Jan 8, 2012

Andhra Avakaaya / Andhra Raw Mango Pickle / Mango Aavakaaya

I am back with another famous, mouth watering pickle from Andhra..As you know Andhra is famous for its spicy pickles, they have the perfect recipe for lime, mango and so many pickles..We had some beautiful mangoes which we plucked from the garden. Amma told me to do something with those mangoes..At that time I remembered the awesome recipe which I saw long back ago from mahanandi blog..I thought to give that a try.

Unlike other pickle , this one have a unique flavour and taste to it. We use freshly roasted and ground avakaaya masala for this which gives a different flavour to this. Some people gets scared while making pickle..There is nothing to worry in that, just use clean jars and vessels to make it..That is the important part..And please note don’t add hot oil over the pickle, cool the oil before using it. 

Are you guys brave enough to make your own pickles..I thing you are..So here you go to the step by step recipe with pictures..

Recipe Source: Mahanandi


Raw Green Mangoes – 4 large

Chilli Powder – 100 gms

Salt – 100 gms

Turmeric Powder / Manjal Podi -1 tsp

For Roasting & Grinding / For Avakaaya Masala:

Fenugreek Seeds / Methi / Vendayam / Menthi – 3 tblspn

Mustard Seeds / Kaduku / Aavaalu- 50 gms

For Avakaaya Oil:
Indian Sesame Oil / Nala Ennai / Gingelly Oil– 250 ml

Asafoetida / Hing / Kaya Podi / Inguva– ¼ tsp


Wash Mangoes well and pat it dry with a towel. Not Cut the mangoes into bite size pieces. Put this in a stainless steel bowl or a ceramic bowl and set aside.

Take a heavy bottom pan and add mustard and fenugreek seeds in that and roast it in a low heat till you get nice aroma and both the seeds have gone light golden. Allow this to cool down and grind into a fine powder. This is Avakaaya Powder.

Now heat oil on low heat and add asafoetida in that. Switch off the flame and allow it to cool down. This is Avakaaya Oil.

Now is the mixing part. Add chilli powder, turmeric powder, salt over the mangoes and mix well. Add the avakaaya powder and avakaaya oil over this and mix well.

Put this in a cleaned, dry glass jar and cover with a tight lid and store in a cool and dry place. 

Mix this once a day..Serve this after 3 days with curd rice or any dish..


1)You can consume this in 3 days of preparation.

2) You can store this upto a year if used properly. Don’t put wet spoon inside the jar, use clear wooden spoon.

3)Take a small amount of pickle in a small jar and keep it handy.

4)Use a glass jar for storing this pickle so that you can see clearly what is happening inside.

5)You can get the real flavour if you consume this after 2 weeks.

Take all your ingrediants
Use fresh, green raw mangoes
take fenugreek and mustard seeds in a dry pan
and roast well
allow it to cool down and take it in a blender
powder it finely
This is your avakaaya powder
Heat gingelly oil
add some asafoetida
allow this to cool down..This is your aavakaaya oil
Take your cleaned mangoes
cut it lengthwise
now chop them
Take a clean stainless steel vessel
add the mangoes in
add salt
chilli powder
and mix well
add avakaaya powder
and mix well
pour the avakaaya oil
and mix well
all mixed completely
take a cleaned, dry glass jar
fill it with this pickle
I got these much amount of pickle
Use it after 3-4 days


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Can we use vegetable oil

Aarthi said... Best Blogger Tips

@Shazrina Rishadgingelly oil is what used in pickle. so use that

Sameera Tallapragada said... Best Blogger Tips

this is not avakaya, this is called as menthikaya. in avaka we dont use fenugreek seeds powder, and we dont roast mustard seeds and powder them, we just powder the raw mustard seeds and add it into the pickle with chilly powder and salt, and we also add some whole methi seeds in it and we dont heat oil and dont add asafoetida in it.

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I think I have a bit more mustard seeds.... My pickle is a bit bitter... Can u please help me as how can I remove the bitterness from the pickle???

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I made this pickle.. Bt I guess I added more mustard.. It's a bit bitter... Can u help as to how I can remove the bitterness....

Aarthi said... Best Blogger Tips

@Nibedita Athpariahadd more mangoes to it

Nibedita Athpariah said... Best Blogger Tips

Dnt hve more mangoes... ne alternative suggestions plz... :(

Aarthi said... Best Blogger Tips

@Nibedita AthpariahThere is no much you could do except adding more mangoes