Jun 28, 2013

Saffron Shrikhand / Sweet Saffron Yoghurt / Shrikand

Want to make something easy for parties, This is so rich and creamy. You can make this for 2 people or for 20 people. It can be easily modified and adapted. This recipe is so much versatile, you can add whatever nuts or whatever fruits you like. 

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Jun 27, 2013

How to Make the Perfect Cup of Instant Coffee / Best Instant Coffee Recipe

Disclaimer: This post is just for coffee freak and addict who is ready to spend some of their valuable time just to make a cup of coffee.

I  am not a coffeeholic, but sometimes i crave for coffee a lot. When i do so i need a cup of perfect coffee. After i came across making a cuppa like this, i never went back to any other method. If you try making coffee like this, i assure you that you will never go back to your normal cup of coffee again. 

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Jun 26, 2013

Kothu Kozhi / Kothu Chicken Kari / Spicy Shredded Chicken Masala

My perippa(uncle) used to get this kothu kozhi along with some crispy fried parota when we were little. Since this chicken dish doesn't have any bones in them, we as a kid loved it. We were used to spicy dishes even as a kid. This taste so good with those parota and salna. Thinking of that makes my mouthwater even now. Later on as we grew up we started eating fried masala chicken with parota and started sucking up the bones. Eventually we forgot about this dish. 

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Jun 25, 2013

Semiya Kesari / Vermicelli Kesari

I am starting to feel dizzy and tired a lot more nowadays, i am on my 7th month and well you guessed how it feels. But i am trying my level best to post daily as usual. I am clicking as many recipes as i can to post in the coming months. I will be leaving to my mum's place within few days after my baby shower. I hope i will share lots of my mothers recipes in the coming posts. You will love it for sure.

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Jun 24, 2013

Shahi Pulav ( Pulao ) / Shahi Pilaf / Shahi Biryani

This is my second recipe for shahi pulav. This is one of my all time favorite recipe. I first posted it a year back, since it is my fav, i want it to have a clear pictorial recipe. So here i am with a new post with more pictures. You can check out my old recipe here.

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Jun 21, 2013

Eggless Oats Cookies - Just 4 Ingredients

One of my viewer requested oats cookies recipe, i told her that i have couple of version of cookies which has oats in it. Those are my monster cookies and white chocolate and raisan cookies. But she told me that she want a low fat version of it which she can indulge without any guilty. Yes thats what everyone need right, including me. So i decided to try out this recipe which i found on internet long before.

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Jun 20, 2013

Vendaikai Pulikari / Okra Pulikari / Okra Cooked in a Sour Coconut Sauce

Yesterday was a great day, we went for our brother engagement. It was so cool and we had great fun. This coming sunday is his wedding, i hope that will be super fun too. There is something so special when families gather together and do some chitchat, some gossiping, kids roaming around and stuffs like that. We have been invited to my perimma's house for breakfast, lunch and dinner till my brother wedding. So think how much fun it will be, i am super excited about this wedding. I dont want my blog to be left alone till the function is over. I am trying a lot to post on a regular basis so i can share all the great happenings here. So here you go to todays recipe.
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Jun 19, 2013

French Toast Roll Ups - Kids Friendly Recipes

I love making and cooking french toast, you can check out my recipe for all kind of french toast here in my blog. I have quite a few kind of it here. Check it here. I make french toast often, both sweet and savoury. French toast are so versatile, you can add anything to it, it will pick the flavours up for you. I always add vanilla in my french toast, but somewhere i heard that cardamom goes pretty well with it. I should try it soon.

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Jun 18, 2013

Garlic Chicken Roast / Oven Baked Garlic Chicken / Garlic Roasted Chicken

Warning: Don't love garlic, please turn back. This recipe is not you. It is filled with garlicky flavour and tons and tons of garlic. You don't want to go for a date or go to a face to face conversation with someone you love or someone you hate. But the one advantage i can give you is, your house will smell so amazing when you bake this. Full of GARLICKY aroma..

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Jun 17, 2013

South Indian Thair Vadai (Vada) / Curd Vadai / Dahi Vadai / Urad Dal Fritters Soaked in Spiced Yogurt Sauce

Whenever we dine out at Arya Bhavan or Gowri Shankar restaurant which are the best vegetarian hotels here in my opinion, I used to order curd vadai as a starter or like soups which we order in other hotels. Those guys make the amazing vadai and curd vadai. 

