Oct 4, 2011

Talicha More / Tempered Buttermilk ( Buttermilk Flavoured with Tempering Spices )

Amma used to say that this is Appa’s favorite dish... Appa is no longer with us ..We lost him when I was doing my primary classes...But till now he remains in our heart and soul...

So I thought to post this dish and share the dish which is close to my heart with you all..

Usually Appa comes late at night and amma make this and give him all day.. He used to have this with rice, egg and papad everyday...He love this meal a lot that he won’t say a single word to amma even having this for weeks...

Even now amma make this for us,when she is tired or have no time to cook..This recipe takes only minutes to make..As soon the buttermilk is warmed through,you are done..

I am dedicating this dish to my papa and delivering you the recipe straightaway..


Buttermilk / More-2 cups
Oil-1 tsp
Mustard seeds / Kaduku-1 tsp
Dry red chilli-2
Asafoetida / Hing / Kaya podi- ¼ tsp
Curry leaves a spring
Salt to taste


Heat oil in a kadai..Add in oil and heat it up..

Now add in mustard seeds,dry red chilli,hing,curry leaves and fry for 30 sec..

Pour in buttermilk and season with salt..

Simmer this till the buttermilk gets warmed through..Don’t let it boil over..

Serve with rice or have on its own...

Take all your ingrediants
Crackle in mustard seeds

add in dry red chilli

take hing...

and add it straight into the oil

add in curry leaves...

fry for 30 sec
Pour in buttermilk in this

Season with salt..

Simmer this for a while

Then you are done...
Have it rice,it will taste divine

you can even drink it all by itself which i often does...


  1. complimenti deve essere buonissima!baci!

  2. Un primo ristoratore..molto brava!!ciao..

  3. Love this tempered buttermilk anytime, can have it anytime..

  4. I am big fan of buttermilk.But unless I amke it myself although we are here big producer of dairy it is almost impossible to buy.Great way you use it here;)

  5. Hey..love this kadai, super cool :) And Tempered Buttermilk too :)

  6. wow healthy and yummy drink,really flavourful too...

  7. que buena idea, me la apunto!

  8. we make ths wit yoghurt... moru s also a gud idea

  9. Where do you get the buttermilk please?

  10. @Crystal in TexasYou can get it in any super market. If you cannot find it, just dilute unflavoured yogurt with some water and use that


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