Aug 29, 2014

Microwave Besan Ladoo Recipe / 3 Mins Microwave Besan Ladoo Recipe

Are you worried that you didn't plan for ganesh chaturthi till now, now worries, i have a simple and quick ladoo recipe which can be made in just 3 mins. That too with simple ingredients..I am in microwave sweet making mood these days..I have made quite a few recipes too, check out my  10 mins paal kova, 4 mins rava ladoo, 15 mins cornflour halwa, 5 mins mysorepak and my 8 mins dates and figs barfi.. If you are in chocolate mood, try my rockyroad chocolate bars and my 2 mins chocolate pista fudge..

These ladoos are so perfect and can be made in just 3 mins. It can be made from start to finish in under 10 mins, this includes shaping ladoos too..These ladoos just melt in your mouth and i loved this more than my normal besan ladoo. So try this out and let me know how it turned out for you..

Preparation Time : 2 mins
Cooking Time : 3 mins
Makes :  8 to 10 ladoos


Gram Flour / Kadalai Mavu - 1/2 cup
Sugar - 3/4 cup
Cashews - 10 broken into small pieces
Cardamom Powder - 1 tsp


Take sugar in a blender and make it into a fine powder.

Take a microwave safe bowl, add in ghee and cashews, pop it in microwave and cook for a min. 

Remove it and add in gram flour. Mix well. Pop it microwave and cook for 2 mins. Remove it and mix well

Now add in powdered sugar to the hot besan mix and mix well. Add in cardamom powder and mix well.

Take a small portion from it and shape it into tight ladoos.


Take all your ingredients

Take sugar in a mixer

Powder it finely

Take a microwave safe bowl

add in ghee

add in some broken cashews

Pop it in microwave 

cook for 1 min

Now the cashews is roasted

add in gram flour

mix well

pop it microwave

cook for 2 mins

now the raw smell will leave from it

mix it up

add in powdered sugar

mix well

add in some cardamom powder

mix well

take the ladoo mix in your hand

shape it into tight balls



  1. Wow..aarthi thanks for sharing microwave recipe. ..they r so helpful..keep going

    Btw I just saw ur puthugam tv show in YouTube...yesterday

    Great work in tat arthi..I appreciate ur dedication towards cooking..and ur efforts to blog for us....

  2. Hi ! Tried making them, but there was a strong smell of besan , can u tell me what I did wrong

  3. Hi aarthi. Which mode and what temperature should I put in the microwave

  4. @AnonymousEach oven varies..You have to cook it till the raw smell leaves..May be you should have microwaved it for 1 more min to get rid of the raw smell

  5. @AnonymousThis has to be done in normal cooking mode and high power

  6. Hey Aarthi, yummy receipe. tried it just now and cannot stop eating it.

  7. Brilliant and such a easy recipe. Thanks for sharing :)

  8. Tried it out today and it was simply superb

  9. Your microwave recipes really rocks...and i find it so helpful...

  10. Tried ur receipe today. It came out well. Thank u

  11. Can we use icing sugar instead of powdered one

  12. Hi.. This looks really lovely!
    I don't have ghee, so is there anyway to subsitute ghee with something else?

    Please continue to do what you are doing!

  13. Hi Aarthi.. Tried this recipe today but once i added the besan it went dry.. It didn't look the way u showed it in the pictorial..also wen i microwaved it for 2 mins it burnt.. Wht do i do in this case.. Do i add more ghee n microwave it for maybe 1-1.5 min

    1. yes add more ghee and microwave it for less minute. each microwave will vary.

  14. Thank you for this receipe, but for me the besan and ghee mix were little watery maybe I have added extra ghee...donno...even sugar proportion was too sweet though I have added little less...but surely thanks this is the first time I have tried yours..keep up the good work


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