Aug 17, 2012

Walking Through My Kitchen - PART 1


As soon as we got married, hubby took me to his kitchen and asked me how can we modify it as per your preference..So we designed the kitchen and we started to work on it.

As i mentioned in many of my post that kitchen work is going on and on and on.....Now finally everything is over and i am all set.

So this is my view of my kitchen ...

This is the other side of the kitchen where we have our crockery shelf, cooking area and washing area...

And the other side which has all my kitchen appliances..

This is the view of my counter..I have my most necessary stuffs alone here..Because i love to have lot of counter space..

I also have my oven placed below..

I keep all my unused vessels in the upper shelfs..

I keep all my spoons and ladles into a stainless steel container... And near the stove i have a spice rack where i keep all my spices, that works for me very handy..

This is a small rack which fixed below the cupboard, where i keep my mini food processor, spice grinder and those lovely jars which has beans and lentils..

Below those i have my everyday toaster and chopping boards and knife block..

This is the other side...Where i keep two buckets which we bought to keep rice and water which is used in everyday cooking..

This is the fridge which my hubby got for me as a wedding present and near that is a rack where i keep all my kitchen appliances..

I have my rice cooker which i use it everyday..They are my life savers..

Then i have my sandwich toaster..

Near that i have a basket which has onion, potatoes,garlic and stuff like that..

Below this i have my microwave oven and their microwave safe vessels....Behind that i have my trusty hand blender..

Below this there is a shelf where i keep all my oven dishes, cake moulds, cookie cutters and all bits and pieces..

This is a rack which we built to keep all my crockeries and food props..

This is the washing area..

we built a small place where we can keep my oven and above that we built a drawer where i keep all my daily use stuffs like foil, cling wrap, freezer safe container and so on...

This is the close looks of my cooking area...

This stove landed in our kitchen a week before..I am loving it so much because it has lots of spaces inbetween each burner..The burners are not too small, they are quite sturdy which makes cooking a breeze.

This is my favorite part..we set this up couple of weeks back..It is just stainless steel holder fitted in the wall..We bought some S Hooks and hanged all our daily essentials in that..I have my grill pan(i didn't cook with it yet), sauce pans, tawa, frying pans and so on...

Hope you enjoyed...See you all in another post  where i will share pictures about my pantry...


Devi said... Best Blogger Tips

VERY NICE KITCHEN!! clearly a lot of thought has gone into it :)

SirisFood said... Best Blogger Tips

Superb kitchen arthi....u maintained it well keep it up

SirisFood said... Best Blogger Tips

Am really happy to follow you....nice organising

APARNARAJESHKUMAR said... Best Blogger Tips

job well done i would say :)

darkinspiration said... Best Blogger Tips

love your kitchen. i always dream of a kitchen like this. Hope i also can get it one day.

Babitha costa said... Best Blogger Tips

Love ur kitchen,neatly spaced and arranged.

Renuka said... Best Blogger Tips

That's a really beautiful kitchen Aarthi.. thanks for giving us a glimpse, enjoyed it! All the best in ur new space..

Shilpakiran said... Best Blogger Tips

it is just fantastic deserve " well done " pat on your back ...good job

Chris said... Best Blogger Tips

I luv your kitchen aarthi.. U have arranged everything properly!!!

meena said... Best Blogger Tips

wow love ur kitchen. u have designed it really really well

Recipe world said... Best Blogger Tips

Wow, such a nice kitchen you have! I think, I never mind sparing the whole day there!


Sunita said... Best Blogger Tips

So nice of you sharing your kitchen photo with all. I like your kitchen. And wow what a jumbo fridge also. Congrats. Please show us the inside of your fridge to get the idea of keeping stuff in order.

Kavi said... Best Blogger Tips

had so much fun seeing your kitchen Aarthi! :)

Achu said... Best Blogger Tips

Cute :) Hope this kitchen makes u more energy exciting mood to cook :)

Az said... Best Blogger Tips

Thanks for sharing Aarthi!! You have a very neat and organized kitchen!!

Minu said... Best Blogger Tips

Lovely and spacious kitchen!!!
well utilised

Revival Smith said... Best Blogger Tips

Wish you a happy married life. I like your kitchen but have one observation. Is it wise to have an oven so low, I mean when little ones arrive it will be hazardous, I think!

Madhavi said... Best Blogger Tips

Nice kitchen :)

Chef Mireille said... Best Blogger Tips


beingFab said... Best Blogger Tips

This is a very nice tour of your kitchen!! It is so organized, I would love to cook in it!! A very practical and well set out space :-)

Aarthi said... Best Blogger Tips

Sure i will post it

Aarthi said... Best Blogger Tips

@Revival SmithOH thanks for telling me this..That is true..Once that happens we will surely put a door or something like that..Thanks for your concern dear.

Lavanya said... Best Blogger Tips

Ur kitchen looks great. U have a great taste Aarthi :)
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tamilsasikitchen said... Best Blogger Tips

Oh...What a spacious room to cook... No doubt everyone will love to cook in such a beautiful kitchen....Thnx for sharing your pictures

Archana Potdar said... Best Blogger Tips

Beautiful kitche Aarthi. Its a pleasure to work theer I am sure. Both of you have put in a lot of hard work in it.
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Lara Schneider said... Best Blogger Tips

Lovely little details! I would love to cook in your kitchen.

Pri said... Best Blogger Tips

Wonderful kitchen! And so nice of your husband to tend to your needs :-)

Saraswathi Tharagaram said... Best Blogger Tips

Beautiful kitchen, well planned..soo pleasant to see..

Zahra said... Best Blogger Tips

Hi Aarthi, thanks for the very prompt reply in your earlier post.

I have to say, I'm totally in love with your kitchen (drooling here in my office in Chennai!! :D) So neat and organized...that's an absolute necessity if you need to get your work done quickly..... and the idea of using a towel rack with s-hooks is brilliant, I'm gonna use that soon! :) Wishing you many happy, yummy moments in your new kitchen!

jaya said... Best Blogger Tips

hi aarthi,
where do u keep utensils after washing..didnt find place to dry them at a glance ..


Aarthi said... Best Blogger Tips

@jayaI keep it in my counter. After it gets dried i use to store them in the lower cupboards