Mar 17, 2012

Cheese Rawa Fingers / Semolina(Sooji) Fingers –Kids Special Recipes /Snacks under 30 mins

I saw this recipe from a cooking show..Immediately i tried it at home and the result was awesome this was 2 years before..Last week i was thinking about what to do for blogging marathan kids special, i remembered this recipe but sadly i din take any notes of the recipe before...But i remembered the ingrediants which goes in this..So with my measurements i made this and it cameout perfectly..This is a perfect party snack or you can make it for kids as a evening snack..They will surely love it...Rawa is really good for kids, but the only thing which we make is upma..You all know that every kids hate upma, so this is a great alternative for that..Infact you could add finely grated vegetables like carrot,cabbage in the butter and saute for 3 mins then add the sooji and continue the process.This way you can sneak vegetables in your kids diet..But make sure that the vegetables are finely grated..

I hope you will love this for sure.. I am sending this recipe to Blogging Marathan Day 2 under the theme Kid's Delight - Easy to make Snacks under 30 mins..


Rawa / Sooji / Semolina – 1/2 cup
Milk – 2 cup
Cheese ( any variety) – 3/4 cup
Butter – 1 tblspn
Salt to taste
Pepper to taste
Cornflour / Cornstarch – ½ cup
Breadcrumbs – 1 cup


Heat butter in a kadai. Add rawa and sauté for 2 mins. Add salt and pepper and mix well.

Pour in milk and mix well. Add cheese and mix well.

Cover with a lid and simmer for 5 mins.The mixture will leave the sides of the pan.

Transfer this to a greased plate and flatten it.

Put this in the freezer for 10 mins.

Mix cornflour with water and make into a thin paste.

Now cut them into strips..Take one finger and dip them in cornflour mixture and then in breadcrumbs. Roll them and arrange in a plate.

Now heat oil for frying. Drop the fingers in oil and fry till golden.

Drain in a paper towel and serve with ketchup.

Take all your ingrediants
Melt Butter in a pan
add rawa and mix well
fry for a couple of minutes
add salt and pepper
pour in milk
and mix well
add cheese
and mix well..
Simmer and cover with a lid
the mixture will leave the sides of the pan
transfer this to a plate and flatten it out..Chilli this in fridge
cut into finger shape
like this
First dip the cornflour mixture
then in breadcrumbs
roll it well
all done
fry this in oil
till golden brown
Drain and serve

So crispy and yummy
Check out the paneer finger recipe too...Click on the image for recipe..


  1. OMG this sounds amazing! THanks for sharing!

  2. Wow!! Aarthi nice and crispy suji fingers. Surely kids will llove this.

  3. That's really one delightful snack..good one Aathri..

  4. awesome

    i would try it out for evening snack

    rawa i use a lot not just for upma bt for other bindings too

    ur presentation is even more awesome

    and ya do check out award for u at my blog

  5. Wow absolutely interesting recipe...crispy and perfect snack!

  6. very nice and any time snack recipe ..quick to make and with very less ingredients..loved it..

  7. rolls using sooji...never thinked..looks so crispy n hot.....

  8. recipe is fantastic. perfect snac

  9. awesome snack! I wonder how it would turn out if it is baked!!

  10. I think this would be a healthier version of cheesesticks. I have a recipe coming up next on this but the unhealthy version :)

  11. Sounds crunchy and I absolutely love that its so easy to make. I'm definitely gonna try it.

  12. fantastic stater for party bookmarked!!

  13. Y only kids even I can enjoy this snack happely delicious recipe will try for sure.

  14. this is a mus try recipe dear....bookmarked !

  15. Hey I know some adult "kids" who would also like this!;) Good party food, and alternative to fish fingers. I like your idea about adding grated vegetables too.

  16. OMG its amazing yummy and tasty snack.Its very innovative dear.

  17. hi.....2 awards r waiting 4 u in my space..collect it dear.....

  18. Looks delicious

  19. Wow.. looks absolutely yummy and tempting.. awesome clicks too !!
    Indian Cuisine

  20. i love them :).. kids will be super delighted :D

    Ongoing Event : I'm The Star

  21. must have been delecious!lovely recipe

  22. excellent recipe Aarthi...must bookmarking... fr sure

  23. Awesome snack, kids wud love it..

  24. great evening time snacks arthi. just 58 days to go for your marriage.

    Hema's Adugemane

  25. Yummy tasty snacks ...would love to give a try ...thanks for sharing this recp.

  26. wow Aarthi, you are creative girl !!!

  27. A lovely crispy snack arathi, would definitely try this.., May be I will bake it... My kids will definitely love this.., book marked

  28. I tried this without cheese. very crispy. I got positive comment from my aunt who used to find faults easily:-) She even wanted me to make agqin. Very happie:-)

  29. Hi...just wanted to know if i want to add finally chopped vegetables den can i do so...and if yes den at which step should i add them...secondly once i tried dese fingers but i needed to add lot of milk den required in ur measurements because my material kept on getting was so hard dat i was not even able to mix it...

  30. @Anonymousu can add finely chopped or grated veggies add after u roast the sooji..and add more milk as needed.

  31. Hi..shall I use water instead of milk as I am want to store this in a freezer. If I add milk then how long can I use this from freezer?


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