Mar 31, 2012

புதினா சாதம் / Pudhina Sadam / Pudhina Pulav / Mint Rice / How to make Mint Rice Mix – Leftover Rice Recipes / Lunch Box Ideas

Mint is my favorite flavouring to food..They somehow make food so fresh and flavourful.Talking about flavours, these rice is packed with lots of flavours and this is one of my favorite. I made a mint masala paste and mixed it with rice. The tempering which goes in this paste makes the difference..They make this rice unique and flavourful..

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நெல்லிக்காய் பச்சடி / Raw Nelikai Pachadi / Gooseberry Pachadi - Summer Special Recipes

Gooseberries are really good for you..In our house we buy it often and eat it raw, i have never cooked with it..But they are great cooked too..We can make rice or pachadi or anything with it. I saw this recipe in aval vikadan magazine and found that we had gooseberries lying in our fridge.So thought to try it out. These pachadi's are great with rice or any pulav. They are perfect cooler for this summer..

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Vegetable Stuffed Idli Recipe

img courtesy: sree devi 
Are you bored of having the same idli again and again. Then why not try this recipe which are stuffed with some spicy vegetables which makes you happy in every bite...If your kids don't like to have idlis. i am damn sure that they will love this one. You can use any of your favorite vegetables in this. I served this with my mum's simple tomato chutney. These are healthy since they are stuffed with lots of vegetables.
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Mar 30, 2012

பரோட்டா சால்னா / Parota Salna / Thattukada Chicken Salna / Street Food Stall Chicken Gravy - Sidedish for Parota

Have you ever had hot parota with spicy salna on a cold raining day..My goodness nothing gets better than this..Specially there is a shop near our house, they serve the best salna ever..It is spicy, hot and fully of flavour. Each mouthful taste so yummy and good. If you ever ask me what is the last meal which you want to eat in this earth means, the answer will be "parota & salna". Yes I am so crazy about that. 

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Mar 29, 2012

Rava Dosa Recipe / Instant Crispy Rava Dosa

This is my mother's favorite dosa and mine too. If we go to any restaurant, the first thing we order is Ghee Roast, Paper Roast or Rawa Dosa. We used to make fun of amma for this, but she never cares about anything other than digging in straight away. We make rawa dosa at home often, My version is so quick and instant, that is how I like my food, "FAST & INSTANT".

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Mar 28, 2012

Wheat Jaggery Pancakes Recipe / Kothumai Inipu Dosa Recipe / Vella Dosa Recipe

When we were little kids. We always used to annoy amma asking her to make something for evening snacks..But amma was so consicious about our health, so she never deep fries anything. Instead she make this sweet pancakes for us. She used to make this with pure homemade ghee which amma makes at home. Sometimes she throws some cashews or any nuts in that to make it more healthy and flavourful..As a kid we loved it a lot.Even now my sister ask my mom to make it often. Thinking about this reminds me about my childhood days..
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Mar 27, 2012

Gobi Masala Dosa / Cauliflower Masala Dosa - Restaurant Style Dosa Recipes

Yesterday was my perimma's birthday..She came to my house along with perippa. I would love to share some sweet words about them..First off all I am so lucky to have all of them as my relatives..They are so caring and will do anything for us..They are the best couple too…Along with them I have another perippa and perimma too. I will take pictures of them and post soon. I am so attached to both of my perimma's that anyone else. They are the person who care for us in real. I should definitely make some thing special for them right..I made them this crispy dosa and served it along with curry leaves chutney and sambar..How good is that..They totally enjoyed the meal. I was really happy about this.

