Feb 29, 2012

Curd Rice / Yoghurt Rice / Fruity Curd Rice / Thair Sadam /Thair Sadam / Perugu Annam / Thayir Satham/ Dadojanam - Lunch Box Ideas / Comfort Food

Curd rice is my favorite food…If I don’t like eating anything spicy or if I didn find that days lunch appetizing. Then the first thing which I do is take some rice add some curd, may be sprinkle with some salt and have it..I love this a lot and some how this was my comfort food..
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Feb 28, 2012

Capsicum Fried Rice / Stir Fry Bell Pepper Rice with Peas – Lunch Box Ideas / Leftover Rice Recipes / Rice in less than 15 mins

Fried Rice is my absolute favorite one..I make it often in my house, but use a whole lot of different vegetables in it..You can see quite a few fried rice recipe in my blog..I made this version for last Sunday lunch and I simply loved it a lot..My sister loved it too, and both of them enjoyed the meal a lot..This is a great recipe to put in lunch box or use up leftover rice.

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Feb 27, 2012

Carrot Rice / Seasoned Carrot Rice – Lunch Box Ideas / Leftover Recipes

This is a simple rice preparation that needs only minutes to make..I means only few minutes..It can be made from start to finish in less than 15 mins and ofcourse you should have your rice cooked readily for this..You can use up left over rice from the previous batch too..
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Feb 26, 2012

Puliyogare / Puliyodarai / Tamarind Rice – My Style / How to make Pulikaichal

Thinking of puliyogare reminds me about my friend eshu, I have mentioned about her in my lemon rice recipe post..She loves lemon rice, puliyogare a lot, she can eat it all day…So I dedicate this recipe to her…I know she will like this a lot..
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Punjabi Samosa / Samosa with Spicy Potato & Peas Filling – Celebrating One Year Anniversary

Wow…Its been amazing that YUMMY TUMMY has completed one year..I almost forgot about that, just now I saw that on feb 24, 2011 I started this blog and now its two days late I am telling you this..HE HE…I have been posting all day without skipping a single day(may be I have missed it for 2 or 3 days) in this blog which is quite amazing..I wish that I should do this continuously..I take this opportunity to thank all of you my readers who supported me and all of my friends who made this happen..Thanks guys..

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Feb 25, 2012

Medu Vada Recipe - Crispy Ulundu Vadai Recipe - Urad Dal Vadai Recipe

Vadai is my favorite evening snacks..These medu vadai is so crispy on the outside but wicked fluffy in the center…Dipping this in chutney and sambar is heavenly..I love it with hot idli, sambar and chutney..We make this combo often mainly during weekends

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13 Vada Recipes

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Egg Rice / Tomato Flavoured Masala Rice with Spiced Up Eggs – Leftover Rice Ideas / Lunch Box Ideas

This rice can be made within 20 mins..But it has full of flavour, I love it with some onion raita and my lunch will get filled..This is  a great recipe to put in lunch box…Kids will love it…Since the egg is spiced first it has some flavour too instead of bland plain eggs..

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Stir Fry Paneer with Spinach & Bell Pepper / Paneer Masala with Spinach & Capsicum – Quick Stir Fry / Side Dish for Roti / Curry in a Hurry – Less than 15 mins

How many of you like to cook dishes that take only few minutes to make, but taste as if you are slaving for hours..Then this is one of those dish..It is so fast to make, but you don’t have to sacrifice flavour for that..One of my reader named Niveditha requested me to do recipes using greens, so this is for her…I hope you will like it and let me know if you have any doubts..

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Feb 24, 2012

Vegetable Fried Rice (Indo Chinese Style ) / How to Prepare Vegetables for Fried Rice (Step by Step) – Lunch Box Ideas / Leftover Rice Recipes

Fried rice is my favorite dish to order in any restaurants..I love having fried rice with gobi manchurian or gobi 65..Chicken is also my favorite combo with fried rice..I can have it with chicken manchurian, dragon chicken, chilli chicken or any chinese style recipes..
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Feb 23, 2012

Simple Beetroot Pulav / Beetroot Rice – Lunchbox Ideas

Ok another week of BM has arrived and I am into the theme seven days of rice..Cooking with rice is really easy for me because rice is a staple diet of we southindians…Throughout this week I will show you all kids of quick rice dishes and some special rice recipes too..

