Aug 21, 2012

Walking Through My Kitchen Pantry - PART 2

In my last post I shared my kitchen photos, and I told you that we have built a huge cupboard all over the kitchen. Now I am gonna share what is inside my cupboard and my pantry.

This is the cupboard which we built all over the kitchen..

Starting from the left side of the cupboard ...Since it is a little distant from the stove i keep the stuff which i don't use often.

On the top shelf i have huge container of sugar which we buy in bulk, basmati rice, urad dal, oats.

On the bottom shelf i have unopened packets of spice powders, noodles, meal maker, kasuri methi, health drink mixes and stuffs like that..On the other side i have baking supplies..

On to the next shelf, i have all my spice powders, flour, spices.

Top shelf i have flour, whole spices, jaggery..

Bottom shelf i have spice powders and seasoning items...I even store spice powdes like chat masala, puli kulambu podi here.

This is the cupboard which i have near the stove. So i keep all the very used stuffs here.

On the top shelf i have my masala dabba, pepper and hing.

Bottom shelf i have salt, tea, sugar, my green tea and all types of oil cans.

This is the rack which is placed below the cupboard. I keep my mini food processor and spice blender here.

I have some fancy pots where i store all my dals which i use mostly in my daily cooking.

This is my masala dabba..This is necessary stuff in all indian house. I keep my tempering ingrediants here..

This is the spice rack which is placed right near the stove. I keep a small quantity of spice powders here which comes handy in cooking. I also keep my whole masala items like cinnamon, fennel here..

I found two stainless steep container and put all my whisk, masher, wooden spoons, spatulas and ladles in the big one..And spoons, tea strainer, peeler, pastry brush in the small ones.

I keep my daily knife block and two cutting boards always handy. 

This is one huge rack where i keep my big pots and containers..

This is the shelf i was talking in my previous post. I keep all my baking supplies from cake pan, cookie cutters, pie dish, loaf pan here.

I have a huge drawer above the oven where i keep all my freezer containers, foil, cling wrap, freezer ziploc bags, measuring cups and spoons and bits and pieces.


tamilsasikitchen said... Best Blogger Tips

Wow...fantastic...Nice arrangement..I like your spice rack..Looks so cute and handy..

Food, Fun and Life in the Charente said... Best Blogger Tips

Sounds like you are having lots of fun setting up your kitchen. Diane

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

U introduced ur family,Hub,home, everything..wt abt ur inlaws??Eager 2 know abt those too........

Sunita said... Best Blogger Tips

Oh my God, what a huge huge huge cupboards you have. I am so jealous of you now really. I have never imagined anybody could have so many cupboards. I wish I could have so many cupboards in my kitchen. You are so lucky.

Roshan said... Best Blogger Tips

well organized kitchen....nice post...i like the red and white colour combination..


SirisFood said... Best Blogger Tips

Eagerly waiting for the next post.......... You are enjoying the joy of saying in own house :)

madhu said... Best Blogger Tips

Very clear plan...looks so manageable....this is such a useful post...I am gonna bookmark Will be useful for me in future ;-)...thanks for sharing check out my blog as well...I have just started blogging....would love to hear ur suggestions...thanks:-)

Rafeeda said... Best Blogger Tips

in love with the spice rack of yours... pls let me know where we can get it from... thanks!!!

Aarthi said... Best Blogger Tips

@Rafeeda I bought it online. You can search in ebay

RAKS KITCHEN said... Best Blogger Tips

Wow, beautiful modular kitchen aarthi, one would dream about this kind of kitchen after marriage :)

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

Nice blog aarthi.Your mini food processor looks compact and user friendly.But i like to suggest you to change your oil can to tupperware. God it makes so much of a difference.Love your detailed pictures for each recipe.

nancy john said... Best Blogger Tips

I love to redesign my kitchen with unique ideas happy to see the result

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