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Mar 26, 2012

Instant Tomato Dosa - Dosa Recipes

Another one instant dosa recipe, I made this of last night dinner and everyone loved it..We used to make tomato dosa often, but in a different way..We sprinkle chopped tomatoes and freshly ground black pepper over the dosa and cook it..But this is a new way of making it and I am totally love with it.This recipe is great when you have no time to make any sidedish for dosa or need a instant recipe if you are hungry, because this hardly took me just less than 15 mins to make. 
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Mar 25, 2012

Paneer Masala Dosa / Dosa Stuffed with Cottage Cheese Curry - Restaurant Style Dosa Recipes

I was totally busy yesterday..We went for shopping for my wedding on my birthday (yes it was my birthday). We started our trip at 7 in the morning and returned back home at 12 in the night..A whole day of shopping..We bought all sorts of sarees, salwars and stuffs like that..We had lots of fun and it was a amazing day..I will write more about my wedding shopping in my other blog..Now coming to this dosa recipe..This one is inspired from the dosa which we used to get in a hotel called gowri shankar..It is a pretty famous shop here..They serve this amazing dosa..Walking across that shop makes us to get in.. Oneday i did that too..I bought a parcel of this dosa to my house and it was so good..I thought to recreate this dish and i did it..

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Instant Maida Dosa Recipe - Flour Dosa Recipe

Instant recipes are always so comforting, since it takes very less amount to cook and you can have your meal from stove to stomach in few minutes..I have a instant wheat dosa recipe in my blog already and this one is going to be a addition to my other recipe..I am sure this is going to be a keeper.

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Mar 23, 2012

Sponge Dosa / Super Soft Dosa – Dosa Recipes

I am up with another week of Blogging Marathan with a new theme, this week theme is going to be 7 days of dosa recipes..I can see many of your faces are smiling..I know the reason, Dosa is a saviour of us all time…When my mother have no time to cook or have nothing in our house(except dosa batter), she will quickly ruzzle up some hot crispy dosa and some coconut chutney..How good is that…I really like dosa a lot, but I always want it to be different. I don’t like to have the boring dosa always..Sometimes I make onion dosa,  tomato dosa with some crushed pepper on top(YUM YUM), vegetable dosa and many more..i am planning to post all sorts of dosa soon..So keep checking on..
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Mar 22, 2012

Rose Milk Shake / Rose Milk – Kids Special Recipes / Summer Recipes

There are times when rose milk was my absolute saviour..It was when i am doing my 12th std..I was totally busy at the time of exams, so this was my only food those days..I used to drink gallons of it and not get bored..But those days i wont add icecream to it..I will just make it with milk by adding some sugar and rose essence to it, which taste pretty good..But later i came to a conclusion that making a perfect rosemilk needs some special attention to it from the day i tasted this in my perimma's house..Hence this recipe was born..

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Mar 21, 2012

Potato Cheese Balls - Kids Special Recipes under 30 mins

I made this yesterday and both of my sisters where staying near me and was watching what I am gonna do..As soon as they saw the cheese got stuffed in the center they realized that this is going to be so good..They were so eagerly waiting for this…I was also so excited to see the results..But once it got fried and the photshoot got over(my sisters have lots of patient, Good Girls). I cut open those balls in half, there was a little surprise waiting for me in the middle, and that the gooey cheesy goodness …Now you know what my sisters must have done, they silently took the plate, found a nice place and settled down with this and started munching it..

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Mar 20, 2012

The Perfect French Fries - Kids Special Recipes under 30 mins

 There is nothing compared to a plate full of crispy french fries when you are watching a movie, or chatting with friends, browsing food blogs or even having a party..French fries are popular with kids of all ages..We love french fries a lot, I do make it at home often but I found that french fries tend to get soggy once you take them off the heat..So I was searching for a good recipe for so long time and finally found this one, I modified it slightly according to my taste..The original recipe doesn't need to boil, but I did that step so that the potatoes get cooked inside and get crispy outside when fried..I added some salt and chilli powder to make it get more flavourful..

