Aug 31, 2011

Stir-Fried Chicken with Cashews & Peppers

Hai Guys...Hope you are doing great...And many of you asked me about my fiancée and his photo..I have posted it in my another blog..Please check it by clicking here..Now coming back to todays recipe...

I love to cook with pepper specially because they give a lovely crunch and also make dishes look colourful..I always want my food to be colourful...I know everyone likes their food colourful...But I am crazy about it...

Aug 30, 2011

Angel’s Food Cake and a Wedding Story

Hai Friends...Hope you had a great day...I am having my Happiest Days in my Life...

Its raining heavily over here.I particularly like this weather a lot..This is the time when you can bundle up yourselves in blankets and drink tons and tons of piping hot coffee...I don’t feel like cooking today,so we have ordered some delicious food from near by restaurant,I am getting hungry already,waiting for the food to get arrived... YUM YUM..

Aug 29, 2011

Cilantro Pesto Pizza

Remember the cilantro pesto recipe I posted the other day..And this is the continuation of that recipe..Apart from this I made some delicious sandwiches,pasta with that pesto...Will surely post recipe soon..

Coming back to this recipe...I love pizza so much..This is a lazy kind of pizza for lazy people..Because I made this with naan which is a indian kind of flatbread..This pizza is very simple and needs only a couple of minutes to cook..

Aug 28, 2011

Chocoholic Chocolate Frosting

I love to frost cakes,cupcakes ,cookies......And the first choice of frosting will be always Chocolate butter cream frosting..It was my favorite one till I made this....

I was thinking a name for this frosting for such a while...But I didn’t get a good addictive name..Then one fine day I realized that I am a Chocoholic(of course),And this frosting is specially made for me...So I thought why don’t we name this as Chocoholic chocolate frosting...Hence the name...

CocoCola Cupcake & Giveaway Winner

Hai Friends....Happy Sunday

First of all I have to ask sorry to you all for announcing the giveaway winner this late...All because of work and time shortage..

Aug 27, 2011

Simplest Pizza Sauce Ever

Its really hard to find pizza hater.If any one of you there hate pizza...I am sorry to say this you are missing a part in your life..

Have you ever noticed..Each time when you make pizza the taste varies..Its because of the sauce you use..

In my house the pizza sauce stays same always.But there are times when I want pizza ASAP,I will just spread some tomato ketchup over the base and throw some leftover veggies,cheese....melt it down and dig in straight away..But it is only when I have no time and want some cheesy stuff terribly...

Cilantro Pesto (Pesto with a Twist)

Happy Saturday Guys!!!

Untill I came across this recipe,I thought pesto is a dish that can be made only with basil...And for your information that lovely herb is not available in my place.Unlucky me:(

Then one fineday I thought why can we make pesto with cilantro... YES...That herb is overflowing here... This sounds like a good idea..Immediately went in to action...

Aug 26, 2011

Pasta Cooked in Chicken & Mushroom Cream Sauce

Hai Friends....Hope you all getting ready for a great weekend...I don’t know about you,But I am ready for great great weekend...

As you guys know that I had a very very tiring month without a single weekend(because of work pressure)..So I am gonna rock this weekend...

Rocking includes “Take a Good Nap and Eat well and Try to do some Shopping”...But I have decided to sleep most of the time(Yes... I feel like I didn’t sleep this entire month)

Aug 25, 2011

Chewy Oreo & Chocolate Chip Cookies

Yields-20 cookies

I always love oreo cookies,specially I love it when it is dipped in some milk and had...Have you ever tried that combo,If not please try it....This cookie is a combo of oreo and chocolate chips...The addition of chocolate chips makes this cookie so yummy....The cool thing is you coul make a double or even triple batch of cookie dough and freeze it, If you have no idea about how to do it,take a look at this..Take a icecream scoop spoon and take some dough in it..Lay it on a foiled lined tray and freeze it for couple of hours..When it is frozen take it and put it in a ziplock baggie and store in freezer...So you could make this cookies anytime you want in a matter of moments..Ok so hope you like my recipe..Try this and tell me how it came..

