Jan 11, 2012

Chocolate Truffles flavoured with Cinnamon & Chillies for Magic Mingle

I  Heart Chocolate Truffles..Well I Heart Chocolates..Its like I am addicted to chocolate and nothing can  make me instantly happy except a bar or two of chocolate..When I am in a far most tension, a bar of dark chocolate will do the trick instantly and When I am in my extreme happiness a piece of milk chocolate knows what to do..Sometimes dark chocolate chips have been my munch down snack…I know there is nothing more to say about the love I have for chocolate..

And Did you see the title “Magic Mingle”..It is a awesome challenge started by Kalyani. Its like each month we should unite two unique ingrediants and produce one awesome dish that features that ingredient as a hero or heroine..I totally loved it because it made me think so much before I created this awesome stuff..Thanks kalyani for hosting this awesome challenge..

This month’s magic ingrediants are Cinnamon & Chilli. They are the perfect combo and perfect match among the list of ingredient. I squeezed my brain for past whole week and finally decided to make this chocolaty rich truffles which is spiced up with these stuffs..I gave a tiny little kick with the chilli and tons of earthy flavour with those cinnamon..How could these go wrong.. And the result was pretty promising..

The idea for this came from a chocolate bar which my brother brought for me from his visit to UK..Actually it is a Chilli Chocolate Bar, a good bar of chocolate which is kicked up with chillies..I totally loved the combo..Hence this truffles are born..I actually made this for the special day which I mentioned earlier in one of my post..My fiancée totally loved this one and finished everything in one go..I hope you too will love it..

So without any more delay off you go to the recipe..

Modified From: JoyofBaking


Dark Chocolate – 225 grams / 8 ounces
Butter - 30 gms / 1 ounce
Heavy Whipping Cream – 120 ml / ½ cup / 4 fluid ounces
Cinnamon Stick / Pattai – 1 inch piece
Dry Red Chillies – 2

For Outer Coating:
Confectioners Sugar / Icing Sugar
Dessicated Coconut
Choco Dessicated Coconut ( I mixed some cocoa with dessicated coconut)
Chocolate Chips
Chopped Nuts
Melted Chocolate


Put chocolate and butter in a heavy bottom pan and melt on low heat untill melted. You could melt it in either double boiler or microwave.

Now take heavy cream in a sauce pan..Add chilli and cinnamon in it and heat it up…Let the heat be low as possible..

When you see bubbles around the edges switch off the flame and remove the chilli and cinnamon from the cream with a slotted spoon.

Pour this cream over the melted chocolate and butter and mix well..

Pour this into a shallow bowl and set in the fridge for 3-4 hours untill the chocolate has set..

Take a spoon and scoop some chocolate out of the bowl and roll it in your hands..You could wear a gloves if you need.

Put it in a foil lined tray and put it back in the fridge for atleast 30 mins to 1 hour to set.

Now take the truffles out of the fridge and coat it with your favorite coating.

Serve immediately Put it back in the fridge untill you serve.

Take all your yummy stuffs
put chocolate and butter into a heavy bottom pan
heat it up
it has started to melt
all melted
remove it from heat
take cream in a sauce pan
add chilli & cinnamon
heat it up
let it come to a boil..But don't let it boil over
remove the cinnamon and chilli..It has done its work
pour this over the chocolate pool
and mix
oh my god..I could dive in this
pour this into a shallow bowl and put in fridge
until it is set
take spoonful of this
and eat it...Sorry
shape like this...One Cute Truffle
Shape all truffles ...Put this in fridge and allow it to set
ok..This is how your hands will look like after you have shaped all..
Now its time to roll and coat...take all the stuffs which you would love to coat
all rolled...I have coated it with cocoa, coconut, chocolate chips, coconut & chocolate chips, chocolate coconut, Icing Sugar..
Serve chilled


Katerina said... Best Blogger Tips

They look fabulous, I simply cannot resist to chocolate!

Padhu said... Best Blogger Tips

Looks fabulous! This is in my do to list for a long time .

Prabhamani said... Best Blogger Tips

Truffle luks yum Aarthi..Well explained!!

Harini said... Best Blogger Tips

Interesting! Never tasted a chilli chocolate!!

Priya's Feast said... Best Blogger Tips

Glad to know its ur fiancee's fav...Nice stepwise pics.

Purabi Naha said... Best Blogger Tips

Aarthi, these truffles are such a delight to watch and eat. Loved the flavours!

Shree said... Best Blogger Tips

wowwwwwww.. my mouth is watering :) Bookmarked!

The Pumpkin Farm said... Best Blogger Tips

perfect recipe Aarthi, i have made this combination once at home. I had tasted this at a mexican friend's place. These are called Aztec truffles. I envy you to be able to make truffles in such larghe quantities

Kristen said... Best Blogger Tips

I don't know which coating would be my favorite. They all sounds so delicious.

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wow so so good u hv made it so awesome..

Sharmilee! :) said... Best Blogger Tips

Delicious looking truffles...luv it and tempting me to take a bite

Ramya said... Best Blogger Tips

awesome clicks..just feel like grabbing them..stepwise pics are reaaly helpful. you have a nice blog..i wonder how i missed it so long..following u rite now..do participate in my blog event DESSERT

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Truffles, yum, I love them! Loving your flavors;-)

Hema said... Best Blogger Tips

Wow, the truffles look awesome, the steps you have shown in pictures are very clear, will try this soon..

