May 30, 2012

Mango Upside Down Cake

Finally I am back with a recipe post after a long time. I never expected that I will post a recipe in my blog this soon. But I am happy that I am back to form very soon. I will try updating blog regularly, but if I didn't keep up my words please pardon me.

My life is going so good, I am enjoying each moment upto the peek. The only thing which makes me feel is "TIME", Life is running in a very busy shedule, since I have joined my work after the wedding leave. Its really hard to find some time for myself.  I don't know where the days are running, still can’t believe that today is the 13th day of our happily married life. Overall it is new experience..
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May 28, 2012


Hai Friends..How r u guys, How is lyfe going on. Its been a while since i came to the vast world out here. I was having a pretty good and peaceful time with my loved one. I almost forgot the word "INTERNET". Luckily i didn forget the word "BLOGGING". 

So here i am back to the old world but as a new person and a new life as MRS.SATHEESH.

I was checking mails often, And i was surprised to see the wishes which i was getting all these days. Quite a lot really. Thanks for your wishes friends. With all your wishes and blessings my wedding went great. Thanks for that.
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May 14, 2012


I thought i can make it for two more days, but the days were pretty busy. SO i thought i will just leave blogging for some weeks, so i can enjoy my days peacefully and happily with my sisters without any tension in my mind... Don't worry folks i will be back very soon, may be in a couple of weeks..I am very happy that i have so many souls who send me mails wishing me and sending miss you emails. I really really love you guys..Don't go away from me, i will be back soon..

You all know that i am getting married very soon. Only a couple of days more. After 7 years of hardwork i am finally getting married with my loved one..If you want to see my better half picture,check this link..I will post my wedding pictures and will be back with so many updates...

I am inviting all my lovable reader for my wedding..You all are invited for my wedding..If you can't be present virtually, just bless us to lead our future life a successful one..

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May 13, 2012

நெல்லிக்காய் ஊறுகாய் / Usiri Avakayi / Andhra Gooseberry Pickle

Hai Friends..Hope everyone is enjoying your days..I am having my most precious days in my life right now..The only time my house is calm is when we sleep, all other time you can see people shouting around and all kinds of noises..I am really really loving it..

I have few recipes left in my drafts which I will post in the coming days I think..I thought I can give you a quick post these days so that I can enjoy my whole time with my sister and relatives. This is a pickle recipe which I made so many weeks ago. My mother and me totally forgot about this. Yesterday I saw this sitting in the fridge sadly. So I took it out and put it over the dining table..From that moment it started disappearing. Now it is almost over, Everyone tasted it and enjoyed it a lot.
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May 11, 2012

Ajwain Paratha / Ajwain Ka Paratha / How to Make Square Paratha

I am taking off from work starting from today. I mean, Not permanantly... I am on my wedding leave. This clearly shows I am going to sit in my house and look at the things which are going around me and get all the tension in my head. But nothing to worry, I have lots of things to do this weekend like finish my last minute shopping and to get a bridal facial to make me glow in my marriage. So this weekend is going to be pretty tight for me. But I will find some quite times in my heavy schedule to post something for you guys. I always feel blogging quite relaxing for me..I love to blog..A LOT REALLY..
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May 10, 2012

Mango Pudding Recipe - Kids Special Recipes / Summer Special Recipes

Right now my house is filled with lots of little kids. Everyone is arriving for my wedding, I can see  kids fighting, grown ups sharing gossips,  every one chatting with each other, but my poor mother running here and there.. The true wedding spirit has started. Don't ask what I am doing, My job is to sit in a place and relax, May be a little browsing and chatting. My mother don't want me to do anything other than just sit and chill. But nobody knows how my inner heart is raising to its highest level. But I pretend to be very bold and calm girl. Even my mother ask me often 'Are you feeling scared or something like that'. I would just tell her, "NO WAY WHY SHOULD I!! I AM VERY BOLD GIRL OK".. I hope that my mother never reads this blog.HE HE...

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May 9, 2012

Chicken Kofta Biryani / Murg Kofta Biryani / Flavoured Rice with MeatBalls

My Pressure is increasing as the days falls off, I am actually not sure what to do, what has to be done. Everything looks so blank. I am certainly feeling the pressure inside me. I don't if this is natural, But i am loving this at the same time. I have few more post left in the drafts to post for you guys, I think i will be posting for 5 more days. Then leave you all guys with my blog and will be back within a few weeks. I think in a couple of weeks. I think i will post a special meal when i am back with a special post which i will cook in my very own house (Your House - This is the term which my mother is using a lot nowadays). Hmm, Friends Just a Reminder for me " ONLY 7 More Days to go"...
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May 8, 2012