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Feb 22, 2012

No Bake Eggless Chocolate Tutti Fruity Biscuit Fudge Brownies – For 500th Post

“500”..That is really huge…YES YUMMY TUMMY reached 500 recipes…Its quite amazing because its not even a year since I started this blog..But you my lovely lovely friends made me reach this level…I am really happy about that…Without you all this blog is nothing…I am really really thankful to you all guys..Keep this going and motivate me to reach another decade soon…This recipe is for you my lovelies…

You can browse all my recipe through this well organized RECIPE INDEX
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Sweet Potato Fries / Fried Sweet Potato – Quick Snack


I love sweet potatoes..And it is quite amazing that I don’t have a single recipe in my blog with sweet potato..That is because we usually have only steamed sweet potato in our house and don’t cook it often..But I have bookmarked certain recipes  to try out.So you can see some sweet potato recipe soon..

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Feb 21, 2012

Homemade Orange Jam without Preservatives / Orange jam using Fresh Orange Juice / Orange Jelly – Jam Recipes

Making jam is so much fun, I love doing it..It gives you immense pleasure if you make your own stuffs at home..Because you know it is healthy and preservatives free, since you know what is inside that.. oranges are in season right now, Ok I know a little late..I made this couple of weeks back..But still  oranges are available here..Its so cheap right now..So go get some fruit and whip up this stuff.
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Aloo Chana Subzi / Chana Aloo Subzi / Aloo Chana / Potato & Chickpeas Cooked in Tangy Tomato Sauce – Sidedish for Roti or Rice (No Onion / No Garlic – Jain Style)

Potatoes and Chana are my favorite one..So think about this dish, it is my absolute favorite one..This has some unusual flavours going through it. I think its from the amchoor and kasuri methi leaves..This has a absolute northindian flavour to it..And BTW I love Northindian foods..You can see a whole lot of recipes recipes right here..
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Feb 20, 2012

Instant Ragi Adai / Kezhvaragu Adai / Finger Millet Adai – Diabetics Recipes / Diet Recipes / Healthy Recipes

Everyone likes to a be healthy and eat good nutritious food..But finding those recipes are really hard..So I am giving you a healthy but tasty adai recipe which is prepared from ragi/finger millet. This recipe is good for diabetics too, so you can make this for your loved one who is suffering from diabetics..
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Feb 19, 2012

Homemade Paneer Recipe / Homemade Indian Cottage Cheese / How to Make Paneer at Home

One of my reader named Nancy Mosher requested this recipe for homemade paneer since she couldn’t find it anywhere in the place she live.So this post is for her..Many of you think that making paneer is so hard and needs so much effort, but actually speaking it is not a big deal..It is so much simple and easy to make your own cheese.
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Feb 18, 2012

Masala Chai / Indian Masala Tea / How to make Masala Tea Powder

In our house evening must have tea, yes it is compulsary..I don’t drink tea daily, but my mother and sister do that. Actually speaking my mum cannot live without tea. What she drink is normal tea flavoured with some ginger or some cardamom and mostly plain. They were great for her..
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Grilled Chicken / Oven Roasted Chicken Legs with a Twist – Indian Style

Many of my viewers have been asking for chicken recipes..Its been a while since I posted chicken recipes..So here I am with a awesome simple chicken dish that taste heavenly..I made this last week  for dinner and we had it with some Butter Naan, I had a recipe for Wheat Naan in my blog, you can try that too.. ..My sisters loved it so much and they told me to make it again..This can be made in a barbeque or grill, since I don’t own one..My little OTG oven helped me..

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Feb 17, 2012

Watermelon & Ginger Cooler – Summer Special Recipes / Party Special Recipes

When it is hot outside, you need something that makes you cool from inside..Drinking cold water makes you cool instantly, but as per a research it increase your body heat. If you need the real comfort of cooling effect, you have to get used to the stuffs  which nature provides us.One of that is watermelon..A awesome giant Fruit  which arrives just before summer, that is really amazing right..And another ingrediant which is really really good for you is ginger..

