Sep 1, 2011

Focaccia Bread Flavoured with Rosemary,Onions and Olives

I love making bread,specially breads which have lots of flavour like this one...This bread has a lovely fruity olive oil flavour in it..

I love to use olive oil a lot more nowadays because I feel that it is lot more healthy and has a lovely flavour in it..I have recently addicted to EVOO(extra virgin olive oil)...Yes I started saying like this after watching rachael ray shows...

And Guys have you ever watched rachael’s shows...I love her shows so much because she cook so energetic and enthusiastic..We can see a passion in her cooking and also she gives lots of tips in between cooking...If you have never watched her show before,you should do it now...

Now back to our focaccia...I flavoured it with onions,olives and rosemary because I love the sweetness of onions when it has been baked and also I found that rosemary and onions go very well together...So I throwed some in..

Other suggested toppings are sundried tomatoes,basil,shredded chedder cheese,parsley and many more...

One of the weird topping is......Vegetarians turn aside...This is only for meat eater....If you want to be little bit naughty just throw some bacon bits in it...YUM YUM Right...

I know that everyone is going to try out this bread...Bu how do you serve it...I have couple of recipes for serving this bread..Two interesting recipes.....I will post it in my coming posts...So wait for it...

Now are you ready to bake bread..


For Base:
Flour-3 cups
Salt-1 tsp
Sugar-1 tblspn
Yeast-1 tblspn
Warm water as needed
Olive oil-1 tblspn

For Topping:
Olives-1 tblspn chopped
Onion- 2 tblspn sliced
Cilantro/Coriander leaves-1 tblspn chopped
Rosemary-1 tsp
Olive oil-5 tblspn


Take the yeast and sugar and add this to the warm water..Mix well and let it sit for 5 mins..

Take flour and salt in the mixing bowl and pour this yeast water over this..Form a smooth and soft dough out of this..Apply oil over this and set aside for a moment..

Oil a tray or baking tin...Put this dough in that and press it till it spread out evenly..

Cover it with a damp cloth and set aside for 1 – 1 ½ hours or until the dough has rised..

Preheat the oven to 220°C(450°F)..

With your fingers make some impressions on the dough(see picture)..

Pour olive oil in that impressions...Top it with onions,olives,rosemary,cilantro...

Put this in the oven and bake it for 20 mins..

Remove it and cut into slices..

You could make sandwiches,garlic bread or have it as it is..

Take all your ingrediants...

Mix yeat and sugar with warm water...Pour it over the flour and make it into a soft dough...

Tip this dough on a well oiled tray or tin..

Press it so that it is evenly spread out...

Let this rise till it gets double in size

using your fingers make some impressions on this...make sure you don't get too excited

Pour some olive oil in this...
mean while get ready with all other ingrediants

throw them in...

now comes my favorite part...

sprinkle them in too and bake it...

This just came out of the oven...Smells divine...

Wow i love the smell of this....

Ready to be sliced...Enjoy...


  1. I can smell it. Can I come over?

  2. Never tried with rosemary..looks very flavourful,will surely try this out!!

  3. I love focaccia , it came out real good!

  4. Aarthi, this looks so amazingly delicious!!!
    I love the toppings that you've chosen, I just want to eat it up!! :) I will have to try a gluten-free version of this yummy bread :)

  5. Love Focacia bread but too lazy to make it, yours looks good.

  6. Ohh my this focaccia looks incredible! What a great recipe and your pictures are lovely! :)

  7. Fbatastic foccia.Now just rip of piece or two and enjoy:))

  8. Lovely looking Focaccia bread with all the garnishing, particularly olives. Thanks for sharing this step by step pics.

    Hamaree Rasoi

  9. Wow.. your focaccia looks amazing :) Thanks a ton for hte detailed recipe..

  10. I love foccacia bread and it's nice that you can use whatever topping you like :)

  11. delicious looking colourful focaccia

  12. @Archana yes dear you are welcome...

    Thanks everyone for your lovely comments

  13. wow so perfectly made love to eat them completely..

  14. That focaccia so tasty ... perfect to savor with a salad of tomatoes with good olive oil

  15. That focaccia so tasty ... perfect to savor with a salad of tomatoes with good olive oil

  16. Foccaccia bread has come out soo lovely!! Olives and rosemary are my favs too.. Wud try sometime :)

  17. Wat a flavourful n beautiful looking focaccia..

  18. Oh, how beautiful!!! I love the addition of pretty and delicious~

  19. wow amazing the flavours

  20. I love focaccia bread and the addition of onions and olives is really enticing. I have never made this bread before but I will have to try to. Have a great weekend.

  21. Haces unos paso a paso muy buenos, se aprende mucho contigo.

  22. I've been wanting to try this for a very very very long time... I love the thought of all good toppings on the bread. I have to make this soon.

  23. Your point is valueble for me. Thanks!

    My blog:
    Rachat de credit

  24. Instead of using rosemary..which i dnt have it..can i use oregano/ pizza it a gud mix with oinion, olives n cilantro...

  25. Can we use microwave if don't have regular oven? What should be the degrees n timings?

  26. @Amushree Jhaif your microwave has convection mode you can bake..Same temp and same timing

  27. hello u r doing great job...If i use 1 cup of flour then how much use yeast or salt

  28. Is it dry yeast ? N this recipe is for how many people?

    1. This will easily serve 4 to 5. And yes it is dried yeast

  29. Hello Aarthi this looks really yummy...I want to try can you please share the gluten free recipe for this bread. I have recently bought a microwave I don't know how to use it. Can you please tell me that as you mentioned that the we need to pre heat the oven at 220C is it as at the microwave mode and what will be the temperature while baking the bread for 20 mins.
    Please let me know.
    My email id:

    1. If u have convection mode you have to cook in that mode.

  30. hi,
    can i reheat it in microwave while serving?
    will it become hard?
    thanks in advance

    1. yes u can, just warm for few seconds

  31. Hi Aarthi,
    Made this bread yesterday with half the portions. Came out wonderful. I used sliced onions, garlic, jalapeño and oregano as seasoning. Thanks for the precise recipe.


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