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Jun 14, 2013

Chikku Milkshake (LOW FAT VERSION) / Sapota Milkshake / Chickoo(Chiku) Milkshake

We often go to a icecream bar and my favorite thing to order there is a milkshake called as chicago. It tasted so yummy, For years i never got what they added there. But later i found that they make that shake with chikoo. I always wanted to try it at home. Last week i found some chikoo fruit lying around, so decided to try it. But i didn't have icecream, so i went for a low fat version of it. Whenever you want to make shakes low in fat but still creamy and smooth, you have to add in frozen milk cubes. That will make it more creamy. I hope you will try it and let me know what you think.

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Jun 13, 2013

Banana Toffee / Chinese Toffee Banana Recipe

Each day it is getting colder and colder in my place. Few Weeks back we were totally living in AC room, we just can't come out of it. It was that hot here. Last week we switched from Ac to fan, but yesterday we just shut off everything and was bundling ourselves in blanket. The climate is amazing. I am loving every bit of it. This is the perfect time for take out food too, my favorite is some hot parota, salna and chicken fry from near by shop. Last night we enjoyed that amazing combo a lot.

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Jun 12, 2013

Pudalangai Poriyal / Snake Gourd Poriyal / Spiced Snake Gourd Dry Curry

Snake gourd is one of my most hated vegetable. But this poriyal has totally changed my mind. It is sweet, spicy and taste great with any gravy of your choice. You can check out my snake gourd bhajji too. I hope you will try this and let me know what you think. 

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Jun 11, 2013

Nethili Meen Kulambu (Without Coconut) / Anchovies Cooked in a Spicy Tamarind Sauce

Making fish curries are one of the staple food of us. We make it on each saturday. My husbands favorite one is this fish curry. But to be frank i was totally bored to make that again and again. I wanted to make a curry that has no coconut in it. And this is the answer, It is made from the small anchovies and it tasted divine. The cool thing is you dont need coconut for it. My hubby tasted it and he liked it too. I hope you will love it too.

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Jun 10, 2013

Falooda - My Version

Falooda is my favorite icecream to order whenever we dine out. I always wanted to post that recipe here in this blog. Before you guys look into the recipe, i want to warn you that this recipe is my version of making it. It is not the traditional falooda recipe. Because the traditional recipe calls for chia seeds, which i couldn't find it here. So please don't complaint me. This is how we make at home and everyone loves it. Once i can get my hands of those seeds, i will post the real version of it. 
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Jun 7, 2013

Eggless Oats Brownies using Whole Wheat Flour

Oats, such a healthy grain which makes everything made from that healthy too. You could probably add that to anything you make starting from the regular breakfast dosa or idli to the goodies like cakes and bars. I have a wide range of oats recipes in my blog. you should take a look at it.

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Jun 6, 2013

Masala Vadai(Vada) / South Indian Paruppu Vadai / Fried Channa Dal Patties

The two deep fried delicacy which we make for most of the festivals are ulundu vadai and paruppu vadai. I have posted the first one before itself. But somehow i forgot to post paruppu vadai recipe. No worries now, i am up with the recipe. It is so easy to make, you don't have the difficulty in shaping this vadai too, because it just needs to be flatten before frying.
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Jun 4, 2013

Dal Roti / Simple Moong Dal Recipe / Flavoured Moong Dal For Roti - Side Dish for Roti

Wow, what a climate is here in my place.It is raining heavily and getting colder each day. I am loving it a lot. I really love to have hot hot foods these time, like hot lemon tea, piping hot rice with curries and stuff like that. I made a sizzling lunch yesterday, piping hot rice, chicken curry, pepper chicken and kothu kozhi. YUM right..Dont worry i have the pictures taken for you. I will post those recipes soon. 

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Jun 3, 2013

Ghee Mysorepak / Besan Barfi / Chickpea Flour Fudge

Whenever we have unexpected guest in our house, the first sweet which my mom do is mysorepak, apart from kesari. It is one of the staple recipe. The reason behind that is because it is so easy to make and calls only for 3 ingredients gramflour, sugar and fat. Nothing can get easier than that.

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