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Feb 16, 2012

Kanda Bhaji Pav / Kaanda Bhajji Pav / Onion Bhajji Pav / How to Make Onion Bhajji / Indian Bread Stuffed with Crispy Onion Fritters – Chat Recipes / Street Food Recipes

 Have you ever had onion bhajjis with a cup of tea in a rainy day.If you haven't tried, I would advise you to try it immediately..Because it is delicious..The hot crispy bhajjis will keep you warm and comforting through out the day…Hmm..I love that..
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Feb 15, 2012

Fruit & Nut Chocolate / Chocolate with Dried Fruit and Nuts – Valentine Special Recipes / Gift Ideas

I must have posted this yesterday, since this is a real treat for valentines day..I made this to give it for my sweet heart, but unluckily it got over that say itself..Thanks for my sisters….Hmm... I should make it some other day for him..

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Feb 14, 2012

Caramel Custard / Caramel Pudding (Baked) / How to make a Perfect Caramel - Happy Valentines Day

Hai Friends..As promised yesterday I am delivering you the recipe which I waited so long to post. This is a recipe which is requested by one of my viewers. I actually thought of posting it before itself , but something made me to wait for this special day to post this wonderful recipe..I almost waited for a month to post this :D…
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Feb 13, 2012

Eggless Chocolate Molten Lava Cake – Valentine Special Recipes

Who doesn’t love molten lava cakes.. I am not the one, I can die for Chocolates..Are you a vegetarian and are in a deep worry that you cannot dig into this cake because it has eggs in it..Then no more worries my friend, here I am delivering you the eggless version of this cake which has a real molten chocolate in the center..This is a quick recipe that can be filled in your mouth in less than 30 mins..

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Feb 12, 2012

Egg Buns / Buns Stuffed with Spicy Eggs and Onion Filling

This recipe is inspired from the egg puff which I had from the near by bakery. Those puffs are stuffed with spicy onion  and egg filling. Since puff pastry dough are not available in my place, I replaced it with regular bun dough.  The cool thing about this dough is you could pretty much stuff anything in it. This makes a awesome snack for kids too..

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Feb 11, 2012

Simple & Spicy Fish Fry / Meen Porippu / Poricha Meen / Meen Varuthathu / Meen Porichathu

This is a simple fish fry recipe which we make in our house often..It hardly take any time to cook. So easy by extremely delicious. This taste great with rice and rasam. I made this for lunch today..I also made varutharacha meen kulambu, will post that soon..
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Chilli Gobi / Dry Chilli Cauliflower – Indo Chinese Recipes

I love cauliflower a lot..I often make gobi 65 or gobi manchurian at home..This is the cousin sister of gobi manchurian.LOL..because it slightly resembles manchurian but lot more spicier than that. This is perfect for appetizer with a cup of any cool drinks..

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Feb 10, 2012

Eggless Tutti Fruity Cookies – Valentine Special Recipes / Christmas Cookies Recipes

I had a huge container of tutti fruity lying in the fridge for the past one month, I was searching for a recipe to use that cookies..Finally I found a tutti fruity cookies recipe which was firing up in most of the food blogs..When I saw this post in lots of blogs, I got the confindence to try it out..
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Feb 9, 2012

SunFeast Dark Fantasy Choco Fills Cookies - A Review

Have you ever tried this cookies..It is a latest product from sunfeast company. The first time I ever tasted is a month back and I should tell you this, it is so heavenly and I fell in love with it. I have bought and emptied a dozen of packet by now. I liked it so much that I wanted to post about this in my blog..

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Feb 8, 2012

Strawberry Oats MilkShake / Strawberry Oats Smoothie – Healthy Breakfast Ideas / Summer Special Recipes

I love strawberries…But the place I live don’t stock this awesome berry always..Luckily now it is available all over here, every fruit shop is filled with this…Last week I grabbed couple of packet of this berries and made a batch of strawberry icecream which I will post soon..I had some leftover of that luscious berry, so I made this yummy healthy milk shake with that, it cameout so good..

