Apr 30, 2012

Rose Milk Icecream – Summer Special Recipes

How was your weekend..Hope you all enjoyed it a lot..Are you guys ready to start a blissfull week ahead..I am wishing you all to have a fabulous week..My week started off pretty good, but my heart beats so fast , if I think that there is only 15 days for my wedding. I still remember the days when we have talked that there is” 6 months for wedding,man, lets chill out”..But look now only 15 days more, I am totally freaking out nowadays..Days are going so fast.. 
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Apr 29, 2012

Quesadilla with Scrambled Eggs & Cheese – Breakfast Quesadilla

I was so dull and dizzy this whole day, my whole body was paining like hell..Finally I realized that I am  having a cold fever. Now it is pretty controllable and my pain was a lot more reduced..My totally family is just kidding me that this is not cold fever, but it is “WEDDING FEVER”..I don’t know if it is true or not( Believe me). Hopefully I should get relieved tomorrow and start my week with a blast.
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Apr 28, 2012

Pineapple Upside Down Cake

I always wanted to bake upside down cakes since it has real fruit studded on the top rather than just adding fruit puree or essence in some cake..You can taste the real fruityness in the cake this way. One of the most popular cake are pineapple upside down cake..I was waiting to bake it for so long and finally I made that happen couple of weeks before. I am also planning to bake apple upside down cake as well mango upside down cake..I will probably make the mango cake tomorrow. Do you have any other upside down cake recipe, tell me I am happy to make them.
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பனீர் பிரியாணி / Paneer Biryani / Cottage Cheese Biryani - Lunch Box Ideas

Happy Saturday Guys..Its still raining here, I am feeling so drowsy..Feel like sleeping the whole day..I think i will be doing that. Its so cold out there, i feel like having a bowl full of chicken soup and fried chicken..But the only thing i am having right now is a cup of green tea (diet for my marriage)..But green tea is making me better..What are you guys doing..
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Apr 27, 2012

Onion Dosa / வெங்காயம் தோசை / Onion Podi Dosa / Crispy Crepes with Onions & Coriander Leaves

I always wanted to post Onion Dosa recipe in my blog. I know it is simple to make, but this is my favorite.. I eat it always..So how would i not post it in 'MY' blog..Onion dosa is pretty easy to make, but i add some extra special things like coriander leaves and idli podi in mine..I think it taste great that way..

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Nadan Mutta Curry Recipe / Nadan Egg Curry Recipe / Keralan Egg Curry Recipe

Hai Guys..Hope everyone is getting ready to enjoy your weekends..I want to take a complete rest because i was so tired of the shopping which we had yesterday..Yes we went for shopping yesterday, we bought the muhurtham saree and some silk sarees..My sister both was on full spirit yesterday and they bought so many salwars for my wedding..That is whole day of tiring shopping...And it is raining heavily here, so i don't want to go anywhere this weekend..Planning to settle down at home and take a nice nap, some blogging and some baking..I am planning to bake a nice mango upside down cake this week, i bought all the stuffs needed for that so don't need to rush..Will let you know the results..
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Apr 25, 2012

Mutta Salna / Egg Salna / Eggs Cooked in a Spicy Coconut Sauce - Thattu Kadai Recipes / Street Food Recipes

My third day for cooking with alphabets series is with the letter 'M'..I was thinking of so many recipes using this letter, but I didn't have time to cook anything..But luckily I had a post which is pending in my drafts for a while..i checked it and the name starts with the letter M.

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Eggless Mango Cheese Cake ( No Bake, No Cream Cheese, No SpringForm Pan, No Eggs) - Celebrating my 600th Post

I cannot believe that I am telling you this..YES my little blog has 600 recipes now..YAY!!! You don't know how excited I am, I just can't believe this still..I can see that how much I have cooked in these many days. And one more thing which I wanted to tell you is, I love blogging and cooking..

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Apr 24, 2012

Eggless Mocha Chocolate ShortBread Bars

I love coffee and chocolate together. If you are making any cake or shakes using chocolate add a little bit of coffee to it.Coffee has a tendency to wake up the real chocolatyness hidden in the chocolate and improves the flavour. And if you are making anything combining chocolate and coffee, it is called as MOCHA. In the beginning I was wondering what is mocha, hence I found out this.All Clear lets move on to the BARS.

