Oct 10, 2012

ODEL Digest Restaurant - A Review

I was planning to post this review for so many months. Finally the day is arrived and here you go..We went to this restaurant few months back, from that day onwards it has become our favorite place to hangout. We went their last week to celebrate hubby's b'day too.

As soon as you enter that restaurant, you can find a huge grill oven where they keep on grilling chickens which clearly shows that grilled chicken should be in your menu order. Those grilled chicken looked so lovely, more than that, the aroma of those spicy grilled chicken and tandoori chicken invites you into the restaurant.

The first course we ordered is soup and starters. Hubby ordered Hot & Sour Soup. I ordered Manchow Soup. Along with that we ordered chicken lollypop too. Hubby told that his soup was not that good, but I loved my soup which inspired me to make my version of that. That chicken lollypop tasted so good.

Then for main course we ordered chicken noodles along with a plate of grilled chicken. I should definitely talk about that grilled chicken, it was the best I have ever had. The skin was so crispy and the flesh is super juicy and moist. They gave a pita bread, some garlic mayo and some kind of chutney. Those accompaniments are not at all good. I personally didn't like it. Hubby too didn't like that much. But that grilled chicken tasted pretty good as it is.


Since myself and hubby went first. We didn't order much. But last week we went with my sister and we ordered a whole lot of stuff. I didn't take pictures of that, So I couldn't post that. But just want to share the menu we ordered and how it tasted.



We ordered tom yum soup, lung fung soup and west lake lamb soup along with that we ordered chicken lollypop(again, because hubby likes that) and chicken winglets. The soup was not that good. But the starters were excellent, specially the chicken winglets was mouthwatering heaven.


Then for main course we ordered chinese chopsuey, garlic naan, schewan chicken, digest special chicken briyani, murg malai kabab. Among all these everyone loved the chinese chopsuey and schewan chicken a lot. Others were not that bad, they all were good. That Digest special chicken briyani came with a plate of chicken 65 and a glass of mint cooler which was pretty good.


All together our first visit costed around 500 Rs which is less than 10$.And our second visit costed around 900 Rs which is less than 20$

Overall this is a best place to go for a decent budget.

This is were it is situated
Court Road,Nagercoil
Near Harris Nadar Jewellers

PS: This is not a paid review. All the points here are based on my opinion.

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