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Feb 7, 2012

Eggless Dates Cake with Whole Wheat Flour & Jaggery– Healthy Cake Recipes / Valentine Special Recipes

Are you a person who loves cake and afraid of eating it because you are concern of your waistline like me..Then try this cake it is very very healthy... This cake is made with wheat flour and instead of sugar I used jaggery in this..Both are very healthy for you..This is a healthier cake to celebrate your valentine..

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Feb 6, 2012

Bhinda Bataka / Bhindi Batata / Gujarati Okra Potato Curry / Potato & LadysFinger Subzi (Sabzi) / How to make Leelo Masalo or Gujarati Fresh Masala

Did you all came across the review which I posted earlier about the book Gujarati Kitchen. If not check it now here. This recipe is from her cookbook..When I was reading that book, I came across this recipe which got my immediate attention because of its simplicity..I made this sabzi immediately and result was wow..

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Feb 5, 2012

Chilli Bread / Chilli Bread Masala / Chilli Bread Upma– Indo Chinese Style – Lunch Box Ideas / Leftover Bread Recipes

I really love Chinese foods a lot..I do make lots of indo Chinese foods at home..Even today we had a Chinese fiesta in our house..I made chinese vegetable fried rice, chilli gobi and chilli potatoes for lunch today and it was totally a ***YUMMO***..Don’t worry recipes are on its way..
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Feb 4, 2012

Spicy & Tangy Red Chilli & Garlic Chutney – Quick & Instant Chutney / Combo with Dosa or Idli

If you are in a  hurry and need any quick sidedish for dosa or idli then this is the answer..Currently I am a kind of addicted to this chutney, I have it all day.. And you won’t believe it, I am having a jar of this in my fridge always..Because amma liked it and she told me to make In a large quantity to store in fridge so that she can have it any time with no effort.HE HE…
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Zebra Cake Recipe - Valentine Day Special Recipes

Zebra cake is a lovely one,because it has lovely black and white lines running along...The cake may look so complicated,but it is not a big deal to make...If I can make it everyone can make it.
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Feb 3, 2012

Soya Chunks Cutlet (Pan Fried) / Meal Maker Cutlet / Soya Cutlet / Soya Patties / Soya Pattice – Filling for Burger / Snacks Ideas / Non-Veg Substitutes

Soya Chunks which is also called as Meal Maker here is my favorite stuff..I can eat it all day, I don’t know why ..But I totally like it..The one thing which put me back is the smell of that, so I use a special way to treat it which I have shown in the pictures..Addition of milk to the cooking water remove the funky smell from it…So if you are fine with that smell skip this step, but if you are like me, please follow this..
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Feb 2, 2012

Bread Jamuns / Instant Bread Jamuns – Valentine Recipes / Quick Dessert Ideas

Yesterday my long term wish came true..I always wanted to have a  own domain name for my blog and finally I received it..I am really really excited about this..So to celebrate this special occasion I am delivering you this awesome recipe. The cool thing is, it is really hard to find difference between this and the normal jamuns..I made this couple of weeks back and my little sister had this and she liked it so much, actually she couldn’t find any difference between this and those normal jamuns. I have a recipe of Khoya Jamuns in my blog, you can check it here..

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Feb 1, 2012


Hai Friends..This is my long term wish to have a own domain name for 'YUMMY TUMMY'. It has happened today...Yummy Tummy is moved from Blogspot to its own domain name.

Now on my blog URL is " http://www.yummytummyaarthi.com" . Its Officially Announced...Friends Please update your BLOG ROLL & BOOKMARKS with the new URL..Please give your support and love like before..Love you all..

See you all tomorrow with a new recipe...

PS: If you face any technical issues, please bare with me because this blog is under construction...

Technorati Verification - Z3HCWM4KMTRE
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Mumbai Vada Pav / Wada Pav / Vada Pao / Batata Vada / Indian Burger Stuffed with Fried Potato Balls / How to make Potato Bondas - Chat Recipes

If you go across the streets of mumbai or if you ever thing about chats and street foods, the first thing which comes to your mind is 'BATATA VADA' or 'VADA PAV' as it is called my most of the people..I totally love it anytime of the day..A fluffy soft buttery buns stuffed with a crispy spicy potato bondas, we don't stop at that, this goodness gets all the chutneys which a chat should have, all also a final adorement of a fried green chilli which totally makes it.
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