Feb 9, 2012

SunFeast Dark Fantasy Choco Fills Cookies - A Review

Have you ever tried this cookies..It is a latest product from sunfeast company. The first time I ever tasted is a month back and I should tell you this, it is so heavenly and I fell in love with it. I have bought and emptied a dozen of packet by now. I liked it so much that I wanted to post about this in my blog..

When I first saw the ads in TV(which I have attached below), I thought OK this is just a ad nothing is going to ooze out from that cookies, like shown in the ad…When I saw this cookies in the supermarket, I planned to grab one, and I was totally amazed after taking my first bite, because it does look same as shown in the ads..

This is a rich chocolate cookies which has a really really gooey chocolate filled in the center. The outer layer of the cookies is so crisp and interior is so molten with dark chocolate..I am damn sure that you will love it from the first bite itself..

This cookies comes in a fancy packet, seeing that packet itself makes us to get one. Inside that packet there are 6 individual pouch. The cost of this is Rs 30 and it is worth the price. I am begging you to try this awesome cookies once and let me know what you feel..

PS: This Review is not a sponsored one or for advertisement. This review is posted because i was totally in love with this cookies now and want to write about it in my blog..


Sujana said... Best Blogger Tips

That looks soooo good! I tasted something similar..the 'chips ahoy! Middles' cookies which also had the chocolate filling in the middle. It tasted incredible!

Rasi said... Best Blogger Tips

It is quite yummy..there is another brand called Chocolate Kiss, i guess.. u should try that too..is almost on similar line!

Cilantro said... Best Blogger Tips

I love the chocolates that are available in India, they do taste very delicious. I will try them during my next visit.

DV said... Best Blogger Tips

Good one, now you're tempting me! :)

faseela said... Best Blogger Tips

lovely review...yummy cookies.....
Luv the new luk of ur site...

Catherine said... Best Blogger Tips

Dear Aarthi, Very delicious looking cookies. Blessings my dear, Catherine xo

Hema said... Best Blogger Tips

Nice review, will try this as soon as I can get hold of one, like the goey chocolate filling..

maha said... Best Blogger Tips

chocoalte looks yumm...nice review.

Wanna Be A Country Cleaver said... Best Blogger Tips

I love any cookie that is filled with chocolate!!

Christy Gerald said... Best Blogger Tips

Yummy Review.Luv it

Hamaree Rasoi said... Best Blogger Tips

Excellent review of the Dark Fantasy cookies.

Hamaree Rasoi

meena said... Best Blogger Tips

really.. hmm i havent tried though had seen the ad. anything with chocolate and i forget my weight gain.. i guess i would give it a try

suhaina aji said... Best Blogger Tips

wow...very nice...will try when i go to India....

Santosh Bangar said... Best Blogger Tips

fabulous...new look of blog is also fabulous

Santosh Bangar said... Best Blogger Tips

fabulous...new look of blog is also fabulous

The Pumpkin Farm said... Best Blogger Tips

good recco...it is totally worth it

Priya Sreeram said... Best Blogger Tips

my fav too ! good review

Girl Cook Art said... Best Blogger Tips

Ya, I have tasted these..and I found them a tad too expensive. You might also want to try Lotte ChocoPie for a similar taste. Dark Fantasy is good to taste but scanty in its filling.

Lena Rashmin Raj said... Best Blogger Tips

wowww.. the cover snap itself is too tempting..surely i will by it today..Love anything with chocolate :0

sonu said... Best Blogger Tips

my daughter love these cookies ...its definately worth trying i agree with the review !

Blackswan said... Best Blogger Tips

Wow, just look at the choc oozing out of the cookies! Nice review, Aarthi!
Auspicious Salmon Yu Sheng

Preeti Garg said... Best Blogger Tips

Wow Awesome review surely i tried this one

Valentine Week

Priyas Feast said... Best Blogger Tips

Yeah..these lil beauties r rocking..

Pratik Joshi said... Best Blogger Tips

Firstly, I like the concept of chocolate and cookies.
secondly, I love the name "Dark Fantacy"

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

what is the price