Jan 7, 2012

Gujarati Kitchen by Bhanu Hajratwala - Blogadda Book Review

Blogadda has announced a new program called as Free book reviews which is especially for Indian bloggers..I applied for that and got this amazing cookbook written by Bhanu Hajratwala.

When I started going through this cookbook, I was very much excited to read each and every page of it. She shared lots of her personal and family stories in this cookbook..I totally loved her way of writing..It is very much realistic and humorous. Reading those stories make us more eager to read that whole book immediately..She has shared her family pictures and many of her personal pictures  in that books.There is a total of 85 typical gujarati recipes.

She has given lots of tips and techniques like preparing ingrediants and so on..She has given a whole list of pantry stable ingrediants with their English names..Measurements given in this books are very clear and presented as a table. She has given recipes of various spice blends and homemade masala including chai masala and gujarati daal masala.

Recipes are given  by courses from starters to Sample menus..These includes main dishes, breads, rice, accompaniments for rice, pickles, drinks, mouth freshners and many more..Popular recipes like khandvi, kachori , dhoklas are given in detail..Each recipes are given in vegetarian and non vegetarian categories..So many lovely side dishes and gravies are present in this book. Recipes are given with proper English names too. Tips for Freezing and details about that is given for each and every recipe.

Okra & Potato Curry which I tried from this Book..Came out Good..
The cool thing in this book is a sample menu for preparing a separate vegetarian and non vegetarian thali meals is given clearly. I have bookmarked certain recipes from this book to try out..I even made Bhindi Bataka( Okra & Potato Curry ) from this book today and it cameout perfect..I will surely try more recipes from this..Overall, If I want to cook gujarati foods, the first place which I refer is this book.

Pros:  Lots of typical and simple gujarati recipes are given. Pictures are very Humble and Simple which makes us hungry in the first look. Easy use and interesting to read..

Cons: There is a lack of pictures in this book. Not so many pictures are present.

Overall : Good Book, A must to have if you wish to cook Gujarati Recipes, Good Writing.

Will I recommend this Book : Definitely

My Personal Comment: I loved it

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  1. Thank you for sharing this. I've been looking for a great cookbook on Indian Cooking. I'll definitely check this out.

    Happy New Year to you as well and a Healthy one!

  2. Hey.. Even I have applied for this review program and I got this book. Excellent review.. now I got some idea how to write a review.. Thanks!!

  3. Sounds like a really good recipe and cookbook!

  4. lovely review okra potato curry looks wonderful

  5. This definitely sounds like a good book. I love books filled with pictures, but I don't have to have them if the food can speak for itself. Yum!

  6. What a neat program! Can't wait to see more cookbook reviews from you :)

  7. excellent review Aarthi... I too have got the book... it is indeed a perfect book for anyone who wishes to cook Gujarati food...


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