Jan 14, 2013

Alsafa , Restaurants & Grills - A Review

Couple weeks back we visited a restaurant names ALSAFA, specially dedicated for grill food and which combines indo arabian taste in their food.

When we got a glance at their menu card, we came to know that this restaurant is famous for their grilling foods...So we decided to get into the mood for some arabic cuisine..

The first course which we ordered is mutton soup and a plate of mutton tikkas..

Frankly speaking. I didn't like that soup, it is like water, there were no flavours in that soup. It tastes like hot broth.

And the mutton tikka too was not that good. It was little tough. But hubby told that it is ok for him.

Hearing from one of my friend, i ordered barbeque chicken. I thought it will be glazed with some barbeque sauce and stuffs like that. But i was disappointed to see the plate. Because the chicke looked like a normal grilled one. But the taste was pretty good. the chicken is cooked perfectly, the meat is tender and the smokyness from the meat is good. I liked it but not loved it.

Then for main course i ordered garlic naan and hubby went for wheat paratha. 

I really liked the naan, it is soft and not to mention garlicky. The naan had tandoori effects on it too.

Hubby told that he liked the wheat paratha, it was soft too..

To go with these breads we ordered pepper chicken, And i found that the pepper chicken is so creamy, which is quite odd. Because the pepper chicken which i tasted in many restaurants is spicy and different.

But the taste is so good.

To wash all these, we ordered Alsafa Magic Drink, i know that it had grapes, pomegranate and lemon juice in it, there were something else too, i couldn't identify it.. It was sooo good, we loved it a lot. I probably have ordered another one too..But my stomach was full.

Overall the food is not much to our taste. But i would love to go to that restaurant for that drink.

The whole meal costed us around RS 700.


Parvathipuram Road
Opp to Bullet Showroom

PS: This is not a paid advertisement, All views are from my personal likes and opinion.


  1. I have to say I shop more online nowdays than I ever did! Looks like you are finding some great restuarants!
    Mary x

  2. hi aarthi... i thought i would clarify some points... looks like you have gone to a restaurant which caters middle eastern fare. that is y the soup is watery and the kababs are non-spicy. staying in the uae means i end of eating a lot of these kababs and more than the spice, the emphasis is on how well it is grilled. love your page and the recipes and hope to try some in the near future!

  3. These are nice reviews. I might give this one a try once I visit there. The dishes look healthy and delectable, too!


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