May 28, 2016

Golden Crispy Tofu Recipe - Panko Crusted Tofu Bites Recipe

I love tofu, this is my favourite way of enjoying tofu. It is crispy and like bite size heaven. With a drizzle of sweet chilli sauce all over it, it is perfect.

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I had some panko crumbs in my pantry and i used those, this made my tofu so crispy. But you can use normal breadcrumbs. It will make the tofu just fine. This is great for any parties as well, just plate these and drizzle the top with some sweet chilli sauce and stick a toothpick over it, there you have a perfect appetizer,

Hope you will give this a try and let me know how it turns out for you.

Preparation Time : 10 mins
Frying Time : 1 to 2 min per batch
Serves: 3 to 4


Firm Tofu - 200 grams / 1 packet cubed
All Purpose Flour - 4 tblspn
Chilli flakes or Paprika as needed
Salt to taste
Oregano as needed
Panko or Regular Breadcrumbs - 1 cup
Oil - 4 to 5 tblspn


Sprinkle salt and chilli flakes or paprika over cubed tofu and coat on all side.

In a bowl, take all purpose flour, salt and chilli flakes or paprika, add water and make it into a little thin paste.

Take breadcrumbs in a bowl, sprinkle salt, chilli flakes or paprika and oregano and mix well. Set aside.

Take tofu and dip in the flour mix and then roll in panko. Set aside.

Heat little oil in a pan, place tofu in it and fry on a medium heat til golden on all sides, keep turning it over.

Drain and serve with sweet chilli sauce.

Take all your ingredients

cube your tofu

sprinkle salt and chilli flakes or paprika over it

In a bowl take all purpose flour

sprinkle salt and paprika

add water and make it into a paste

take panko or regular breadcrumbs in a bowl

add oregano

add salt and paprika

mix well and set aside

dip tofu in flour mix

once it is coated

roll it in panko

set aside

heat little oil in a pan

place tofu in it and fry them till golden, turn over and keep frying on all sides

drain onto some paper towel



  1. Aarthi, Thanks for sharing great taste... Schools are re-opening, Kindly share more snack foods for kids.

  2. Hi Aarthi, I've been your follower since long... Love your recipies, more than that your presentation...
    Did you make tofu by yourself? If not, which brand do you use and recommend? I recently got a store bought packet, and was not satisfied by its texture, it was hard and rubbery...


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