Apr 14, 2012

Britannia 50 - 50 Snackuits - A Review

I got a mail from Britannia about their new flavours launch in their crackers and they want to tell my opinion about that. I was so excited to do that..I sent a mail to them and they sent me this cracker package within a couple of days.

We were enjoying the basic 50-50 crackers ever since I was growing up.We always have that crackers in our house. It was sweet, salty and crunchy..My entire family loved it, These cracker were so cheap and versatile..So we can keep it in our house for any number of days. It was one of the cookies which we always have on stock..So I was pretty confident in writing about this cookies.

Britannia has launched three more unique & international gourmet flavours. They are Swiss Cheese Chilly, Chinese Hot & Sweet & Italiano Pizza..How cool is that..When we take our first bite into each cracker we can easily identify the flavours..Not like some other stuff that says it is ‘this’  flavour and when we eat it we don’t find anything..

Actually my sister took a bite into that 50-50 Swiss Cheese Chilly Cracker and she told that this cracker has cheese in it atonce..She can regonize that taste immediately which is a pretty good sign right!!. I personally liked that Chinese Hot & Sweet because  it is more spicy and has a slightly sweet taste to it which is perfect..Within no time these crackers got over in our house..

These crackers are so crunchy which is perfect to pile it with some salsa and have it..You can have it with any of your favorite dip..Totally I loved all those cracker and waiting for them to arrive in our super market so that I can dig into that..

The price of them is pretty cheap. The smaller one is Rs 10 each and the one in the box is Rs 20 which is pretty affordable.

PS: This Review is not a paid one. It is purely based on my own taste and decision.


  1. hot n spicy crackers..nice review.

  2. Wow! Nice review and picture...love these brittania yummy crackers.

  3. nice review aarthi.

    how do u find time dear for all these things?

  4. Kindly post the recipe for making this biscuit at Home.

  5. Kindly post the recipe for making this biscuit at home.


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