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Mar 19, 2012

Vegetable Bread Pizza - Two Ways ( Oven & Stove -Top ) - Kids Special Recipes under 30 mins

Pizza is a favorite of many..But making it can be quite boring, because there are so many procedures for making it..You need do the dough, allow it to rest..then make the sauce and prepare the toppings and bake it…OH MAN lots of work..So I am with solution for all this and a superb dish to satisfy your pizza craving even in the mid night…Bread Pizza a quick solution for instant pizza..Kids will go crazy for this..
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Mar 18, 2012

South Indian Filter Coffee / Degree Coffee/ Perfectly Brewed Coffee(Indian Style) – Perfect Way to Start a Day and a Century Old Coffee Story

I have so many coffee addicts in my house including my sister, my mom and me..I am not that much addicted to coffee but if i like to have some coffee, it should be a perfect cup of filter coffee..There many be so many electronic coffee filter available in market now, but nothing compared to the traditional filter which is used for centuries. In our house we have a coffee filter which my mother got for her marriage from my grandma..She is now planning to give it to me, thats what i call tradition..

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Cheese Spread Sandwich with BellPeppers – Kids Special Recipes / Under 30 mins

If you have kids those who falls hungry unexpectedly, then i will suggest you to have a packet of bread and a container of cheesy sandwich spread always stocked in your pantry..These both comes handy always...This is one such recipe that can be made in minutes...So easy but extremely tasty..You can add any vegetables in this..I had capsicum at that moment in my fridge so i used it..My sisters don't like to eat raw capsicum, so i just sauted them in olive oil for a min and used it..But you could use it raw..
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Chukka Aloo Sabzi / Dry Potato Curry / Crispy Masala Coated Potatoes

You all know that potatoes are my favorite..This is another one recipe to add to my recipe list..These are a very dry dish that needs only less oil...But it takes sometime to cook..You have to cook it on a very low flame untill the potatoes turn crispy and all the masala sticks to the potatoes...Hence the name "Chukka", Chukka means Dry...They taste great with plain rasam rice..

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Mar 17, 2012

Potato Bhajji Pav / How to make Potato Bhajji / Indian Bread Stuffed with Crispy Potato Fritters – Chat Recipes / Street Food Recipes

Another one indian burger recipe to fill all your burger cravings....I saw this recipe in tarla dalal cookbook and i took a note of it..We make potato bhajji in our house often, so last time when i made these bhajji, i thought to stuff it inside pav buns..I also applied all the chutneys over these buns.. I was totally amazed about the taste when i had the first bite..It was totally awesome..So here i am sharing the recipe with you..

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Cheese Rawa Fingers / Semolina(Sooji) Fingers –Kids Special Recipes /Snacks under 30 mins

I saw this recipe from a cooking show..Immediately i tried it at home and the result was awesome this was 2 years before..Last week i was thinking about what to do for blogging marathan kids special, i remembered this recipe but sadly i din take any notes of the recipe before...But i remembered the ingrediants which goes in this..So with my measurements i made this and it cameout perfectly..This is a perfect party snack or you can make it for kids as a evening snack..They will surely love it...Rawa is really good for kids, but the only thing which we make is upma..You all know that every kids hate upma, so this is a great alternative for that..Infact you could add finely grated vegetables like carrot,cabbage in the butter and saute for 3 mins then add the sooji and continue the process.This way you can sneak vegetables in your kids diet..But make sure that the vegetables are finely grated..

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Mar 16, 2012

Whole Wheat Vegetable Pizza made on Stove Top ( No Yeast / No Oven ) – Kids Special Recipes / Pizza under 30 mins

If you ask any kids what is their favorite, their first answer will be PIZZA…Pizza are a great hit with kids and they love it anytime of the week..But the pizza which you get from shops are not that much healthy, So make pizza at home because homemade are so much healthier and guilt free since you know what is in that..Are you so much worried that you can’t make homemade pizza because you don’t own a oven..Who told you that pizza can be only made in oven..Here I am giving you a healthy pizza that is made on stove top well under 30 mins..I got my oven just a year back, During the initial stage I was making pizza on stove top just on a frying pan or griddle pan..Then I made it in microwave, I will post that recipe soon..After I bought my very own OTG oven I started making pizza in that..I get so many request to show me pizza without a oven, so I thought to share this kids friendly recipe which can be made in less than 30 mins..
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Mar 15, 2012

