Mar 11, 2012

Organic India Tulsi Green Tea – A Review

I have recently got into the habit of drinking Green Tea Regularly, two times a day ever since I started Dieting. I start my day with a cup of hot green tea and end my day again with a cup of green tea.I feel so great at the end of the day. The reason behind this is green tea just brightens all the body part and makes you so refreshing...The cool thing about Green Tea is it reduces the cholesterol level and helps you to lose few pounds..It also flushes out your unwanted fat..So it is very helpful of people who are in diet like me:D

Many of you have doubt about how to make a good green tea..There are so many procedures out there, but the way I make is so simple..I boil a cup of water in a saucepan till it reaches rolling boil, then I add a tsp of green tea and switch of the flame. Mix well and cover the pan with a lid and let it rest for 5 min. Now I filter and have the best quality green tea in a peaceful place..

Organic india Tulsi Green Tea is the brand which I like the most..It has a addition of Tulsi to it, You all know that tulsi is a form of purity and spiritual..So I got stuck with this brand. I think they give the best quality of green tea. The smell of hot tea smells so fresh and divine. I am drinking this green tea for the past 2 weeks and I should tell you this, I feel so energetic nowadays and I am seeing a considerable reduction in my weight..

This Tea comes in a whole lot of different packages, so you can choose whatever you feel like..I usually buy the one that come as loose tea in a container..They also have in individual pouches where you can dip and throw it..I think these are great when you travel..They also have a whole lot of different flavours like The Original Tulsi , Tulsi Green Tea ,Tulsi Ginger ,Tulsi Chai Masala ,Tulsi Sweet Rose ,Tulsi Sweet Lemon Tea and many more..

100 gram Loose Tulsi Green Tea Tin cost around 180 Rs and it can last for upto a month..

PS: This Review is not a sponsored one or for advertisement. This review is posted because i was totally in love with this tea now and want to write about it in my blog..


  1. Pretty tea photo. I need to drink more green tea! I love the tea cup! Thanks for the nice post. Enjoy your Sunday!

  2. Une publication intéressante sur le thé vert... Je l'ai beaucoup apprécié...
    Gros bisous

  3. Nice aarthi. I have been wanting to have green tea regularly but somehow skip it. Ur post reminded me to start it again. Do visit my blog in ur free time.

  4. I'm on Green Tea too! Not seeing much improvement on the weight...but I feel so energetic ;)

  5. very healthy n nice tea.......

  6. Hi Aarthi,

    I didn't know your email ID so just posting here. I would love to have you do a post for my Cooking With Kin Series. DO have a look at my series and let me know if you can or cannot do so that I can draw up a schedule. It doesn't need to something too difficult. Any simple recipe would do too. Just let me know.
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  7. Green tea can be very good for dieting. It does seem to burn up fat somehow. Personally, I wouldn't advocate mixing it with Tulasi though. Tulasi is called Occimum Sanctum, or Holy Basil. I keep Tulasi in my house and worship Her, and as devotees of Lord Krishna we are taught that She must never be taken unless first offered to Krishna and never be put into boiling water. Tulasi is very good for bodily health as well as spiritual health though. I know a lady who claims that eating Tulasi that had been offered to Krishna daily helped her to recover from breast cancer! Here is Tulasi mantra for worshipping Her:
    Om Vrindaye Tulasi-devaye, preyayi Keshavasya ca, Krishna-bhakti prade Devi satyavatye namo namah.
    It is true that if you respect Tulasi-Devi, She will give you devotion to God (Krishna-bhakti).
    My humble suggestion to you is that you take your dried Tulasi leaves out and offer them to Krishna before swallowing them. You could wash them down with the tea, but don't put them in it. Maybe you will also than feel some spiritual benefit? I hope you don't mind my suggestion; I think some herbalists that make these tea products have forgotten that Tulasi is special spiritually as well as physically. :)

  8. Should try this green tea with tulsi flavor, very healthy..

  9. Nice to learn about green tea with tulsi flavour.

    Hema's Adugemane

  10. Organic Products are better to use as they are eco-friendly and safe. They do not cause any side-effect.
    Organic Green Tea India

  11. GREAT tea,you can have its effect from first cup....TULSI GREEN TEA..which comes in box..its great as it comes in loose can add two tablets of Sugar free to add antioxidant and antiaging tea....

  12. Hi have been using Organic tree tea since 2 years. I just love it. I tried other brands too but no one can replace tulsi green tea. I just got a hang of it now. I would seriously recommend it to others.

  13. I am using Organic India Tulsi Green Tea regularly with below procedure.
    Boil Water and switch off gas.
    Put 1 Tea Spoon of Tea in it to brew
    put honey and lemon as per taste
    keep it for 2 mins and filter it
    My queries
    Am I using correct method?
    Can I store it in Steel Flask and use full day?
    Please guide me with usage and storage.

  14. @Chintan MehtaYes this is how i do my green tea. yes i hope you can store it..

  15. I am using Tulsi green tea. It is really best option to keep ourselves fit.

  16. This is probably one of the healthiest green smoothies for all. Buy Green Tea online and have the healthy, delicious tea..

  17. I love tea, and I also love coffee. I used to drink a Organic Green Tea in India now. Its really excellent and it provides great relief for my health issues

  18. Green tea is well known for its unique taste , texture and health benefits as it has more antioxidants to prevent harmful diseases of cancer, alzheimer disease and more. Buy organic green tea from procare and avail its healthy benefits.

  19. Actually i love this taste very much, when i visit India i preferred this tulasi mixed green tea, it gives more relaxation for our throat thanks for sharing,..

  20. Actually i love this taste very much, when i visit India i preferred this tulasi mixed green tea, it gives more relaxation for our throat thanks for sharing,..

  21. Green tea contains caffeine but in comparison to coffee and other types of tea, it has a lesser level but carries a very incredible level of antioxidant that making your health fit & perfect, if you have using ayurvedic its a added advantage to have.

  22. What an incredible article you posted. I would like to thanks for this precious blog reading. I have to confess your great effort. Keep posting more articles in the future.

  23. @Chintan Mehta
    You need to let green tea added water cool down to being warm not hot before adding lemon and honey to it. As hot temperature destroys vitamin C in lemon and beneficial enzymes in honey. Its better to make tea fresh every time.

    Hope this help
    Happy tea drinking

  24. Honest review. I like the way of your writing. Easy to understand for person like me who doesn't have much idea about organic foods. Nice blog. Thanks for Sharing useful information. Keep blogging

    Sathish from Organic India Green Tea

  25. really nice blog about the Organic India green tea.what you have posted here is easily understandable. organic product is good for health.....

  26. what is the timing to drink green tea??

    1. you can have it any time as you like.

  27. Seems like a great post for refreshing with green tea. Nice and detailed one. Thanks.
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  28. will it help in weightloss???

  29. Is it good for weightloss??

  30. i have been drinking tulsi green tea but lost hardly any weight . but yes flavour is very addictive


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