Aug 24, 2011

Fried Sweet Corn Nuggets

Fried Sweet Corn Nuggets
Today’s recipe is a requested recipe from one of my friend...It is so easy to make and ofcourse delicious to eat..This is a very mild dish so I served it up with hot sauce(Don’t worry I have given recipe below)...I promise you this is one of the best fried nuggets you ever had...It is crispy on the outside and yet soft and fluffy in middle...Many people use cream style sweetcorn,but some how I don’t like that taste.This is how I do it, I took half of the corn and pureed it and half I left in whole...If you don’t eat eggs,ofcourse you could skip that....In this recipe,I have given pictures of how to remove “Corn off the Cob” so it will be really helpful to you.And also while I am removing my corn there is one little “Corn Bandit” waiting to take away the Cob(Check pictures)...Please give it a go and let me know what you think....

Aug 23, 2011

M&M Brownies

M&M Brownies

I waited so long to post this recipe...You all know that I love brownies..You can see quite a few brownie recipes in my blog...I love this brownie a lot because it looks so colourful and the smell of coffee just lifting from this brownie makes your house smell divine..My little sis liked this brownie a lot,she could not even wait this to cool down,she fought with me and grabbed one,went straightly to the fridge and took a box of vanilla icecream,Scooped that and topped it over the brownie and went to a calm place to enjoy(Crazy ha!!).I am telling you “Hot Brownies and Cold Vanilla Icecream” is a “Marriage made in Heaven” (Can you all understand my feelings for this)...I want you all to try this one specially with some icecream..Please give it a go and let me know what you think...

Aug 22, 2011

Navaratna Korma(Veggies Cooked in Cream Sauce)

Hai friends..Hope everyone had a great day..I wish all my friends a bright and peaceful week...Today is the final day in blogging marathon and my last recipe is a special one...It is made with seven kinds of veggies(hence the name)...The veggies is cooked in a lovely cashew and cream sauce...This is one of the typical dish in all mughal cuisine..

Aug 21, 2011

Paneer Pasanda (Paneer cooked in a Rich Tomato Sauce)

Paneer Pasanda (Paneer cooked in a Rich Tomato Sauce)
This is another one rich paneer dish to try out asap....The paneer pieces is stuffed with lots of nuts and raisins so that each bite is a mystery...I recommend you to give it a try...

Aug 20, 2011

Mutter Paneer ( Peas & Paneer cooked in a Rich Cashew Sauce )

Mutter Paneer ( Peas & Paneer cooked in a Rich Cashew Sauce )

I love peas a lot...I always have a bag of frozen peas in my freezer...It is always nice to eat peas and paneer together...Paneer is a indian cottage cheese that is soft and it wont melt down when it is fried..This recipe is a green creamy dish that goes well will anything...This dish is very mild one,I have another method of making this dish I will post soon,that version is little bit spicer...

Aug 19, 2011

Mughlai Paratha(Paratha Stuffed with Egg)

Mughlai Paratha(Paratha Stuffed with Egg)
This is a simple and basic way of making mughlai paratha...The filling for this paratha is pretty much endless,you could fill it with chicken,minced meat,vegetables and many more...I have showed two ways of stuffing this paratha...You can try any one of that....

Aug 18, 2011

Mughlai Chicken Biryani

Mughlai Chicken Briyani
This is a flavourful briyani recipe which is a typical dish from the Mughals...This is rich creamy and full of flavour.. I served this with Mughlai Chicken...I send this recipe to Blogging Marathan-Day 3 with the theme “Nawabi Khana”.I hope you like it and let me know what you think..

Aug 17, 2011

Mughlai Chicken(Chicken Cooked in a Creamy Cashew Sauce)

Mughlai Chicken(Chicken Cooked in a Creamy Cashew Sauce)
Today's recipe is one of the Authentic Chicken dish of the Mughals...I like to describe this dish in detail,This dish is like “Tender Juicy Chicken pieces cooked in a Yummy Creamy Rich Cashew Sauce which is garnished with some Nutty Almonds”..Totally it is a bowl full of Creamy Goodness...I think you can understand clearly now..I served this with Mughlai Chicken Briyani(will post recipe soon)...

Aug 16, 2011

Malai Kofta (Vegetable Dumplings cooked in a Creamy Sauce)

Malai Kofta (Vegetable Dumplings cooked in a Creamy Sauce)
Hai Friends....For one week counting from today onwards, I will be cooking some Rich Creamy Dishes that are suitable only for King and Queens,YES  Blogging marathon Season 8 has started and I am doing in the theme “Nawabi Khana”.. This kind of foods are prepared during the period when the kings ruled our countries,So I am going to bring back those memories by cooking those food for one week.So stay with me and enjoy this whole week of creamy goodness....