Sarva Pindi / Ginnappa / Tapala Pindi / Spicy Rice Flour Pancake - Andhra Special Recipe for Indian Cooking Challenge

If this looks like a unusual stuff for you, then count me in too..I too felt the samething once i heard about the ICC  for this month.But when i was googline about this..I came to know that this is  a typical andhra recipe..They have it as a snack or for breakfast..Even though it takes time to make, it is so worth the try..I mean if you love to try out recipes from different place then you can give a shot..

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Mar 14, 2012

Nigella Lawson's Grilled Pineapple with Chocolate Sauce and a Wedding Bell Announcement

How do you feel when you and your best friend get married in the same day, How about both of your engagement also falls on the same day...i am the victim of that..My best friend ever since from college called me yesterday and told that her marriage is fixed..As soon as I heared that, I jumped in joy and asked her when was it..She just dropped a huge stone in my head..YES SHE TOLD ITS ON MAY 17th ..OMG that’s my wedding day..We both were a kind of excited and worried at the same time. We can't change it anymore. I told her I will meet you after my wedding along with my hubby... We both laughed..Now I should something for her right..To celebrate her engagement I am dedicating this recipe to my friend viji..
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Mar 13, 2012

Varutharacha Meen Kulambu / Fish Cooked in a Freshly Ground Coconut Masala

When it comes to making curries or any kulambu, I love making it from scratch…I mean making it from roasting whole spices till it turn nutty and dark and grinding it to form the base of the gravy..This gives you the maximum flavour and this what makes the curry taste like a proper CURRY..Ofcourse there are certain curries that can be made in minutes..Infact I have a separate section called Curry in a Hurry, You can check that..This curry is not that instant kind..It needs some effort but once the masala is done, cooking can be done in 30 mins.

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Mar 12, 2012

Eggless Tutti Fruity Cake – No Eggs/No Butter

Its Monday the very first day of the week. I was pretty much excited today, since day light savings has started I can reach home one hour before for the coming month..I always find fresher and energetic during the morning than I do during the day fall..I don’t know why.Ok skip that, now coming onto business, lets start this week with a awesome cake.
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Mar 11, 2012

Sweet Mango Chutney / Aam Ki Chutney / Aam Ki Chatni / Golkeri / Mango Launji

I came across through a cookbook which came as a compliment when we bought our microwave oven.  I was so tempted to try it out immediately and I did so..The result was the entire bowl got over within 5 mins..Yes my lovely family emptied the whole lot in no time..I took some portion in a small bowl and was very busy taking pictures and my caring family which includes my sister, mom and even my loving pet joe finished the whole lot before the photo shoot was over..When I realized this, I thought thank god I took some for photo shoot, I ate a spoonful of this chutney and reserved some to eat later,but believe it or not that too got over within minutes..Unlucky me..

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Organic India Tulsi Green Tea – A Review

I have recently got into the habit of drinking Green Tea Regularly, two times a day ever since I started Dieting. I start my day with a cup of hot green tea and end my day again with a cup of green tea.I feel so great at the end of the day. The reason behind this is green tea just brightens all the body part and makes you so refreshing...The cool thing about Green Tea is it reduces the cholesterol level and helps you to lose few pounds..It also flushes out your unwanted fat..So it is very helpful of people who are in diet like me:D

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Oats & Dates MilkShake – Summer Special Recipes

