Nov 1, 2011

Ulli Theyal / Shallots Cooked in a Spicy Roasted Coconut Gravy

Amma makes theyal atleast once in a week..But the taste of it varies each time she makes it...It depends on the ingredient or vegetable which she puts in..Sometimes amma makes it with yam or with drumstick or pumpkin...She had even made theyal only with garlic, if she has no vegetable on hold..

To accompany this dish, she makes another gravy which we call as Urundai Kulambu..She makes small dumplings out of ground green gram dal with some spices and simmers that in a mild coconut gravy..I should tell you this,it tasted so awesome with this spicy theyal..Yum..My mouth is still watering..I will surely post that recipe soon..

She also makes some drumstick leaves thoran too..She always feeds me this when I was little and it tasted so heavenly..

So without any more delay off you go to the step by step recipe..


For Roasting & Grinding:
Shallots / Chinna Ulli / Sambar Onion-5
Coconut-1 cup
Curry leaves-2 spring
Coriander seeds / Malli-3 tblspn
Dry Red Chilli-5
Oil-1 tsp

For Gravy:
Shallots-20 Sliced
Tamarind-1 small lime size
Garlic-10 cloves
Oil-3 tblspn
Salt to taste

For Seasoning:
Coconut Oil-1 tblspn
Curry leaves-2 spring


Add 1 tsp of oil in a kadai and add in coconut and start roasting it till it gets light golden..

Now add in red chilli, coriander seeds, curry leaves, shallots and roast till everything turns into dark brown..

Let this cool down a little..Now take this in a blender and add in tamarind and blend it to a fine paste by adding some water.

Heat oil in a kadai and add in shallots and garlic..Fry this for 5 mins..

Now add in the ground masala and mix well..Pour in some water and season with salt..

Bring this to boil and simmer for 15-20 mins until oil separates from this..

Heat some coconut oil and throw some curry leaves in this..Fry for few minutes..

Pour this over the curry and mix well..

Serve this over a bed of hot rice and any curry..

Take your roasting ingrediants
take coconut in a kadai and start roasting
roast till light golden
add all ingrediants
and roast............................
till dark golden...
let it cool a bit
take it in a blender
blend it
add in some tamarind
and some water
make it into a fine paste
Take all your other ingrediants
prepare garlic and shallots
saute some garlic in oil
add in shallots
cook for few minutes
add in the ground masala
mix well
pour in some water
season with salt
and mix well
Bring this to boil
simmer untill oil separates
fry some curry leaves in coconut oil
pour it in
and mix well
All done..
a close up shot


  1. Luks Yumm and spicy.Luv it Dear.Nice clicks too.

  2. this looks delicious following you on google friends and facebook
    keep in touch
    regards Akheela

  3. Yummy ulli theeyal, perfect with rice..Am drooling here..

  4. Really nice post.
    After I went thru ur pictorial I felt like I also made it , just by reading. :)

    Regards, manju

  5. this looks so spicy and doubt a drool worthy recipe..

  6. Even from schallots you make a tasty dish:) Great:)

  7. wow... gravy looks delicious...perfect for a cold day...

  8. Curry looks so wonderfully prepared and tempting. Lovely step by step process.

    Hamaree Rasoi

  9. love the deep browm color....just the way it should it :)

  10. wow very tempting recipe,luks so delicious...

  11. never tasted thiyal before drooling over it..

  12. my all time fav curry..perfect with curd nd hot rice...

  13. wow...LOVE LOVvveeeE THIS to the core...My fav curry ever...waiting to see ur mom's other curry too...

  14. mouthwatering, regards susan of Chacko's Kitchen

  15. Lovely rich colour mouthwatering curry.

  16. Awesome recipe......BTW what kind of Kadhai ( cooking utensil ) is this.....looks like an earthern one.....where can I find one like this?

  17. Alpana...Thanks for your comment dear..And you are right it is earthernware...I found it in our near by super market.

  18. Looks delicious. I enjoy looking at your pics and find that it much more eaiser to remember the recipe this way. Thnaks dont change that.
    Hosting an event which I am calling Back to our Roots Also hosting for Nov’11 Veggie Food for the Month_Raw Banana.

  19. This recipe sounds very good and i think it is delicious and it fits perfect with my taste. My opinion is that this isn`t a very hard recipe so i will try it very soon, thanks a lot for sharing.

  20. This looks wonderful, nice and spicy and a beautiful colour.
    Thank You.

  21. looks delicious n yummy!!!I love ulli theeyal a lot..

  22. Just love the way u prepare the dish..looks yummy simply yummy dear:)

  23. REally looks absolute delicious...luv it!!

  24. Wonderful recipe...mouthwatering, love all the clay pots and vessels you have used in all your recipes:)

  25. I tried this.. came out very welle.. yummy.....

  26. Hey in nagercoil whre can find tis manchatti eatthware..I need to buy

  27. If we want to add any veggies, can we add the ground Masala once it is half cooked? Or when we can add that Masala?

  28. @fathimaAdd veggies along with the ground masala

  29. I am your fan Aarti. You are a great cook and your blog is awesome.

  30. hai, ive tried a few of your recipes n they r just fantabulous. my kids just enjoy my cooking now. every day its mom what r u going to cook from yummy tummy. can you post a recipe of the typical nagercoil sambhar, which has about 11 vegetables. thanks and best wishes to you

  31. Tamarind juice or tamarind put in mixie

  32. Yummy yum...very delicious!!


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