Jan 30, 2016

REVIEW - Orange County Coorg Resort - Coorg Resorts / Resorts in Coorg

First of all, i have to make a confession..This is not a paid review, i just want to share this, because the days when i stayed in this resort is one of the best. Okay now lets get into the review..

You all know that i have been on a vacation few weeks back and i promised you to share the pictures. Here i am with a review of one of the best resort i have ever gone to..When we planned to go on a trip to coorg, the first thing which we asked to our tour agent is to book a comfy luxury resort, because i told hubby that i just dont want to explore the places on this trip. I just want to chill and relax. Thank god our tour agent booked this amazing resorts in coorg. It is the Orange County, Coorg

When you step into the portals of Orange County, Coorg, you leave one world behind, and step seamlessly into another: the bygone era of the Gentleman Planter. Ensconced in the cocooned comforts of a lush 300-acre plantation paradise, the resort is perfumed with the subtly intoxicating aroma of coffee and spice. Come, allow the Spirit of the land to infuse your very being, and coax you gently on a personal voyage of discovery.

We booked a private pool villa..The joy started as soon as we entered into our private villa. The Ambience, the decor, the interior and the complete place felt like home. Here are few pictures inside the villa..Everything has a wood finish and it has a touch of kerala in them.

On that dining table there were locally farmed fruits and homemade cookies, which is refilled in a daily basis..Those cookies were YUM.

This is one of the best bit, this is a sweet box which has homemade traditional sweets in them and it is refilled in a daily basis..One of my favourite sweet is the jackfruit, yum..

And the beds were so cozy and the interior was pretty romantic..Perfect for newly weds and honeymoon couples..

A Peek into the bathroom..

This is the view of the backyard..

Private Pool..YAY..

Night Look..

This the tea and coffee making area.The coffee is their own cultivation and it is the best one i have ever tasted..

Around the Property..The place was just filled with nature..You feel that you have entered into another world, after you step into the resort. The resort is completely eco friendly..The service is just extra ordinary. The workers were very friendly and always wishes and greets you with a smiling face..They follow their tradition very seriously, you can read about the that here

There were so many activities happening in the resorts, like birds watching, hiking, village visits, cultural activities, plantation walk, nature walk, coracle rides and so on..

They have a separate play area for kids and adults as well..Maha had fun..

After roaming through the property, we had a nice relaxing massage therapy in the Vaidyasala..It was so wonderful..

Just chilling..To check out more pictures of maha, check out my baby blog..

And one of the excited part is, each time we order a room service, they used to create fun animals with the towels..Each time we will be looking forward for that after we enter the villa..Specially Maha was too excited..

Now coming to the best part of the resort, the FOOD...The foods were too good that i didn't manage to take pictures of all the things which i ate..I would say we ate, ate and ate a lots of stuff during the stay in the resort. It was too good...Everything was yummy. The foods were served in a buffet and we were going crazy, because everything was so delicious..And our stomach were completely full..There were quite a few restaurants inside the resort, each one features different types of foods..

Here are few pictures of the breakfast platter which we had..

Overall, my experience in Orange County Coorg was extraordinary, I strongly recommend you to visit there, if you want to take a break from your daily life. 

You can book your place there, RIGHT HERE..


  1. Nice explanation.. Seems like I enjoyed a lot ..
    And I think this as the reason behind 2 days of not posting in the blog ..
    Hope you enjoyed your Winter Vacation

  2. Aarthi, your review has certainly won me over. This is now going to be a must visit place with my mother....when I had earned enough... :)
    Thanks alot for the photos and your own review- a whole blog post: it's the best type of recommendation for any hotel etc.

  3. What about the expenses dear

  4. Hi Aarthi,
    Hope you and family are in fine spirits.. well would like to ask you how much was the cost of stay and food at the Orange County.. would love to visit there...

  5. Dear aarthi can u pls post the charges, room rent and overall acommodation and food charges! For one day. ?

  6. Hi just now went thro the tariffs in the link gn

  7. @Anonymousexpenses depends on the the package..u can look in their website

  8. Thanks for sharing with us. This is adorable. Good to know all these
    Low budget flats for sale in Chennai

  9. Nice blog Thanks for sharing your grateful information,Coorg is the best tourist and honeymoon places,This place is famous for misty hills, sprawling coffee plantations.

  10. They helped us put together a great menu, from the consultation to the tasting to the actual event. The wedding venues NYC had biscuits and gravy, cornbread muffins, fried catfish, jambalaya, enormous pieces of fried chicken


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