Aug 15, 2011

Swiss Roll with Whipped Cream(Roulade)

Swiss Roll with Whipped Cream(Roulade)
Hai guys...Hope you are enjoying your day..And first of all I have to wish you all a very very “Happy Independence Day”....Proud to be a Indian..JAI HIND..

Aug 14, 2011

Fish Subzi (Stir fried Fish)

Fish Subzi (Stir fried Fish)

If you have any leftover cooked fish,this is a simple recipe to use it up...This entire dish comes to life in the addition of lemon juice...This is my way of using up leftover fish...You could use the same recipe for left over chicken too...If you don’t have left over fish,you could also use the canned tuna or lightly fry your fish in a pan..Hope you give this a try and let me know what you think...

Aug 13, 2011

No Bake Sticky Cornflakes Bar

Sticky Cornflakes Bar

I bought a huge packet of cornflakes last month,and totally forgot about that...This month I bought another packet of it..What will I do with such a lot of cornflakes,I started using it in baking and other recipes...This is one such recipe....It is a sticky bar...This one don’t set like normal bars,it will be quite loose...The marshmallow I use is Pink coloured one..This is what available in our super market..The advantage of that colour is it gives the bar a natural pink colour...You could use anything that is available in your store...So go ahead and try this one and let me know what you think..

Aug 12, 2011

Spicy Egg Scramble with Vegetables

Spicy Egg Scramble with Vegetables
Hai Friends Hope you all are getting ready for a wonderful weekend..But for me this week(even this month) is going to be a long one,because of work pressure we are working all days in this month...I know everything is going to be fine..

Aug 11, 2011

Curried Macaroni & Cheese

Curried Macaroni & Cheese
Who doesn’t love Mac and Cheese..I love it all time...There is something in that which makes me feel happy...I took over this plain simple dish and spiced it up...This takes the everyday mac and cheese to the next level...In our house we always fight for the top crusty part of this dish,it taste so good...For extra crispy texture I sprinkled some breadcrumbs over this...To accompany this dish I made parmesan crusted chicken and it was so good....So hope you all give this a try and tell me how it came out...

Pan-Fried Parmesan Chicken

Pan-Fried Parmesan Chicken
Parmesan chicken is a pan fried chicken coated with breadcrumbs and cheese...Traditionally they add some kind of tomato sauce over the cooked chicken and bake it the oven, and it is served with some spaghetti or pasta..But I just pan-fried the chicken and served it with some lovely mac and cheese..The chicken came out so juicy and tender..Don’t forget to pound the chicken,this step makes the chicken to cook quickly and also makes it tender..Hope you all will give this a try and let me know what you think..

Aug 10, 2011

Lemon Cake with Chocolate Butter Cream Icing

Lemon Cake with Chocolate Butter Cream Icing
Hai Friends...Hope you remember about the food stall that I shared with you in one of my post....Sorry for the late update,I want to share a few photos of that..We made delicious Brownies, Gobi 65, Spicked Chicken Skewers on behalf of our team...Rest of them made Some Fruit pizza, Spring rolls, Puddings, Some Fried sweets, Gulab Jamuns and some Indian Snacks...We really had a great time and all the stuffs that we made got over soon..Now back to today’s recipe..

I recently found that lemon and chocolate goes well together,so I discovered this cake and it was a huge blast..I made this cake for my sister’s friends birthday...I didn’t get a chance to look at the inside of the cake,since it is made for a birthday..I told my sister to take a picture of the cake after it has been cut,but she missed that..So sorry for that,but I can imagine how the cake will be after it has done its job “Lemon flavoured cake with creamy butter cream icing”...I made chocolate butter cream icing for this(you could check the recipe here)...So please try this cake and tell me how it came..

Dal Makhani

Dal Makhani

This is a great dish for parties because it is so rich and creamy...This is a perfect dish to make your kids eat dal,since this one don’t taste like the usual dal recipe..Dal makhani means dals cooked in butter.(since makhani means butter)....But I used less butter and added some oil in this..If you want it to be very rich you could cook this entirely in butter..You could even skip the cream with milk..I hope you will make this now and tell me how it came...

