Nov 6, 2011

Instant Ragi Dosa / Nachani dosa – Diabetic Recipes

Many of you have been asking for health and diet recipes. So I have started making healthy dishes which I often won’t do..So thanks guys for asking me...

Ok..When you are up against stress and tension and have no time to cook anything, our lovable dosa or idli comes in handy..

But sometimes it makes us so bore when we have same dish again and again..So lets have a small variation in our traditional dosa recipes..This Dosa is a instant variety,so you can whip up this any night of the week..I have one more instant dosa recipe in my blog which is Instant Oats Dosa..

As you all know that ragi is good for diabetics..It controls your blood sugar level and keeps it in balance..I will post many more ragi dishes soon, so wait for it.

I hope you love it and off you go to the step by step recipe with pictures.


Ragi flour-1 cup
Rice flour-2 tblspn ( you can use wheat flour for diabetics patient)
Sour Curd / Sour Yogurt- ½ cup
Water as needed
Salt to taste


Add all ingrediants in a mixing bowl and pour in enough water to make a smooth batter(Not so thick batter, it should be little bit watery)..

Heat a non stick tawa and spread a ladleful of this batter on that..

Spread it thin or thick as per your taste...If you make it thin, you will get crispy dosa..If you make it thick, you will get spongy dosa..

Drizzle some oil around the edges and cook for a min..Flip it over and cook on other side too..

Remove and serve hot with chutney or sambar.

Take all your ingrediants
take ragi flour in a mixing bowl

add in rice flour in this

season with some salt

pour in curd

and water

make it into a thin batter

heat a non stick tawa

take a ladleful of batter

pour it on the tawa..
spread it thinly...Cook on one side first..

flip it over and cook on other side too

Serve it with chutney or sambar
I served it with some idli podi


  1. Seems realy very yummy ..again:) Wanted to ask you if you ever received those basil seeds I have send you long time ago;)?

  2. Se ven muy ricas!!!. y la pizza de abajo deliciosa!!!. Besos

  3. Delicious and healthy dosa. Can I come over? :D

  4. Healthy, tasty crispy dosa. I love it.

  5. yummy and healthy dosa, instant for the evening snack, thanks for sharing

  6. Dosa looks awesome... my favourite..:)

  7. first time here, nice blog with yummy recipes, Only my favourite dosa :), my kids don't like it very much

  8. Healthy dosa...
    I too make this once a week, but I mix ragi with idli batter....

  9. nice n healthy dosa...looks yumm

  10. I have never seen this before! I'm glad you shared this. Thank you for stopping by to say hello!

  11. thanks for sharing this recipe... it means a lot to me... thanks aarthi..

  12. Z curd is must in dis recipe??

  13. I tried this, it splits when turned the Dosai,can u plz say how to avoid it. Thanx

  14. @Anonymousadd little more rice flour and make batter little thin

  15. I tried this recipe today .. But it dint come well .. It was breaking in the center . N not able to spread the dosa batter in tawa .

  16. Very nice recipe..Love your posts..small tip...Try adding few pods of crushed garlic & little red chilli powder to it...The dosa turns more flavourfull

  17. @Anonymousadd little bit more rice flour, so it wont break


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