Hema said... Best Blogger Tips

Wow, the truffles look awesome, the steps you have shown in pictures are very clear, will try this soon..

Lisa said... Best Blogger Tips

Thanks for visiting my blog. You have some wonderful recipes here and these truffles look and sound divine.

Priya said... Best Blogger Tips

Feel like having some,irresistible truffles..

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Mmmmmm, Lovely!

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This is soooooooooooo LOVELY and AMAZING :D Thank you for sharing :)

Lyndsey said... Best Blogger Tips

I love chocolate too...dark, milk, truffles, you name it, I like it.
These sound amazing! I alwys like your step by step intructions. Good job on these!

Roshni said... Best Blogger Tips

aarthi, though I have seen many ppl make truffle, i have never paid much attention till today. cause i always thought it was difficult. your pictorial description kind of forced me to look and i am happy i did. i will make this for sure. :-) thanks

nancy at good food matters said... Best Blogger Tips

WOW! These have got to be so good--you've infused the milk with whole dried chili and cinnamon stick---much more potent flavor than powdered spices. Great combination of tastes!

lola said... Best Blogger Tips

que trufas más ricas y me ha llamado la atención lo de los chiles


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yummy looking truffles!....looks very good!

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Yummy post. Truffles looks really nice

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super and perfect chocolate truffles, you have done it perfectly !!
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Just Yum.. Truffles looks just irresistible..

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Its too good. nice pictorial :)

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Delicious looking truffles. Wonderful Pics as well.

Hamaree Rasoi

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Chocolate truffles looks delicious

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Looks yummy!!!Wonderful presentation.

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Wow - these are absolutely stunning and what a GREAT idea to use cinnamon and chili in the truffles! I - most definitely - heart these! BRAVO!

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That looks great and yumm! As usual i love ur pictorial :-)


cookingvarieties said... Best Blogger Tips

hi aarthi, ooooooooooooooo chocolate truffles, so delicious..must try this. can i have some please, thanks dear. have a nice day

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truffles looks fantastic..very nicely done..wonderful pictures!!

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Oh yum yumTruffles Dear.Awesome Choco delight!

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I love it! Well explained =D

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Very interesting combo.Chocolate truffles looks delicious and inviting..

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This looks irresistible.

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WOW! Mouth-watering clicks..Drooling here..

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Hey aarthi, Am back :) Hope you had a great New year! truffles look great :)

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Beautiful snap, simply irrsistible truffles...

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what superb truffles!!!! wish i had that full container!! :)

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mouth watering here.. looks absolutely delicious

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Delicious Chocolate Truffles...I simply loved the combo of Chilli, chocolate and cinnamon

Shilpakiran said... Best Blogger Tips

i love the way you teach step by step of every dish prepare . this is one reason i want to pass the award . please grab it . its waiting at my space COOK WITH FUN

Vimitha Anand said... Best Blogger Tips

Yum yumm yummy!!

Vimitha Anand said... Best Blogger Tips

Yum yumm yummy!!

Kalyani said... Best Blogger Tips

oooh !!! super yum ..
glad u liked the ingredients Aarthi and thanks for linking to Magic Mingle :-)

Sizzling Tastebuds
Magic Mingle challenge for Jan’12 announced
Event : Microwave Easy Cooking (MEC)

faseela said... Best Blogger Tips

fabulous job...keep rocking

Anzz said... Best Blogger Tips

I really love your truffles. I used to have them during college days in Bangalore. Looks fantastic. Great blog..!

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Urs s such a wonderful blog with delicious recipes

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I love the flavor of hot chilies in chocolate-yum. The fact that they have cinnamon in them also gets my vote. You did an amazing job on these gems and your photos are so enticing. Please send a few my way-yum!

Anzz said... Best Blogger Tips

Sorry dear. Was a system error. Thanx for following me. :)

Helene Dsouza said... Best Blogger Tips

This looks wonderful tempting! absolutly gorgeous. I d love to try out some. I v got a sweet tooth. XD

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

Wow! It's so yummy. You are too good...... it's irresistible.
Can i do without chilli? Is it bit spicy? Please reply me soon...


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truffles looks delicious..i just love it

@lekshmi said... Best Blogger Tips

really nice work aarathi........

Deeps @ Naughty Curry said... Best Blogger Tips

wow, looks fab! i LOVE chocolates too & just like u it instantly lifts my mood too :) love all the combinations, esp coconut one

The Yogi Vegetarian said... Best Blogger Tips

wow! What a winner! I love the way you infused the chilli and cinnamon; would make the flavour even throughout.

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fabulous recipe!!!!!! O love truffle balls

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Really great trufles. I would like to try them soon.

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wow i could dive iinto that dish of chocolate :) yummy truffles.trying them soon!

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

Can you say where did you get the chocolate slab?

Aarthi said... Best Blogger Tips

@AnonymousI got it from a shop named arumugam here in my place

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

Can you say where is arumugam shop is? I am keen to buy it too. thanks.

Aarthi said... Best Blogger Tips

@AnonymousIt is back side of municipality office

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Looks Very yummy