Oct 31, 2012

My Favorite Kitchen Things - Farberware Peeler

I am a absolute shopping junkie, specially when it comes to kitchen stuffs and food products. I collect all sorts of stuffs and mount it in my kitchen. Certain stuffs in my kitchen are yet to be used. Hubby and I go food shopping together, we used to buy whole bunch of products when it is on sale. Yesterday when we are shopping we found extra virgin olive oil on deal, It is a buy one get one offer, Aha we found a awesome deal. Guess what we bought  4 bottle, each a liter capacity for around 25 dollars( 1400 Rs). It was such a amazing deal. Now I can cook lots of pastas and italian foods…

I am getting so many mails from my viewers to write about basic thing needed for cooking. So I thought to start a series where I will share my favorite kitchen stuffs.  When I was thinking what stuff should I feature in my first post, this amazing peeler got into my eyes. I should tell you, this is the peeler which I was using for so many years, from the first day I started cooking. This one is very close to my heart. I was using this before my marriage, and I took it with me after marriage too. 

This is a Farberware Classic Euro Peeler, this was gifted to us by one of our relatives. We were using this ever since till now. I think we were using it for more than 6 to 7 years . It has a sturdy grip which is so easy to handle and a Razer sharp blade which has not got dull in these years. We use it for everything starting from peeling vegetables to pineapple.

The blade is designed so elegantly,  it doesn't peel a whole lot of flesh from the veggies and fruits, which is a cool feature right. And you can use it so easily and makes your work done quickly. After I finish using them, I wash them with soapy water and remove all the dirt and acky stuff from the peeler and bottom of the peeler and pat it dry. 

This peeler is like my ultimate kitchen tool and I strongly suggest you to get one for you. This can be purchased from Amazon & Ebay or any retail shop which supply farberware products.

I know the price is a bit expensive, but this is a long term investment. The one which I have is more than 6 years old. So get one and you will be happy that you got one.

I will share many more kitchen stuff soon.

What is your favorite stuff?


  1. hi aarthi... i would really love to know where you got the yellow ramekins with the lids from... I would really love to have them, if you can let me know the price for it and where u got it from, would be really helpful... Thank u!!!

  2. ese pelador es muy chulo


  3. @RafeedaI got it from currimbhoys online shop.It was around Rs 50 per piece

  4. Hi Aarthi!

    I absolutely love my Microplane lemon zester! It also works great as a ginger grater! ;-)


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