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Lemon Yogurt Cake with Citrus Lemon Icing

My second day in 'Cooking with Alphabet'..Today it is 'L'. If you think of L, the first thing which comes to your mind is LEMON. 


So lets makes some Lemon Custard!!!

Hmmm..May be some Lemon Curd or some Lemon Chicken!!!

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Apr 23, 2012

Kaaju Murg Tangri / Oven Roasted Shahi Chicken / Roasted Chicken with Cream & Cashew marination

I saw this recipe from one of the cookbook which I got as a compliment with my microwave oven..I prefer cooking chicken in oven rather than in kadai or stove top, the reason is you don't need to add any additional oil or fat to make the chicken crispier, plus it stays moist and succulent. I won't tell you that this particular recipe is fat free or healthy, because there is a good amount of cream as well as cashews going inside this but it is so easy to make..I don't have to stand by the side and check it whether it is cooked or not..Just set the time and go that’s it..But there are lots of chicken recipe in my blog which you can make in the oven which are pretty healthy than deep frying it..
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கொத்தமல்லி சாதம் / Kothamali Sadam / Coriander Rice - Quick Lunch Box Ideas

Welcome Friends to another week of colourful days.. This week I am in for BM and going to do a special theme "Cooking with Alphabets"..I am going to start with the letter 'K' ..So you see recipes starting with the letter L,M,N,O,P,Q in the coming days. I have prepared all my recipes in advance so I can post very relaxingly and calmly without any fuss. 
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Apr 22, 2012

Vegetable Dum Biryani (Made in Oven) - SouthIndian Special Thali

Today is the last day in BM thali menu…So I thought to finish this week with a festive thali.  In our place If there is any functions like marriages or anything, they serve two kinds of food list..One is a complete vegetarian fiesta meal which consisits of steamed rice, sambar, dal, rasam, buttermilk, poriyal, avial, mango kossu, chilli pachadi, cucumber kichadi, potato korma, pumpkin pachadi, papad, banana, Poran boli and three kind of payasam.wow..How elaborate is that..But on the other side they make another kind of meal which consists of vegetable briyani, onion raita, potato korma, paratha, curd rice, mango kossu, tomato jam, papad and any kind of payasam. I thought of making a complete southindian lunch thali at first..But due to time constrains I made the second one.
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Apr 21, 2012

Garlic Naan Bread (No Yeast)

I love Naan Bread to have with the curries which I order in any restaurants. As far as I remember I have tasted Plain Naan, Butter Naan, Garlic Naan, Coriander Naan, Stuffed Naan..Aha..And one more Cheeseeeeee Naan..I tasted that in a restaurant called sparsa, which is in kayakumari. That was so good and it was my favorite one apart from Garlic and Butter Naan.. I will soon try it in home and post for you guys..

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Utterly Butterly Vanilla Butter Cake - Truly Rich and Truly Buttery

Lets talk a little time about this cake..I love baking cakes than eating it..But this is one of the cake which i finished the whole batch all by myself. Believe it or not..I totally loved the texture and taste of this cake. They turned out so moist and so buttery and so rich and a rich yellow colour which was perfect. I enjoyed each mouthful of this cake..I should tell you this is one of yummy cake i have ever tasted in my life..This can be served as  a desert as well. Pour some chocolate syrup over this cake and enjoy it all by yourself..

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Sweet Corn Malai Sabzi ( Subzi)

Do you need any recipe which takes only 15 mins to cook but taste like you have been cooking it for hours..Then this is the one..It is made with sweetcorn, so if you are a sweet corn lover then this one is for you..If you are a sweetcorn hater then turn back..

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Gujarati Carrot & Peanut Salad

 This is one of the gujarati salad recipe. I added some peanuts to give a crunchy texture. I served it with my thali meals like poori and aloo masala..

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Apr 20, 2012

Paneer Makhani / Paneer Butter Masala ( Low Fat Version) - Punjabi Thali

I love paneer butter masala all time..Even when I go to any vegetarian restaurant, the first thing which I order is butter naan with paneer butter masala and may be some gobi manchurian dry. WOW..thinking about that combo makes me hungry now..yesterday I made this punjabi thali and everyone loved it. This is not the complete punjabi thali, I made a small portion of it.

