Oct 7, 2011

American Classic Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting

I love adding vegetables and fruit in my baking...My favorite cake in this world apart from chocolate cake is carrot cake..

And this version is super moist cake,which is perfect with a scoop of vanilla icecream..or having after a long tiring day at work and you need little sugar to boost you up..

The addition of crushed pineapple,just lifts your house with a wonderful aroma as you bake this which reminded me to bake my favorite pineapple cake soon...

You could have this cake as it is without any icing,but the additional cream cheese icing takes this cake to the next level..You can check my recipe for cream cheese icing here...I made my own cream cheese for this...

And do you guys agree that carrot cake and cream cheese frosting is a marriage made in heaven...Any doubt in this..

So without any more delay off you go for the recipe..

Recipe Source:Bettycrocker.com


Flour-1 cup/ 120 gm
Baking soda-1 tsp
Baking powder-1 tsp
Cinnamon-1 tsp
Salt a pinch
Carrot -1 cup grated
Sugar-1 cup / 200 gms
Vanilla-1 tsp
Oil- ½ cup / 120 ml / 4 fluid ounces
Pineapple- ½ cup / 120 ml / 4 ounces crushed
Cream Cheese Frosting (Click here for recipe)


Preheat oven to 170 degree C.

In a mixing bowl add flour,baking powder,baking soda,cinnamon,salt,carrot and mix well..

In a mixing bowl add egg,sugar,vanilla and beat for 3 mins..

Add in oil,pineapple and mix well...Add in the carrot mixture and fold well..

Pour this in a tin and bake it for 30-35 mins or until the cake is cooked..

Let this cool completely before icing..Prepare the icing...

When the cake is cooled down spread this icing over the cake..

Slice and serve...

Take all your ingrediants
Grated carrot
Crushed pineapple
And you need a dash of cinnamon and a pinch of salt
Now take carrot in a bowl
add dry ingrediants in this
toss well
Take eggs,vanilla and sugar in a mixing bowl
start beating
whip till fluffy
add in oil
and beat again
till pale and fluffy
now add in the dry ingrediants
and fold well
add in pineapple....WOW it smells great
fold again
tip this in a prepared tin
bake it
now take your favorite icing
add a huge dollop on top
spread evenly
cup into slices
Totally delicious
Take a fork and cut it
mmmm...So moist...


  1. It.s look so delicious.I love carrots and pinneapple for cakes.

  2. che bella!chissà che buona!!!baci! buon week end!

  3. That's a super torture from you Aarthi.Extremely delicious and moist.Loved the addition of pineapple crush.Nice,meaningful recipe.Thanks dear.

  4. wow u make it sound really simple, will definitely try it.

  5. cake looks awesome, i like carrots in cake..wonderful recipe dear

  6. This carrot cake look delicious! gloria

  7. i love carrot cakes. especially this one with with pineapple looks very much inviting. bookmarked. will try it very soon.

  8. Aarthi, I LOVE carrot cake!
    This one looks so tasty and I love the added touch of grated carrots on top! So pretty :)

  9. Please give me a substitute for egg..

  10. @Arya Dev I haven't tried it o not sure about it..

  11. Hi aarthi , is this fresh pineapple puree or can itbe made with tinned pineapple?

  12. @Ayes you can use tinned pineapple

  13. Please mention the temperature to set in oven..

  14. Hi
    Can u pls tel me how muchtime a cake should baked

  15. If i want to use microwave for the same...can i do it....what will be the setting n timing

  16. @DiviIf you have microwave convection, you can do it. Same time and same temp

  17. Hi Aarthi. Love how simple and delicious your recipes are. Can one use canned pineapples or do blend the raw fruit?

  18. Hi aarthi, I dont have mixer can v do this without mixer?

  19. Hi Aarthi..can we make this in cooker?

  20. Can this be made without pineapple puree? Can we skip that? And my oven dont have 170 Deg..Has only 180 and 160.Pl suggest

  21. @Anonymousbake it at 180 degree C. pineapple is must it gives the moistness

  22. are u fresh pineapple here?? if yes then do v hav to saute it before grinding?

  23. carrots and pineapple both r measured using standard measuring cups right??

  24. @Anonymousno need to saute jus puree it as it is

  25. Can I skip pineapple puree?

  26. Hi what can be used instead of eggs if i have to make it eggless


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