Jan 31, 2013

கத்திரிக்காய் மொச்சை குழம்பு / Brinjal Mochai Kulambu / Eggplant & Field Beans Gravy

Hubby is out of town, i am in my mum's place. My days are just calm and relaxed because i am not cooking anything. I am enjoying the foods which amma makes for me. Its been really good to be under someone who takes care of you well and you just chilling out. I really started missing hubby too..He will be back by this weekend..
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Jan 30, 2013

Grape Granita / Grapes Granita - Summer Special Recipes

I have been a little busy for the past few days, and my net connection got expired yesterday for this month. So i couldn't post. Finally i got my net connection back and i am back. 

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Jan 28, 2013

Murghanu Shaak / Gujarati Chicken Curry

I love cooking different state food and experiment their cuisine. One of my favorite cuisine to cook is gujarati cooking, i love cooking a lot of their foods. Ever since i received this cookbook, i was hooked to it. 

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Jan 26, 2013

Gujarati Fresh Masala / How to Make Gujarati Fresh Masala

I am making a bunch of these very often, because this masala is not only very flavourful, it is very versatile and used in anything. I am cooking a lot of gujarati foods recently from this book. This masala is a basic for those cooking, i make a batch of these and store it in freezer. 
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Jan 23, 2013

அம்மாவின் இட்லி மிளகாய் பொடி / Idli Milagai Podi (My Mum's Recipe) / Idli Podi

Southindian staple food is idli, we make idli's most time of the week. Hubby loves idli's and dosas. When we don't have time to make any sidedish, the first thing which i go for is my mother's idli podi. It is spicy full of flavour, i love it all time. There is nothing better than this. I love this version of idli podi, but there are so many way of making it. I will post those soon.

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Jan 21, 2013

Strawberry Shortcake Cake

I really really want to bake a yummy strawberry cake whenever i see some fresh juicy red strawberries at the market. I pick those up immediately to bake a cake, but somehow it doesn't happen. Few days back i picked a packet of strawberry for the same reason, but this time i was firm and adament to bake a cake for sure.

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Jan 18, 2013

தேங்காய் பால் ரசம் / Coconut Milk Rasam

I love making rasam, it is one of my favorite thing to whip up for lunch when i don't have time to do any other gravy. When i make that, i don't always do the same thing. I experiment with my rasam. Check this for all the rasam recipe in this blog. I am gonna post so many different recipe in the coming posts...

This is one of the rasam which i made yesterday. I have heard about it and always want to give it a try. This rasam taste very unique and good, i love it with some simple poriyal or stuff like that...

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Jan 17, 2013

முருங்கைக்காய் அவியல் / Drumstick Avial / Drumstick with Spiced Coconut Masala

Its been a while since i posted, i was busy a little busy due to the festival season..This was my thala pongal, which is the first pongal after my marriage. So amma brought lots of utensils, veggies, different sorts of root vegetables, sugar cane and stuffs like that. I am having lots of veggies in my fridge, so you will find a lot more vegetarian recipes in my blog in the coming post..

Now everything is over and i getting back to business..

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Jan 14, 2013

Alsafa , Restaurants & Grills - A Review

Couple weeks back we visited a restaurant names ALSAFA, specially dedicated for grill food and which combines indo arabian taste in their food.

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Jan 10, 2013

Homemade Curd / Homemade Yogurt (Yoghurt) / How to make Thair (Curd) / Dahi

If you ask me, what is your first necessary stuff in a kitchen. My answer would be fridge, i know you all will agree to this. I cannot live without a fridge in my kitchen. It keeps all our foods and stuff fresh and prevent them from getting spoiled. I would strongly suggest you to invest a good amount of money in a good proper fridge.

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Jan 9, 2013

வாழைக்காய் பொடிமாஸ் / Valakai Puttu (Podimas) / Raw Plantain with Onions, Spices & Coconut

I love to make dishes like this, i have one version of this using potatoes. These dry curry are so flavourful and mild, which is a perfect sidedish with any spicy curries. I made my favorite karakulambu to serve with this.

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Jan 7, 2013

Apple Loaf Cake

This is a cake which you want to have it with a cup of coffee or milk. This is the cake which you want on a stressful day. This is the cake which you want to dig in after your lunch. Get my point. This cake is so close and homy.

No Fussy frosting, Not too sweet, Not too buttery...Just plain, moderately sweetened cake with full of apples in it. You feel cozy after eating this..

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Jan 5, 2013

Oats Kuzhi Paniyaram / Oats Kara Paniyaram / Oats & Rice Flour Balls / Oats Ponganalu - Instant Version

I love making kuli paniyaram, specially because of their cute shapes. These bite size morsels are such a indulgence for breakfast. There is nothing more than making this during morning and having with coconut chutney.

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Jan 3, 2013

வெண்டைக்காய் சாம்பார் / Lady Finger Sambar / Okra & Lentil Curry

I have been suffering from a severe toothache for the past couple of days. Man it is horrible, went to hospital yesterday, still no relief. Because of this my life has been very slow. No work is happening. I am planning to take a visit to the hospital today too..I am posting a recipe which was in my draft.

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Jan 1, 2013

No Bake Eggless Strawberry Cheese Cake to Celebrate NEW YEAR 2013

2012 is very special to me, because i had my life memorable day on that year, Yes my wedding day. I got married to my high school sweetheart after 7 years of struggle. Right now we are happily married for 8 months. 

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