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Apr 19, 2012

சேமியா தக்காளி மசாலா பாத் / Vermicelli Tomato Masala Bath / Tomato Semiya Upma - SouthIndian Breakfast Thali

Southindian breakfast thali can be of any foods stacked in it.. Of the examples are idli, sambar, chutney and vadai or pongal sambar, chutney, vadai..You can also add upma to the thali because upmas are famous food in south india..Semiya and rawa upma are staple foods over here and amma makes it often..When she makes semiya upma, it is always had with tomato chutney and for rawa upma she always make coconut chutney but she add some roasted gram dal to her coconut chutney for make it creamy and tasty..

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Apr 18, 2012

Aloo Bhindi Masala /Aloo Bindi Sabzi / Ladysfinger & Potato Masala / Okra & Potatoes cooked in a Spicy Sauce - NorthIndian Thali

This is a basic and a simple northindian thali..I added a new twist to some recipes..Traditionally northindian thali has some kind of dals, two or three kind of sabzi and some paneer curry, curd, pickle and some vegetables..Everything is served with some roti and rice..Since I served it for dinner, I made this so simple with parathas, two sabzis, curd, pickle and some vegetables..I totally love northindian meals apart from southindian, those are the ones which I go for next..
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Apr 17, 2012

Gujarati Aloo Tamatar (No Onion,No Garlic ) / Batata nu Shaak / Potatoes Cooked in a Spicy Tomato Sauce - Gujarati Breakfast Thali

This is my next thali meal..Its from Gujarat..I made nice puffy poori along with this spicy aloo tamatar and a lovely salad. The meal was a complete hit..I enjoyed each piece so much..the poori was so puffy and it stayed puffy for a long time..Will talk about that later in another post..The curry was spicy yet flavourful which was perfect with poori. To make the meal even more special I made a lovely crunchy salad.. 

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Apr 16, 2012

Coconut Milk Appam / Palappam / Vellayappam - Kerala Breakfast Thali

Simple Breakfast Thali from Kerala
When Valli announced Thali Mela..I was quite excited to do that, because in our house we almost eat thali meal. Somedays it will be simple everyday thali and some day it may be a huge traditional thali. I am planning to post quite a few thali through out this week..Starting from some basic everyday thali from different places to a festive thali which we prepare often in our house.

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Apr 15, 2012

Anjum Anand’s Goan Fish Curry

I love anjum anand recipes, they are so delicious and quick to make. She explains all her recipes in a vey passionate way. I have pretty much all her cookbooks in my shelf. This recipe is from her cookbook Anjum’s  New Indian Cookbook. As soon as I came across this one, I know that this is going to be the one which I am going to try out very soon and last week I did it..The result is a creamy coconut milk and spices flavoured fish curry, pour it over some rice and you will melt down in each spoonful of bite..It was that good..

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Spiced Cauliflower Fry / Quick Gobi Fry

This is one of the quickest snack or appetizer you could make with gobi. It is so easy to make, we make this often in our house since it takes only minutes of our time. I love it all time..These are spices and so flavourful fries, because it has lots of stuff like curry leaves and coriander and so on..I can bet that this will be your kids favorite after you make it and you will love it too..

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Apr 14, 2012

Britannia 50 - 50 Snackuits - A Review

I got a mail from Britannia about their new flavours launch in their crackers and they want to tell my opinion about that. I was so excited to do that..I sent a mail to them and they sent me this cracker package within a couple of days.

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Low Fat Soya Chunks Manchurian / Meal Maker Manchurian

This recipe was in the draft for over 4 months..I don’t know why I kept it so long to post..Most probably I forgot about this..Now time for the big reveal..Usually Manchurians are pretty much fatty..They are deep fried and then tossed in a spicy sauce which is so good, but since it is deep fried you can’t dig into it more often..But this one you can eat pretty much daily..YES DAILY..It is a low fat version of the fatty Manchurian, but you don’t need to sacrifice taste to eat healthy. 

