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Feb 20, 2012

Instant Ragi Adai / Kezhvaragu Adai / Finger Millet Adai – Diabetics Recipes / Diet Recipes / Healthy Recipes

Everyone likes to a be healthy and eat good nutritious food..But finding those recipes are really hard..So I am giving you a healthy but tasty adai recipe which is prepared from ragi/finger millet. This recipe is good for diabetics too, so you can make this for your loved one who is suffering from diabetics..


You can serve this with any spicy chutney you want..But the best combo is my Chilli & Garlic Chutney..But you can combo this with anything. And if you are diet you can enjoy this almost everyday..


So hope you like it and let me know what you think..


Ragi Flour / Finger Millet Flour – 1 cup / 250 gms / ¼ kg
Water – 1 cup / 250 ml / ¼ cup
Onion-1  finely chopped
Green Chilli – 2 chopped
Curry leaves – 1 spring
Mustard Seeds / Kaduku – 1 tsp
Curd – 3 tblspn
Oil- 1 tblspn
Salt to taste


Heat oil in a kadai. Add mustard, curry leaves , green chilli, onions, salt and fry till light golden.

Pour in water and curd and bring it to a boil.

Add in ragi flour slowly while mixing constantly to avoid lumps. Mix well so that it gets incorporated and comes together.

Transfer this to a bowl and allow it to cool down.

Now take a small ball out of this and spread it over a oiled plastic sheet.This will prevent it from sticking.

Heat a tawa and put this adai carefully over it and cook for 1 min on one side.

Flip over and cook on other side too.

Tranfer to a hot case and serve with any hot chutney.

Take all your ingrediants
heat oil

add mustard seeds

curry leaves and green chilli

and onions

and some salt

fry till light golden

pour in some water and mix well

add curd too

bring it to a boil

let it boil

add ragi flour and mix well

constantly stir so that no lumps are formed

it will get thicken

like this

tranfer to a bowl and allow it cool down

spread a plastic sheet over a plate and apply some oil

take a small ball out of the mixture

and flatten it

heat a tawa..I used non stick

put the adai over it and cook

flip over and cook



At the same time very healthy too..


Saraswathi Iyer said... Best Blogger Tips

Looks healthy and delicious. We call this Ragiroti.

suhaina aji said... Best Blogger Tips

I am surely going to make it....slurp...

faseela said... Best Blogger Tips

yummy adai....healthy too

faseela said... Best Blogger Tips

yummy adai....healthy too

maha said... Best Blogger Tips

looks wonderful.want to try this.........

Hema Nova said... Best Blogger Tips

never had this in this version. but looks nice. bookmarked

sitalekshmiranganathan said... Best Blogger Tips

why this is so difficult task aarthi?? why dont we skip the step of doing the boiling water and then add ragi.. Instead why cant we add just water and ragi and spread thickly over the tawa?? Will that taste good or not??

Aarthi said... Best Blogger Tips

@sita...Adding ragi flour to water first cooks it completely, so you won't get the raw flavour of that in the adai. you are just crisping up the adai in the tawa...

Rekha shoban said... Best Blogger Tips

healthy adai!!

S.Menaga said... Best Blogger Tips

super healthy adai!!

Sumi said... Best Blogger Tips

great recipe..I used to do it like chapati, but as you said I used to get the raw ragi smell.now this is a cool idea..

chitraj.hegde said... Best Blogger Tips

wow....The ragi rooti looks yummy7..even I prepare this rooti,,but i use bit different method....next time i will try ur recipe for sure....

vineetha said... Best Blogger Tips

Healthy ada...looks yummy :)

Sharmilee! :) said... Best Blogger Tips

Looks flavourful and healthy.....

Gloria said... Best Blogger Tips

look absolutely nice and yumm!

Nisa Homey said... Best Blogger Tips

Healthy and yummy adai

Chandrani said... Best Blogger Tips

Ragi adai looks yummy....
Cuisine Delights
Cuisine Delights

Suja Manoj said... Best Blogger Tips

Healthy breakfast..yum

Sensible Vegetarian said... Best Blogger Tips

This is a frequent breakfast item in our house in the week ends. Love it.

sangee vijay said... Best Blogger Tips

very flavorful n healthy Ragi Adai...looks inviting!!
Spicy Treats
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Roshu said... Best Blogger Tips

Healthy n yummy adai!!!!

Prabhamani said... Best Blogger Tips

Aarthi..that's a wonderful healthy recipe..thanks a lot dear..will try it for sure :)

Kaveri said... Best Blogger Tips

Healthy and delicious adai

Hema said... Best Blogger Tips

Very healthy and tasty adai..

Shilpakiran said... Best Blogger Tips

healthy one .. thanks for sharing

Shanthi said... Best Blogger Tips

The ragi adai looks delicious and sure a healthy one

Preeti Garg said... Best Blogger Tips

healthy and delicious

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The Yogi Vegetarian said... Best Blogger Tips

I have a bag of millet flour in my cupboard and this will be a great use for it! It is labelled as bajri flour; is this the same thing as ragi flour? I just love healthy recipes,thanks :)

Nisha said... Best Blogger Tips

Very nice recipe

Aarthi said... Best Blogger Tips

@The Yogi VegetarianBajra flour is differant from ragi flour..But i think you can make with that too..