I have started to take lots of healthy stuffs like oats and dates in my diet…Oats takes the place in majority, I have started to add oats in most of my foods…This is one of my favorite drink right now..Sometimes I feel a little tired or I don’t like having anything heavy for my lunch, then this drink is my life saver..We have a large container of oats and dates always in our pantry, so I make this more often now..I have a box of skimmed milk in our fridge on that time, so I made this shake with that..You can use regular milk.Don’t add too much sugar in this shake, since it have lots of dates in it..Dates act as a natural sweetner in this, which reduces your sugar intake, isn’t that cool....
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Mar 10, 2012

Sweet Potato Poriyal / Sakkarai Valli Kizhangu Poriyal / Cheeni Kilangu Poriyal

When we were kids amma used to buy sweet potatoes only during pongal, that also she will buy only few..We used to fight for it, because everyone loves it. But nowadays we buy it more often.. We don’t usually cook sweet potatoes, it is had just boiled…Have you ever tried that way..It taste so good. Couple of weeks before amma bought few pounds of sweet potatoes from the market..And I was wondering what to do with those other than boiling it..So when I browsed, I found sweet potato fries and sweet potato poriyal is rocking the internet..So thought to try it out..And the result was not bad, I realised that sweet potatoes taste great even it is cooked and fried.

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Beetroot Raita / Beet Raita – Perfect Accompaniment for Pulav and Briyani

When you have a spicy briyani or pulav, you need something cooling and satisfying on the side..Raitas are perfect for that..You can make raita with whole lot of different stuffs..This is one of the unusual raita, but a very common one made in my house..Amma makes it often, When we were little amma used to put salads or some kind of vegetables in our lunch box..But you know right kids don't like to eat raw vegetables, infact we are very much fizzy eaters..So what she do is, she add some thick homemade curd to those veggies and season it slightly and pack in a small container..We all love curd in our house, so eating those raita is not at all a problem for us..She uses carrot, beets, cucumber for this raita..

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Mar 9, 2012

Soya Chunks & Vegetable Kurma / Soya Chunks Korma / Meal Maker Kurma – Sidedish for Rice, Roti and Poori

I love cooking with soya chunks, Whatever you try with this  stuff it taste delicious..I don’t know about you, but I love it..I started liking it even more once I started my GM diet plan..I know I dropped it, but still I am in a strict diet plan..I am trying a lot to avoid chicken..At those times soya chunks has become my substitute for chicken..I even like to call it as vegetarian meat often…
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Mar 8, 2012

Poricha Parota(Paratha) / Poritha Parota / Deep Fried Layered Indian Bread – Tirunelveli & Thoothukudi (Tuticorin) Special

Even if I am in the top most tension or totally pissed off with my day, thinking that I am gonna eat parota with salna and chicken fry tonight makes me so enthusiastic and happy..I don't know how that happens , but it happens. I am not talking about the parota which you get in the big 5 star hotels and restaurants where they make perfection in each layer, it is the one which you find in roadside small shops where they make it so amazingly quick and homely. 
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Mar 7, 2012

Brinjal Kotsu / Kathirikkai Kotsu / Eggplant Kotsu / Mashed Up Eggplants cooked in Spicy Tamarind Sauce

Cooking with Brinjals are really easy because you can do a whole lot of stuffs with it.. I have quite a few recipe in my blog..You can check it here..This is one of my favorite dish to have with piping hot rice or with hot roti specially phulkas..They taste divine..This is so easy to make also..It requires only simple ingrediants...When brinjals are cooked in tamarind juice along with some spicy green chillies and onions, they turn into super delicious...