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Eggless Coconut Cake with Coconut Milk & Fresh Coconut – My Very Own Incredibly Soft and Moist Cake

This is my own invention..YES I didn’t refer any recipe..MY VERY OWN CAKE..I always wanted to make a coconut cake that taste really like a coconut cake without using any of the fake coconut flakes or flavourings. I used freshly grated coconut and its milk which makes this cake so moist and flavourful..And one more thing I want to mention is, this cake is so moist and soft. It almost fall apart like a sponge..I advice you to put this cake in the freezer or fridge for 15 mins then slice it. It is eggless too so any one can make it..
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Tandoori Aloo / Tandoori Potatoes

I love tandoori foods, I can live on tandoori chicken it is my favorite..One fine day i thought why not try the same recipe with potatoes and jumped into the preps..I was lucky on that day to have some baby potatoes and store bought tandoori masala on hand, so gave a try with that..And the result was so lip smackingly good..I totally enjoyed each bite of this yummy recipe..I made this specially on a rainy day and the potatoes are spicy and yummy..

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Apr 13, 2012

தக்காளி ஜாம் / Tomato Jam with No Preservatives

என் இனிய தமிழ் புத்தாண்டு நல்வாழ்த்துக்கள்..

I thought of making some kind of special recipe for this new year..But i didn't get anytime to prepare it..So pardon me friends..For us Tamil New Year has lots of traditions to follow..First thing in the morning, we wont see anything other than a mirror which is decorate with lots of flowers and gold jewels. There will so many vegetables as well as fruits which are arranged in a banana leaf. We call this as "Kani kanurathu".The settings will be something like this. The main dish in this function is "Aval Varatunathu", which is a sweet dish made with poha..And there is a special event happening in this function, which is called as 'Kai Neetam'..People who are elder gives money to the younger people by blessing them. This is how we celebrate this new year.

Now coming back to todays recipe..It is a instant tomato jam, which taste so good..You can make it pretty quickly and it contains no preservatives..

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Carrot & Raisans Pakoras / Carrot & Raisan Bondas - For Magic Mingle Recipe Challenge

Another month of magic mingle is announced and this month combo is carrot and raisans. Pretty good combo right..I was thinking of a nice recipe for combining this both stuffs..i started thinking from halwa, kheer to muffins..But everyone started doing these one by one..So I thought why not try a unique pakora using this ingrediants. Once I tried it, I was quite surprised with the result. These pakoras turned out so crispy on the outside, but fluffy in the middle..The cool thing is you get small surprise of sweetness when you bite into it here and there, which was quite good..I loved it and my family too..
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Apr 12, 2012

Homemade HamBurger Buns (Without Eggs) - Eggless Baking Recipes

Yesterday is the first time in my life I felt a real earthquake....Ever since I remember this is the first time it happened in our little place. The shake was a little strong and all the photo frames and  wall clocks shook for a while.OMG it was soooo scary.. I was a kind of worried and scared the whole day. I pray for the people in indonesia a lot..God should take care of them..Ok now coming back to the recipe. I love making burgers a lot, I always love making buns at home, because it is so cheap and the flavours of homemade buns are really good. This is a eggless version of hamburger buns..So any one can make it..
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ஓரட்டி / Amma's Rice Flour Adai / Rice Flour Pancakes with Coconut - Typical South Indian Recipes

Are you hearing about this recipe for the first time, but this is one of the stable recipe in our home. Amma makes this more often that anything else, because this don't need any sidedish. You can serve it with some grated jaggery or idli podi. But if you want it more spicy, you can serve it with some nice spicy chicken curry..It will be mouthwatering..
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Apr 11, 2012

Eggless Ragi Cookies / Finger Millet Cookies - Eggless Cookies Recipes

When we kids my grandma used to make ragi porridge several days in a week for breakfast. As a kid I hate ragi, somehow I don't like the colour as well as the texture of that porridge. My aunt used to make ragi dosa for my uncle who is a diabetic patient.  I love that dosa, it is not the instant kind which I posted in this blog, She makes the dosa by grinding urad dal and fermenting it. It stays so soft and the flavour was so good.
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Brinji Rice / Bay Leaf Pulav / Rice Flavoured with Bay Leaf & Coconut Milk

