Oct 3, 2011

Masala Coated Eggs with Tangy Onions

Eggs are my favorite ingrediant always...I know I have told this thousand times,But let this be the Thousand and One time..Please bare with me..

There are days when I am in the edge of hunger and open our fridge ,there wont be a single vegetable in it..But you can see some lonely eggs sitting in the corner of the egg tray...I know that it makes a decent snack or dinner on that days...So you can imagine how personal egg has been in my life...

I know many of you have experienced this one..In those days eggs comes handy to us..Because it cooks faster and gives us a satisfaction of eating something nutritious (HE HE...I don’t feel often like this)..

Apart from your usual scrambled eggs and fried eggs.I have a wonderful egg preparation for you all today..

So hope you like it..Ask me if you have any doubts..


Eggs-6 hard boiled

Onions-1 sliced thinly

Lemon juice-1 tblspn

Salt to taste

Oil-3 tblspn

For Masala Coating:

Gram Flour / Besan / Kadalai Mavu – 3 tblspn

Turmeric powder / Manjal Podi-1 tsp

Coriander powder / Malli podi-1 tblspn

Chilli powder -1 tsp

Pepper-1 tsp

Cumin powder / Jeera powder -1 tsp

Salt to taste

Lemon juice-1 tsp

Water as needed


Mix all the ingrediants given for masala coating to a smooth paste..

Halve your hard boiled eggs. Add Eggs to the masala and mix well carefully..

Heat some oil and add in your eggs..Fry for 3 mins on each sides till the egg is well sealed with the masala and looks golden..

Transfer it into a plate...

In the same pan add 1 tsp of oil and add in sliced onions...Toss the onions well..

Sprinkle with some salt and cook for 1 min till the onions is Translucent...Add some lemon juice and mix well.

Put this tangy onion over the eggs...

Serve with rice..

Take all your ingrediants
This is the spice powders which you need
Add gram flour to this...
Pour in some water
Make it into a smooth paste...Add a dash of lemon juice
Mix well
Slice your eggs...
Apply this masala over the eggs
Fry it in oil...
On other side too
Remove it to a plate
Now in the remaining oil
add in onions
sprinkle in some salt...
add a dash of lemon juice
mix well
Top this tangy onions over the eggs
Enjoy it with some rice or as a snack..


  1. Very very tempting, seriously my mouth is watering here.

  2. Simple and nice would love to try it. Is it okay to do without the besan?

  3. Very nice will try tmm mrmg itself.. Thnk u for d fast n easy recipe...

  4. Thanks u for sharing a wonderful recipe

  5. hi aarthi!! ur dish looks yummy... your coriander powder looks more of yellowish than brown, is it homemade?? tips to achieve tat color plz


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