May 30, 2016

REVIEW - Estuary Island Poovar Resort - Poovar Resorts / Luxury Resorts in Poovar

This is not a paid review, i just want to share this, because the days when i stayed in this resort is one of the best. Okay now lets get into the review..

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I got good response when i shared my review for coorg orange county. So i thought of sharing few more resorts in which we stayed. We went on this trip to poovar a year back. I really enjoyed the stay in this estuary island resort, so here i am with the review and few pictures of it.

Unlike the coorg resort, this one is less expensive but the ambience is great. I really loved the property, it is very relaxing. The rooms were simple and elegant. I loved the quiet environment, it is a place to relax on a pretty decent budget.

They had a pretty decent size pool and imagine soaking in this pool on a hot day. It is just wonderful.

Here are few pictures from their property..

I really liked this private space where you can chill..Just order some food or drinks and enjoy by the side of back waters.

I didn't have much pictures of the food which we ate, but this seafood salad with thousand island dressing is to die for..LOVED IT!

They have a place where you can take a boat ride..

We went to the near by beach..

They have their own gym for all those health conscious people..

A meditation room

And ofcourse a spa..

This is their restaurant..They have a indoor and outdoor space..

Few more pictures of their outdoor activity area, where you can play with your mates.

Overall, my experience in Estuary Island - Poovar was extraordinary, I strongly recommend you to visit there, if you want to take a break from your daily life. You can book your place there, RIGHT HERE..


  1. What is the tariff for the room? this place looks so good.

    1. it is not that expensive, i think it is around 4000 rs. U can contact them through the link given

  2. WOW!

    What a beautiful experience with claimable resort. I want to this year summer holidays in this resort along family.


  3. Wow Aarathi its Supr amm looking for a place go this October and u just helped like always thanks plz keep sharing I appreciate ur attitude towards life and the way u enjoy it


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