Bay Leaf is one my favorite spice to use in cooking because of its unique aroma..If you can find fresh bay leaf then you can use that, but I always have dried bay leaf in my pantry always. Dried Bay Leaf doesn't have any aroma when you smell them as it is, but once you throw them in hot oil or ghee then it releases it aroma and it just fills your entire house..I love making this rice bacasue it has lots of spices and while you are frying them in hot ghee, wow the smell will be so good…this rice has some sweetness and richness to it from the coconut milk you use it it..This is one of the must try rice recipe..
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Apr 10, 2012

Shahi Kofta Korma / Creamy Chicken Kofta Curry / Fried Chicken Balls Cooked in a Cashew & Cream Sauce - Mughlai Recipes

Are you in diet or watching your girly figure, Just look away, This is not for you..But if you are like me want to indulge in something creamy and rich and fatty, then come along with me, i will feed you with some creamy goodness..This is one of the rich and creamy curry i have ever made or ever thought of..They are like creamy heaven..Deep fried chicken kofta balls soaked or drowned in a creamy rich cashew sauce..How good is that..Can you say no to this?

But one more advice i have to give you as a health watching blogger is, please don't make it often. You can dig into it once in a while..That won't be a problem..But those mughlai people enjoyed these type of recipes daily..HUH!!!How lucky they are...

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மாங்காய் கோஸ் / Instant Mango Pickle Recipe / Mango Raita - Side dish for Curd Rice

 I made this for the festive thali for blogging marathon. This is my favorite one with curd rice.. love it all time..Amma makes this often, but she won’t sauté the mango, but I love it to be sauted. This is so cooling and can be had on its own too..

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Apr 9, 2012

Kerala Style Vegetable Stew / Mixed Vegetable Stew / Vegetable Ishtew - Sidedish for Aapam

I was so much inspired to do coconut milk aapam as soon as I saw that it one of the blog. Since srivalli has announced Thali Mela. I thought to a kerala breakfast style thali. I planned to put coconut milk aapam along with a nadan egg curry and this yummy vegetable stew..Sounds good right..You have to wait to taste this yummy combo..You will be in heaven..The master piece in this thali is the vegetable stew…It is so simple to make, but each mouthful is full of coconut goodness..This is a perfect combo with aapam, but you can serve it with plain white rice too along with any spicy curry..
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Apr 8, 2012

Jam Filled Cupcakes with Chocolate Jam Icing


Have you made the orange jam recipe which I posted earlier, if not try it immediately..Because you need that to do this yummy filled cupcakes..Don’t worry, you can make this with any jam as you like..So Chill out..I had some leftover jam lying in the fridge for weeks, I was so bored of spreading it on toast and eating.  I wanted to make something new out of that..Hence this cupcakes were born..These are jam filled cupcakes which are covered with a jammy chocolaty frosting..It was D-E-L-I-C-I-O-U-S.
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HashBrowns with Eggs & Cheese - Typical American Breakfast

I love potatoes along with eggs and cheese..They are the perfect combination on earth. Now think how about starting your day with this yummy meal. Awesome right..BTW this is not only for breakfast, it can had all year around..They are so simple to make and this will be your kids favorite, I can assure that..

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Apr 7, 2012

காளிஃபிளவர் பொரியல் / Cauliflower Poriyal / Gobi Poriyal – Curry in a Hurry

You all know about my love for cauliflower..This is one more addition to my recipe folder. It is so easy to make and amma makes this type of poriyal often than anything else..It is so flavourful and spicy, takes only less time to make..You can make this in any busy morning days..Rice, Rasam and Cauliflower poriyal is enough to fullfill a yummy lunch.
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Instant Strawberry and Mango Yogurt Cornflakes Parfait - French Layered Desert / Summer Special Recipes

Parfaits are very new to me, I have never heard about it before..But once i searched about it, i found that it is one of simplest desert we can make. The cool thing about this is recipe is, it is so flexible..You can make it any way. You can top it with anything you wish. You can top it with muesli or any nuts or any fruits or anything...This is perfect for this hot summer days..
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பால் போளி / Stuffed Pal Poli / Milk Poli / Fried Poori's Filled with Khoya & Soaked in Creamy Milk Sauce - Traditional Recipe

This is a authentic desert which taste so rich and creamy. I made this yesterday and everyone in my family loved it a lot..Traditionally you don't need to stuff the poli's but i stuffed it with khoya to make it even more special..You can make it for any special occasions..

