Aug 10, 2012

முளைகட்டிய பயறு ஊத்தப்பம் / Moong Sprouts Uthappam(Dosa) - Diabetics Friendly Recipes

Hubby dear loves sprouts, so I have started using it a lot more in our diet. Hubby have it raw. But I don't like to eat it raw, so I make sambar with it or add it to salad. Ah there is a awesome salad which features this sprouts, which I will post soon ok..Couple of weeks back I thought to make something with this sprouts and ended up in this uttapam. Since I didn't add any rice into this, this will be so spongy and soft.

This taste great when had with pickle or chutney..I hope you will give it and try and tell me how it turned out for you. Happy Weekend Everyone.


For Grinding:
Moong Sprouts - 3 cups
Onion - 3 tblspn chopped
Dry Red Chilli - 3

Other Stuffs:
Cumin Seeds / Jeerkam - 1 tsp
Onion - 3 tblspn finely chopped
Green Chilli - 2 chopped
Turmeric Powder / Manjal podi - 1 tsp
Coriander leaves / Cilantro - 3 tblspn chopped
Salt to taste


Take moong sprouts, onion, dry red chilli in a blender and make into a smooth paste.

Transfer that to a bowl and make into dosa batter consistency.

Now add in the other stuffs and mix well.

Heat a tawa on medium heat.

Pour a ladleful of batter in the tawa and drizzle some oil.

cook it for a min on one side.

Flip over and cook for another min on other side too.

Now serve with chutney.

Take all your ingrediants
You need some fresh moong sprouts
Now take sprouts,onion, dry red chilli in a blender
and make into a smooth paste
transfer that to a bowl
add salt,turmeric and cumin in
add onions, green chilli and coriander too
mix well
pour it over hot tawa
flip over and cook
Serve with pickle or chutney


  1. what a unique dosa preparation !! too good

  2. Hi, this is very very healthy.. i make this often for my son.. we can also use almost all types of sundal..can add a little amount of rice flour for binding..channa tastes excellent..

  3. Real healthy and delish one....

  4. What a healthy and wholesome uthappams..A keeper recipe:-)

  5. delicious utthapam aarthi

    never tried it this way

  6. hai this is very healthy dosa. yummy

  7. சத்தான ஊத்தாப்பம். நல்லா இருக்கு

  8. Hi Aarthi

    I tried this dosa and came out super fluffy. LOVE UR BLOG; interesting, useful and creative.

    Love ur wedding sarees. This may be personal but since my younger sis is getting married this November, I am curious. Can u pls share where u purchased ur wedding sarees and how much each cost? Also do post more potos of ur sarees, salwars and jewels.

  9. @AnonymousThanks for trying my recipe and ur comment.

    I bought my wedding saree from RMKV tirunelveli. It cost me about 22,000..Convey my wishes to ur sis.I will try to post my wedding pictures soon.

  10. looks and sounds healthy , nice recipe

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  13. Should we use raw sprouts or cooked sprouts for grinding,
    Please tell me.

  14. Hi Aarthi,
    Is it ok to make this batter and store it overnight for breakfast preparation?


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