Aug 9, 2011

Baked Cauliflower and Cheese

Baked Cauliflower and Cheese
I like cauliflower in all form like fried,baked,roasted...Specially this one....I fell in love with this dish from the time I made this dish and now I make this more often...The cauliflower in this recipe is very creamy inside and crispy outside..The addition of breadcrumbs make it more crispy and yummy...The sauce with I used is basic béchamel sauce...If you want to avoid butter in the sauce you could use olive oil or any oil in this..I hope you all will give this dish a try and let me know what you think...

Aug 8, 2011

M&M Chocolate Chip Cookies

M&M Chocolate Chip Cookies
I waited so long to post this recipe....I am telling you,this is one of the best cookies I have ever tasted,I couldn’t stop eating this till I finish the entire jar...In our place there is no M&M available, instead of that I used Cadbury’s Gems which turned out perfect..Next time when I make this,I will add some more gems on the top of the cookie,so that it will look pretty..This cookie came out so soft and it was so good...I highly recommend you to try this and tell me how it came...

Aug 7, 2011

Grilled Chicken and Pepper Pasta

Grilled Chicken and Pepper Pasta
A easy pasta dish which has a unique charred flavour from the grilled pepper and chicken..You can either grill the veggies and chicken in grill pan or you can use a oven like I did..I made the pasta sauce by myself,but you could use the store bought pasta sauce..I used Rotini Pasta,but you could use any shape as you like...I served this with cauliflower and cheese(yum yum right)...Will post recipe soon..Please give it a try and let me know what you think..Happy Sunday..

Aug 6, 2011

Phulka Recipe / How to Make Soft Chapati / Roti Recipe

Hai Guys..Hope you all remember about the stall which I told you the other day..Everything went fine and our foods all got over,which is pretty good.....Will post pictures tomorrow....

Aug 5, 2011

Keralan Fish Fry

Keralan Fish Fry
Hope you all are getting ready to enjoy your weekends..For me this weekend is going to be a energetic and satisfied one,because tomorrow we have a function in our office and we have planned to open a food stall over there..We are going to keep all kinds of yummy stuffs and the money from that is going to a local charity(really a happy one right!!)..I am really excited about that and i am busy preparing yummy brownies for that stall...Will post all the pictures of that wait for that..

Aug 4, 2011

Chickpeas curry

Chickpeas Curry
This is a perfect sidedish that goes well with appam,roti or even rice...This is a simple dish to make...I used dried chickpeas and soaked it overnight and pressure cooked it,but if you are using canned chickpeas please drain it and rinse well..Then use it..I served it with nice fluffy appam...I hope you all will give this a try and let me know what you think..

Aug 3, 2011

No Bake Chocolate Bar

No Bake Chocolate Bar
This is one of the recipe that don’t need any cooking...It just needs mixing and chilling..such a easy recipe,but really tasty one..This recipe calls for peanut butter,I used my homemade peanut butter which was perfect for this one..If you want to check the recipe click here..It is really a simple recipe,you could give this as a snack for kids..its really healthy too...I recommend not to freeze this, just keep this in fridge...Hope you try this dish and let me know what you think..

Aug 2, 2011

Eggless Vanilla Cupcakes with Chocolate Butter Cream Icing

This is a simple and basic cupcake recipe that everyone can make..But this one is little special because it has no eggs in it,so even my vegetarian friends can enjoy it..For baking this I used my mini cupcake tray for this...I got around 12 mini cupcake from this amount...Then the icing I made is the simple chocolate butter cream icing that I have posted earlier,so if you forgot to check that earlier,please click here...Infact I made this cupcakes because I had some leftover of the icing after I made the birthday cake for my sister...I will post that cake recipe later..So hope you try this and let me know what you think...

Aug 1, 2011

General Tso Chicken(Crispy Chicken in a Sweet and Sour Sauce)

General Tso Chicken
Hai Friends Hope everyone had a great day...Today’s recipe is gonna be the easiest chicken dish...This is also called as Governor Tso's chicken in many areas..The key factor in this dish is the frying of the chicken..You should fry the chicken in low heat for first 5 mins then increase the heat to a high and fry it till the chicken is crispy and tender..Then toss the chicken in the sauce and serve immediately...Hope you all will give this a try and let me know what you think..