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Apr 6, 2012

பால் கோவா / Aavin Style Paal Guava / Condensed Milk Sweet / Doodh Peda / Milk Peda - Festival Recipes

I love paal kova..But I am a kind of staying away from that rich silky sweet because of calorie consciousness. Yesterday I made this yummy desert, because  want to make pal poli out of it, which I will post soon..This is one of the recipe which takes lots of your time to make. The cool thing is you can do any work at that time, but make sure that you stir the pot often..You can do your laundry or wash vessels or anything in that time. So its not that bad..But the end result of this tiring work is so worth it, each spoonful taste so heavenly..
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கீரை புளிகறி / Amma's Keerai Pulikary(Kulambu) / Spinach Gravy / Spinach & Dal Cooked in a Spicy Coconut Sauce

Amma makes this kulambu often..She makes this with spinach and their stalks too which turns out so healthy. The stalks of the spinach have so much flavour In them which makes this gravy so tasty. If you are using baby spinach, you can make with that too. You can make this curry with any vegetables of your choice..
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How to cook Basmati Rice for Biryani / Rice by Draining Method / Rapid Boil Method – Back to basics

I thought of showing you all a post of how to cook basmati rice for making traditional briyani, since I will be posting lots of briyani recipe in the future..It is not that hard to cook rice, but you should be a little careful, because the rice will cook so much faster this way..I am giving you step by step recipe with pictures, which will be more helpful for you..So here you go to the recipe..

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Apr 5, 2012

Vanilla Caramel MilkShake – Summer Special Recipes

Its so hot here..If it continues I think I couldn’t survive in this world. But cool cool watermelons and lemonade is making me a bit happy..This shake is my new savior..I am loving it so much. This has a unique flavour from the caramel which we add here..
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Soya Chunks Biryani / Meal Maker Biryani made in Pressure Cooker - Lunch Box Ideas

I love to cook with soya chunks because they are so healthy. They have the same texture of meat so they make a great substitute for chicken or any meat..They are high in protein too..I make a whole lots of stuff out of it like korma, briyani or cutlets..This is one of the simple briyani which is made out of that. This taste so good, now I am making this more often..
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How to Cook Soya Chunks / How to Prepare Meal Maker for Recipes – Back to Basics

Meal maker is one of my favorite I love it all time..But the one thing that turn me off is the smell which you get from it. I searched google about how to get the raw smell out of it and found this tip in one of the blog..I totally forgot in which blog I found this, so sorry about that..Adding milk to the cooking water takes off the smell from it..From that day onwards I am cooking soya chunks like that..

I was cooking so many recipes out of soya chunks recently, so I thought why not put this tip as a separate post, so that it will be helpful for all of you right..So here I am with the post…Feel free to share your way of cooking soya chunks, I would love to hear from you..

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Apr 4, 2012

Carrot Kheer / Carrot Payasam

 I love making kheers and payasam for desert , because they are so easy to make but delicious to eat. One of my latest favorite is this yummy carrot kheer..Oneday I was thinking to make some kind of desert for lunch.I found some carrots lying in the fridge.. I thought carrot halwa taste heavenly, why not I try some carrot kheer..I tried it out immediately and was quite happy with the results..This is best had cold, even though it is good warm..
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Apr 3, 2012

Chilli Potatoes ( Gravy Version) - Indo Chinese Recipes

One of my viewer named Meenu bhardwaj requested this recipe..This was sitting in my drafts for more that 3 months, Today is the great day of unveiling this awesome recipe…Chilli potatoes are my all time favorite..I often make the dry version, which I will post very soon....You can cut potatoes in any way as you like, but I like mine cut into french fries shape to make it look fancier..You can enjoy this with fried rice or any thing..

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Apr 2, 2012

Eggless Chocolate Brownies with Yogurt

You all know that i have a very serious addiction towards brownies..This one is a addition to my brownies collection...I love it so much, i can eat it all day..Specially this one is so moist and fudge kind of brownies, which is my favorite. These have curd and fruit jam in them which make them even more special..These both provides a little tart which really makes it.. 

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