yes i used regula all purpose flour in this...

  22. Baked this today after a long wait in my to do list :D It turned out yummm everyone liked it at my home, only thing missing was icecream to enjoy with :) my cocoa powder was dark in colour it turned my brownies black :( but never mind taste matters. brownies were sticking at the bottom and i wasnt able to cut properly in shape it was sticking alot :-? any paticular tip to work out with??? do let me know :P

  23. @NaGrease the pan well or line the pan with foil and grease it well

  24. you dont have on there how much better you need.

  25. Can I bake this in cooker

  26. Just wanted to ask that m&m will not melt in the oven?

  27. @Anonymousno it wont will turn gooey and taste yummy


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