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Mar 6, 2012

Eggless Strawberry Icecream – Summer Special Recipes

Summer is already here and the heat is rising...This says that it is a perfect time to make all sorts of stuffs that keeps you cool like juices, shakes and most important icecreams...I made this a month before and it was in my draft for a while..And this is the time to give this awesome icecream a final touch and deliver to you...The cool thing about this icecream is you don't need a icecream maker to make it, I don't have one either.....And it don't need heavy cream, you can make it with regular milk which is a lot more healthier..And the important thing is it is eggless, isn't that cool...You can make it with nay fruit like mango, pineapple, can even add any nuts into it...
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Mar 5, 2012

Fried Popcorn Chicken - KFC Special Recipes

 Today's recipe is going to be POPCORN..What POPCORN? Yes POPCORN..But it is POPCORN CHICKEN…KFC's most famous recipe, I am going to remodel it to my taste and construct it so that we can enjoy it in home daily..To be Frank I have never tasted it, but I browsed so much and checked out so many pictures and I can imagine how it will taste in real..
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Mar 4, 2012

Samosa Sundal / Samosa Chat / Samosa Chaat – Chat Recipes / Street Food Recipes

I have had this samosa sundal in lots of exhibition which they conduct here in our place..And this was the only one which I order always apart from gobi 65 and pani puri…I love this stuff a lot because it has samosa in it as well as the ragda gravy..

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Ginger & Cardamom Tea / Inchi Yelakai Tea / Inchi Chai / Inji & Yelam Chai - Comforting for Cold Winter

You must have familiar with the love of chai my family and my mother has through this masala chai post..And I have told you that I love to try different ways of making tea..One of the most commonly made tea in our house is this ginger tea..Amma love it all time..
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Green Peas Vadai / Pattani Vadai / Batani Vade – Vadai Recipes

This is a quick vadai that can be made in few minutes, if you have soaked peas in your freezer..This taste more or less like the paruppu vadai which you must have had..But this is the instant version and easy one..I found this in one of the aval vikadan magazine and tried it immediately..
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Mar 3, 2012

Vegetable Kothu Parota (Paratha) – Recipes using leftover Paratha / Lunch Box Ideas

Kothu Parota is a common and famous recipe found in all street foods stalls and also in big restaurant..To be frank it is a must have menu in all menu cards here…It is one of my favorite one too..The cool thing about this is you can do it in anyway you like..You can add chicken, fish, mutton or anything to make this..It is a super flexible recipe..
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Tomato Dal / Thakali Paruppu Kulambu / Tomato Pappu / Andhra Tomato Dal / Split Pigeon Peas flavoured with Tomatoes


Happy Saturday Guys…Hope you all are getting ready to enjoy your weekend..I have just started to do it..Today we had a awesome breakfast with chapatti and green peas curry..It was delicious and good for my diet..I really loved it after 5 days of fruits and vegetables diet..The good impact from that diet is, it controlled my hunger and reduced my appetite, which is really great..

Coming to today's recipe it is a healthy dal which is flavoured with tomatoes, cumin and all kinds of yummy stuffs..I can’t tell you how good it is for you..At the same time it taste heavenly..
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Mar 2, 2012

Watermelon Granita – Summer Special Recipes / Healthy Summer Recipes

Oh Man it is so hot outside..I definitely want something which makes me cool from inside..And it has to be my watermelons…And I planned to make some granite out of it…This is the first time I ever tried granita, and I am in love with it from that time onwards.You could make  it with any fruit you like..You can make it with orange, tomatoes, strawberries and anything..Combining tomatoes and watermelon will make a good tasty granita..
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Mar 1, 2012

Traditional Poori Masala / Puri Masala / Potato Masala for Poori

If we make poori, there should be potato masala with it…They both are the perfect match made in heaven I THINK…If you agree with it, I love you…It is made with potatoes, I added some peas because I love that..But traditionally they wont add peas so You can skip it if you want.

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Palak Poori / Palak Puri / Spinch Poori / Deep Fried Spinach Flavoured Indian Bread

Poori masala is my favorite breakfast..I can eat it all day, but due to weight concern I have reduced it to once in a month or twice..There is a shop near our house, it is a small café..They have this yummiest poori masala I have ever tasted..We order it from that shop always, if amma don’t like to make breakfast  on sundays..Wow I am drooling now, but I couldn't eat it now because I am on GM Diet..Oh I din tell you this right..
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