Eggless Moist Chocolate Cake ( No Butter ) as a Thank You Note

 Weddings are a integral part of the life, But the preparations for it requires so much labour and pain..My wedding preparation is going in a full blast…Relatives are already arriving here. Everyday is a busy day for my mother,she is running here and there like crazy. The important thing is they are not allowing me to cook anything, I mean they are not allowing me into the kichen itself..So I am posting recipes which was sitting in my drafts for so many months..I think I will get into the kitchen after my marriage( I am not sure). Everything is going like a steady stream. I am enjoying each and every moment in my life, I don't want to miss a single second in my life right now..
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May 7, 2012


Many of you have been sending wishes through emails, comments, facebook and everything..And some of my lovely co-bloggers have even created a bridal shower for me.YES A REAL BRIDAL SHOWER..This took me into the real world and made me realize that I am getting married..YES I AM GETTING MARRIED IN 10 DAYS.I still can't believe it, I remember the days when I was talking to my "would be" that we have 6 more years to go..But see now only 10 DAYS..Its like a miracle..
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A Huge Loaf of Whole Wheat Bread ( No Maida )

 Many of you have been sending wishes through emails, comments, facebook and everything..And some of my lovely co-bloggers have even created a bridal shower for me..I will talk about that in my next post..But right off now, I am so happy that I have so many caring and lovable friends around me to think about me.. I am really really a blessed girl. Thank you so much for that guys..
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May 5, 2012

Mango Smoothie Recipe – Perfect Way to Start a Day

Hope you are enjoying your day..I was so busy today cooking for more than 15 people..It is not really a normal lunch, it is a professional lunch. YES this has taken me to the next level..The menu was in the style of a complete and proper lunch. It started from a starter of paneer fingers,vegetable salad and chicken 65, followed by a main course which has egg briyani, onion raita,chicken curry, tandoori chicken, paratha and channa masala. Its not over yet, everything needs a desert right so we had a yummy mango cheese cake which is soooo good..I am so happy that cooked for a Australian family and that uncle is a chef. I am so happy to cook for them.We all enjoyed lunch so much and had a great time together..
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May 4, 2012

The Perfectly Puffed Poori / Poori / Puri / Deep Fried Indian Bread ( WITH VIDEO)

Poori's are my absolute favorite..There are days when we make poori's thrice even four times a week.They are my favorite foods on the earth. Since i am in diet, since i have to reduce my waist line,since my wedding is very near, i am pushed to avoid this. I am missing my poori's a lot.. The speciality of poori is it should be puff till you eat this, that why it is called a puuuu----riiii.. But many of us find it really hard to get perfected in that. The poori's will nicely puff up when they are in oil, but once you remove them from the oil, they shrunk like a airless balloon..You don't need that right..So here i am giving you some tips to make the perfect poori, which stays puffed even they are cold..
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May 3, 2012

சிக்கன் கீமா தோசை / Chicken Keema Dosa / Indian Crepes Stuffed with Minced Chicken Filling - ThattuKada Recipes

One of my collegue used to tell me about this dosa which he had in one of the local street shop. The way he explained made me to do it so badly. Infact I got so many ideas of my recipes from him and my friends.  Some of the recipes are Popcorn Chicken, Poricha Parota and many more. My wish is "what people like to eat all day have to in my blog".  He also told me so many recipes too which I am yet to make like bread omlette, ghee idli sambar, set dosai and vada curry, kulambu omlette and many more. Most of the recipes are street food favour recipes..You know right street foods are the best ones..

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May 2, 2012

பட்டாணி குருமா / Peas Korma(Kurma) / Peas cooked in a Spicy Cashew Sauce - Curry in a Hurry

One lazy night my sister told my mother "Amma I am hungry", Guess what my mother told "Go and Ask your sister, she will make something for you". I was busy editing my blog, But when my sister asked me, how could I regret that. So I stopped everything and just entered the kitchen.  I opened up the refrigerator and was searching to find some vegetables, but for my luck there is not even a single beans left. I also searched our potato basket,but there was only some onions left. My final hope is our freezer, I opened it and found a small unopened bag of frozen peas. I got a confidence that I can make something like a curry to go with poori( I had some left over poori dough from the previous night). Now I am off to the spice cupboard and was checking what else I can get to put in the curry. Luckily I found a bag of roasted cashews which my mother bought some weeks back and I took some and saved it for my cooking. Now I got the clear picture of what I am going to make, it is a creamy & spicy peas korma with some poori. How good is that..
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May 1, 2012

Healthy Oats and Nuts Balls – Kids Friendly Snack

Oats is a healthy stuff which you should include in your daily diet. But the hard part is how do you do that, it is so boring to have the regular porridge and shakes again and again. So lets try something like a
candy which you can put in your kids tiffin box or make a large batch of it and store in a glass jar and place it where your kids will look often. I am sure that they will empty it in no time.
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