Nov 19, 2012

VV Grand Restaurant - A Review

I told you about the restaurant which inspired me to make this American Chopsuey Recipe in my post right? I promised to write a restaurant review for that in my blog and here i am with my post.

This picture was taken in the night, so there were some light disturbances. Please bare with me..

 As you can see from the picture, this is quite a big restaurant. There were two entrance, one for the restaurant and one for the lodge. This is the main entrace for the hotel rooms.We got a chance to visit those rooms and they were amazing, It is well furnished, spacious and secure.

This is the second entrace which leads you to the restaurant.

The main entrance of the restaurant..

Very well arranged seating area, there is not much decor but still this place feels comfortable. 

I told you there were not so much decor, but there were small artificial trees placed either side of the entrance doors.

The restaurant was very well furnished ..

There was a pleasant fish tank placed on the side of the entrance..

The seating table is simple but elegant..I have no idea what Hubby is doing!

Organized menu card..It was a westernized menu which i have never seen in any restaurant in our place...There were lots of special recipes which were not available in any restaurant over here..

We decided to start with a soup and a starter..

I ordered Mushroom Chicken Soup and Hubby went for Sweetcorn Chicken Soup. They both were good. But i liked the sweetcorn chicken soup better than mine..But mine was not that bad..

Mushroom Chicken Soup
SweetCorn Soup
Then for the starters...We ordered Gobi 65 and Chicken lollipop...The gobi 65 was so good, it was crispy, spicy and perfectly seasoned. The chicken lollipop was good, but hubby told that he would like to see it a little more saucy, i too felt the same.

Gobi 65
Chicken Lollipop
Then we ordered Chicken Sizzlers, Fish Sizzlers and American Chopsuey..It was like WOW, AMAZING..We loved all of them. I have never tasted sizzlers in my life, because they were not available in any of the restaurant here..This was the first time i tasted it and it was mouth watering delicious. The meat is cooked to perfection, the sauce is amazing along with the steamed veggies and tomatoes, it was so good..

Same with the chopsuey. I don't like chopsuey which are so crispy. I want some of the noodles to stay crispy and some to go soft.This dish was like i expected. The sauce is good with some crispy noodles and some soft noodles...AMAZING..

Chicken Sizzlers
American Chopsuey
Fish Sizzlers

We also ordered Butter Naan with Malai Koftas..The Naan stayed soft and chewy, while the malai kofta was so rich and buttery which a malai kofta should be...The sauce is perfectly seasoned and creamy and sweet..It paired beautifully with the buttery naan..

The kofta was full of flavour and it was so good, but i expected one more kofta in that bowl, because it was that good..Hubby too liked it..

We ordered tandoori chicken and chicken tikkas...Tandoori chicken was good, but i didn't liked the chicken tikka..The spiced were bland and the chicken was a little tough..Hubby told that he loved the tandoori more than the chicken tikkas...The tikkas and tandoori came with a salad which was so amazing, it was tangy, the veggies were crispy and fresh..

The whole meal costed us around RS900 / $17, which is pretty cheap for the whole spread of dishes.

Overall the dishes were good and the place is a wonderful one..

I highly recommend this restaurant to anyone..

You can book rooms in the restaurant through their website. They also do birthday parties, conference and stuff like that.

This is were it is situated
V V Grand Business Hotel
2/187, Vaibava Complex,
Opp. Appta Market,
Tirunelveli Road,
Nagercoil -629001
Ph:91- 4652-272061 / 62 /63/ 64
Fax - 04652-275275

PS: This is not a paid review. All the points here are based on my opinion.


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