Aug 27, 2011

Simplest Pizza Sauce Ever

Its really hard to find pizza hater.If any one of you there hate pizza...I am sorry to say this you are missing a part in your life..

Have you ever noticed..Each time when you make pizza the taste varies..Its because of the sauce you use..

In my house the pizza sauce stays same always.But there are times when I want pizza ASAP,I will just spread some tomato ketchup over the base and throw some leftover veggies,cheese....melt it down and dig in straight away..But it is only when I have no time and want some cheesy stuff terribly...

I am going to give you my secret recipe for the most simplest Pizza Sauce AKA Pasta Sauce to you..

Yes...sometime I will use this for pasta too...But I will throw some Zucchini or veggies to it..Coming back to the recipe..Are you ready with your notebook and pencil...Ok here it is..


Tomato Paste-2 tblspn
Oregano-1 tsp
Garlic-6 cloves chopped
Olive oil-1 tblspn
Water-1 cup
Salt to taste
Pepper to taste


Take tomato paste in a sauce pan..

Pour some water in this and  whisk everything together..

Add in garlic,olive oil,salt,pepper,oregano to this and mix well..

Heat this for 5 mins...

Cool it down...Pour this in a airtight container..

You can store this upto a week..

Grab all your stuffs...Don't get shocked about the garlic bag,we are not going to use the everything..Just 6 cloves is enough

Take your tomato paste in your saucepan..If you don't have tomato paste use Tomato Puree..

Pour in some water and mix it up..

Drizzle in the olive oil over the RED RED Sauce

flavour it with some chopped up garlic...

and ofcourse oregano...(This is must)

Season with some salt and some...........

Freshly Ground Pepper..I don't like the powdered stuff which you get in super market...I make it fresh..............

Heat it up and simmer for 5 minutes or so...

DONE.....DONE .....DONE....


  1. Love the done done part the best. Looks so yummy that my tummy is growling.

    Do check out my event and send me your entries.

  2. Aarthi, thanks for sharing the pizza sauce, it sure looks delicious.

  3. I think oregano is the key! Such a simple, lovely recipe!

  4. Bravo, el pensamiento admirable


  5. very new combo and simple....

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  6. If you don't have any sauce on hand, this is perfect for one pizza.
    I like basil in it also but I suppose it's a matter of personal taste.
    Thank You.

  7. Aarti u didn't reply to my comment. Can we bake apple pie in micro mode as I have only that oven. Please. ........

  8. Love your recipes and the way you explain them.

  9. Hi aarthi i wanted to know on which mode we should bake the pizza as i have never used the microwave earlier.


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