Oct 15, 2011

My Favorite Potato Roast / Simple Potato Roast

You all know that I love potatoes..And you can see my love in this blog..Yes I have quite a few recipe for potato here..Go and browse my Recipe Index for all recipes...

This is a kind of potato roast which requires no fancy spices..This recipe is very straight forward..You only need basic two spices and you are done..The one thing about this dish is it requires quite a bit of time to roast..

You should cook it in low flame for a long time so that the potatoes gets nice and crisp..Alternatively you could even use a oven to roast the potatoes,But I find stove top works fine..

This is my favorite potato roast and I make this more often..I will surely post amma’s favorite potato fry in another one post..

So I know that you will definitely love this dish..Off you go for the step by step recipe with pictures..


Chilli powder-1 tblspn
Turmeric powder / Manjal Podi-1 tsp
Curry leaves- a handful
Oil-5 tblspn
Salt to taste


Pressure cook potatoes till they are cooked...Peel away the skin and cut into cubes..Set this aside for a moment.

Heat oil in a kadai..Add in curry leaves and let it splatter.

Add in potatoes and mix well.

Now add in salt and turmeric powder..Mix well..

Reduce the flame to a low and simmer it for 10 mins untill the potatoes turn light golden around the edges..

Now add in chilli powder and mix well..

Cook this in a low flame for 15-20 mins..By which time the potatoes will have been beautifully crisped up..

Switch off the flame and serve with rice..

Take all your ingrediants
Potatoes are boiled

peel away the skin off

Cut them in cubes

heat oil

add curry leaves

add in potatoes
and toss well

Season with some salt
add some turmeric powder

mix well

Cook in a low flame till it gets light brown..As you can see its getting brown a little

started browning

add in chilli powder

toss well

cook on a low flame till it gets golden brown and crispy

a close shot for you
I served it with Ennai Kathirikai Kulambu
Another one..


Chitra said... Best Blogger Tips

thats such a lovely and tempting potato fry...comfort food at it's best...

Marco_e_Barbara said... Best Blogger Tips

Uao! Potato Stuffed is a Traditional Sicilian food, Selling in the street... Your version is very Good. Bye :)

Kalyani's Platter said... Best Blogger Tips

looks crunchy and very delicious too .......

Catherine said... Best Blogger Tips

Dear Aarthi, I just love roasted potatoes. Thank you for visiting. Blessings, Catherine

Aruna Manikandan said... Best Blogger Tips

love this a lot...
looks spicy and very tempting dear :)

Valarmathi Sanjeev said... Best Blogger Tips

Wow......lovely recipe...looks absolutely delicious and mouthwatering.

Richa said... Best Blogger Tips

these are my kind of potatoes.. simple and yummylicious!

Ann said... Best Blogger Tips

Wow :) So simple and ofcourse gives me lot of confidence :)

Inessa said... Best Blogger Tips

Love Indian food a lot!! I am glad I found your blog. Followed you.

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

Awesome...sooo easy and soo good...thnx

ktsue said... Best Blogger Tips

Thanks Aarthi, I made this and it was sooo delicious... crispy and flavorful! I could hardly wait for my husband to come home so we could eat it. I can see why you love this potato recipe!

Suganthi Dhamotharan said... Best Blogger Tips

I tried it today nd came out very well.thanx a lot......

Suganthi Dhamotharan said... Best Blogger Tips

Hi Aarthi, I tried dis today nd it came out very well. Thanx a lot....

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

hi aarthi, ur blog is awesome. helps me alot in learning to cook :) i tried this potato roast today, turned out really yummy but one thing is the potatoes were very crumbly by the time the dish was ready, can u tell me how to avoid it?

Aarthi said... Best Blogger Tips

@Anonymouswhen cooking potatoes, dont over cook it. Just cook till it si tender, because it will carry on cooking as it roast.