Sep 5, 2011

Homemade Vanilla Icecream with Jelly

This is my mums all time favorite icecream..Whenever we go to any icecream parlour,she used to order this all time..I like to go adventurous with my food and I will order icecream’s which have weird and funny names...

Saying this I remember a story...Oneday me and my mum went to a near by icecream shop...Asusual my mum ordered jelly icecream and she got her icecream atonce and she was enjoying it...In the mean time I searched the menu card and found a icecream..Its name is Playboy and I ordered that..

After waiting for a decade I got my icecream and I was shocked seeing that.....

Don’t laugh...

The icecream had two scoops of vanilla icecream stacked one above the other and it had two chocolate chips as eyes and a conical wafer as nose and little cut up cherry for mouth...That’s it...The cost of this somewhere near 150RS...

Seeing this my mum started making funny faces to me....From that day onwards I stopped going to that shop itself..

Ok Now back to icecream...I think this is one of the yummiest homemade icecream I have ever had...

The one thing you have to remember is while cooking the custard please cook in a slow flame or else the egg will get scrambled..If the egg looks like it is getting scrambling..don't panic..Just take it off the heat and immerse it in some ice cold water...Little bit scrambling won't do anything because you are going to whip it up right...

So Go ahead and make some homemade icecream now...

I want you all to try this...


Whole milk- ½ litre
Egg yolk-from 4 eggs
Sugar-1 cup
Vanilla-1 tblspn
Instant Jelly crystals-1 packet


In a mixing bowl add egg and sugar and mix well..

Add milk with vanilla in a sauce pan and heat till it reaches a boil.

Pour this over the egg mixture and mix well.

Pour this mixture back into the sauce pan and heat it gently till it gets thickened.

Let this cool down to room temperature..

Now pour this in a freezer container and set it freezer for 4 hours..

Take it out of freezer and blend it in a blender for 2 mins..Pour this back into the container and set it in freezer for over night..

Make the jelly as given in the package directions..Set this in fridge over night.

Now take icecream out of the freezer and scoop it on a bowl.Top it with some jelly and DIG IN....

Take all your ingrediants
Take your milk in a saucepan

add a dash of vanilla

heat it up..
Take 4 eggs yolks...

beat it with sugar

till it gets combined

Now pour the hot milk over the egg yolk

mix it up...

Put it back in the heat...
cook till it coats the the back of the wooden spoon...

Set this in freezer...

take it out of the freezer

Put it in the blender..
all nicely blended up...
Set this in freezer again...
all frozen and ready to eat...

Now in the mean time....Take your jelly crystals in a bowl...

Cook it as per you package directions

Pour it in your mould...




  1. wow...that looks really yummy...u remind me my child mom use to prepare ice cream just like this,,but with out eggs...i use to b very yummy.i am sure this is also taste very nice..good one.

  2. Can we make it without adding eggs Or any other substitute for the eggs(my mother is a strict Vegetarian)

    1. Yes u can make it without eggs,instead add milk powder

  3. Can we make it without adding eggs Or any other substitute for the eggs(my mother is a strict Vegetarian)

  4. Can we make the ice cream without adding eggs Or any other substitute for the eggs(my mother is a strict Vegetarian)

  5. Wow seriously u r killing me with ur clicks,just cant take my eyes from the last click..

  6. WOW it looks so delicious, i luv the vainilla ice cream, its one of my favourites flavors" ill be waiting another recipe like this! =) Byee! (visit my blog wsome day)

  7. Yummy...this is a custard-style ice cream, correct? Thanks so much for posting this recipe because my husband has been looking for a custard-based ice cream recipe.

  8. tiene buena pinta este postre, sobre todo el helado, te invito a pasar por mi blog

  9. I think people taht have no icecream amker will love your post:))

  10. Mouthwatering ice cream and jelly combination. Excellent dessert.

    Hamaree Rasoi

  11. Wow,awesome combination! Looks so delectable!

  12. This looks so yummy. Home made is always best.

  13. @prabhu...I think you can use egg substitute powder for this...I have no idea of making it without eggs...because i have not tried it. are welcome dear..

    Thanks everyone for your lovely comments...

  14. Who will say no to this...looks so delicious

  15. Icecream looks wonderful..perfectly done without the icecream maker.
    My mom used to make this in our childhood days and pour in the ice cube trays.. reminds of child hood days.
    Icecream for 150Rs that is too much...Didn't u see the price in the menu card before u ordered it???

  16. @suhaina yes i saw the card..But i thought may be it is some kind of innovative icecream..he he...

  17. Funny I also like ordering unusual ice cream flavors but I still definitely love vanilla too. Yours looks great. Thank you for the excellent instruction. I like that I do not need an ice cream maker since I do not have one:)

  18. Looks heavenly!! Yummy! Thanks for sharing dear!

  19. Well it certainly was innovative icecream. Innovative way of parting you and your money! I am sorry but I am still giggling.

    Love ur icecream.I can never unmould my jelly the way u have done it. How do u do it without it falling to pieces?

    Do check out my event and send me your entries.

  20. I am curious to try this combination. I am sure it is YUMMY!


  21. Aarthi, you have made the classic vanilla ice cream in a very interesting way. Love it.

  22. @Sharmilee!...That is true...

    @Teresa Blackburn..Thanks dear...

    @Mari ..yes it is...

    @Archana ...thanks dear...Hope you enjoyed my story..I just poured into my mould and unmoulded,i didn't do anything..I think it depends on the jelly crystals you are using a the mould...I would advise you to try this with "Jello jelly crystals"..Or try to spread some oil in the jelly mould and then pour your liquid in it...

    @Food Glorious Food..yes it is ....You are welcome..

    @Raina...I am happy that u enjoyed my story...Thankyou dear..It is a great recipe to try without icecream maker...

    @Radhika..yes it is...

    @RAKS KITCHEN....yes it is..Thanks for your comments

    @Hamaree Rasoi ..ya it is perfect for hot summer days

    @Dzoli..thanks dear...

    @M.R.T.E..thanks dear...i will surely check your blog...

    @Gloria..thanks for your comment

    @Vare//.Thanks dear

    @Priya...I am happy that you like it...

  23. Hi..on an ice cream mission today...gonna try this for my son's bday this sunday, as ice cream and jelly both are his demands for the bday. Love the energy and your interest in cooking...really i am startled to here that you are experimenting so much before your marriage. Hats off to you. Gonna try this today. Thanks for the recipe and all the best wishes for your marraige.

  24. Aarthi: Milk will not get curdle while heating with egg yolks ???

  25. @Sangeetha NambiYou should heat it slowly and stir continuously.If it starts to curdle beat it in a blender

  26. can i use low fat milk...

  27. @shabnafull fat milk is preferred for icecream. but u can use low fat

  28. I tried vanilla icecream it got curdled I put in blender but the result is not creamy its like ice cubes.why is that so?

  29. @Anonymousu must have cooked on a high heat so the eggs must have curdled.

  30. Will this be exactly creamy or just like ice cubes?

  31. whole egg or only egg yolk??

  32. Did u mean vanilla essence or vanilla syrup

  33. Is it vanilla ess or vanilla syrup

  34. Can u please specify the cup measure of sugar-grams approx. Thanks

    1. 1 cup of sugar is around 200 grams

  35. Hi Aarthi,

    Mouth watering, ice cream is looking so delicious. is that vanilla essence or vanilla syrup?


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