Feb 29, 2016

Homemade Chocolate Milk Powder Recipe - Homemade Nesquik Chocolate Milk Powder Recipe

I love nesquik chocolate milk powder, i have bought it twice and enjoyed every bit of it.. But it is pretty expensive here but i can never stop buying them..Recently i decided to try chocolate milk powder at home and when i searched for it, i was surprised to see how easy it is to make at home. 

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Quick Tomato Relish Recipe

This is a quick condiment you can make under 15 mins. You can make this during the weekend and keep handy in the fridge and use it through out the week. You can have it with sandwiches, grilled chicken, fish or eggs. Even have it with roti, naan as well.

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Feb 27, 2016

White Chicken Stew Recipe - Chicken Sodhi Recipe

One night i was wondering what to cook for dinner. I had some readymade roti on hand so decided to make something quick. I was in a mood for some chicken curry. but i was too lazy to take the pain of going through so many steps. I had some store bought coconut milk on hand, so immediately i made this simple chicken curry. It turned out just wonderful..
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Healthy Brown Rice Egg Fried Rice Recipe

This is one quick fried rice you can make with eggs. It is a healthy but taste so delicious. You can serve it as it is or as a side for any gravy. I used brown basmati rice for this so it is really healthy and rich in fiber. You can use normal rice as well. It is a great dish to put in your kids lunch box as well..

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Feb 26, 2016

Jelly Custard Trifle Recipe

This trifle is one of the quickest and easiest desert you could ever make. Plus it is so tasty and light.Great for big parties or get togethers... But i can assure you can finish this whole thing from start to finish in under 30 mins if you get the jelly set already....

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Instant Wheat Adai Dosa Recipe - No Grind Quick Adai Dosa Recipe

One night i was craving for adai dosa...For those who is not familiar with adai dosa, it is a mixed lentil crepes, the lentils are soaked for couple of hours then ground to a batter. Then we add onions, coriander, curry leaves, chillies in them and make a crepe like thing. It is so tasty and plus it is rich in protein too, very good for kids.

Okay now coming to the point. I was craving for adai dosa, but i had no time too soak and grind the batter, plus i was lazy. So i came up with this instant adai dosa and it tasted very close to the real one.

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Pickled Cucumbers Recipe

This is such a easy recipe..I recommend each and everyone to make this and have a jar handy like me. Because this stuff is so good when added to burgers, sandwiches..

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Feb 25, 2016

Fried Chicken Sizzler Recipe - Continental Recipes 2

Sizzler is one of the most requested recipe in yummy tummy for many years..Ever since i started my continental food series, i have been eyeing on making this platter. Finally made it a week before for my sister and she enjoyed it to the core.

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Pasta with Tomato Cream Sauce Recipe - Creamy Tomato Pasta Recipe

Disclaimer: This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of ConAgra Foods as a part of the Mom ItForward Blogger. All opinions are entirely my own.Thank you for supporting. Follow ConAgra Foods on FacebookTwitterInstagram & Pinterest.

I have a serious love to pasta dishes which are mainly tomato based. They are my favourite.This is one simple pasta dish which is so addictive. It is rich, creamy and very light as well. Since the weather is getting cold, i love to make this dish more often, it is my total comfort food.
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Feb 24, 2016

2 Ingredient Banana Oatmeal Cookies Recipe - Vegan, Eggless & Fat Free

Hey Guys, I am back again with one of my recipe. But before starting up with that, I would like to share my honest experience with online food ordering. I order food from sites like FoodpandaDominosPizza Hut every now and then. This time I thought of using coupons too as I have read a lot of reviews about couponing sites. I first tried sites like Couponzclub, vouchercloud. I have actually read good reviews about these sites but I didn’t get any fruitful code from there. Surprisingly, Media houses too have their coupon pages which I have read here. So I thought of giving those sites a try. There is no harm in it, right? I have checked coupons and deals for Foodpanda on OneIndia coupons site and I got what I was looking for in one go. So I would suggest you people to check these sites out, they are really nice. Now off you go to today’s recipe.
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Tofu Makhani Recipe - Tofu Butter Masala Recipe

I made this couple days back and served with pulao, it turned out to be really delicious..I made the same gravy which i make for my butter chicken and butter paneer. The gravy is so good..It goes well with roti, pulao or naan.

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Stuffed Ridge Gourd Curry Recipe - Peerkangai Curry Recipe

This is my 6th post using ridge gourd, even though we buy ridge gourd often, i have never shared any recipes so far..So no worries few days back i picked 5 ridge gourd from my grocery shop, and i am sharing lots of ridgegourd recipes here nowadays...This dish has become my favourite sidedish..It takes just few mins to make..This taste great with rice or roti..

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Feb 23, 2016

No - Bake Peanut Butter Bars Recipe

I saw this recipe in pioneer woman blog and it inspired me to try immediately. I was planning to visit my pregnant friend so i got a perfect excuse to try it..Luckily i had all the ingredients on hand and made it instantly. 

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Teriyaki Chicken Recipe

Teriyaki chicken is one of the most requested recipe in my blog. For those who are tasting it first time, it is a little on the sweeter side and taste really delicious with rice..It calls for few ingredients which is not easily available like mirin and sake. But i found this recipe which uses orange juice and honey online and tried it. It turned out really delicious.

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Feb 20, 2016

Brinjal Coconut Pulikuzhambu Recipe

Its been a while since i posted any kuzhambu recipes. SO i made this yesterday and i am sharing it with you..I have posted so many kuzhambu recipes in my blog. 

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85 Kuzhambu recipes in my blog.
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Cabbage with Potato Curry Recipe - Cabbage Aloo Sabzi Recipe

This is one dish which i make atleast once a week. Actually I would say atleast twice a week. Because hubby loves it, i love it and every one in the family loves it. This taste great with rice, rasam, sambar rice, curd rice or anything you name it.

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How to Freeze Bananas at Home

I always have bananas in the freezer...Frozen bananas are so versatile, you can use them in a variety of things like smoothies, top over oatmeals, make milkshakes, icecreams, top over icecreams, topping for pancakes, crepes, cakes, cupcakes and many more baked goodies..

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Feb 19, 2016

Jelly Cakes Recipe - Mini Jelly Cakes Recipe

This is one of  recipe which i wanted to bake for a very long time..This is kylie kwong's recipe, yesterday i saw her cooking show and she made this, suddenly i remembered this and lukily i had all the ingredients on hand so i dont have to run to near by shop..

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Homemade Desiccated Coconut Recipe - How to Make Desiccated Coconut at Home

Desiccated coconut or dried coconut comes in handy for many deserts. It is easily available in all super market, but for some people it may be hard to get. whenever i share a recipe using that i get lots of mail, where can i get it. So here i am sharing a homemade recipe for desiccated coconut. it is far more easier and quicker than you might think.

Check this link for all recipes that uses desiccated coconut..

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Wheat Flour Kozhukattai Recipe - Gothumai Mavu Kolukattai Recipe

This kozhukattai is one of our family favourite, we make it often for breakfast or for evening snacks. It is simple to make but taste so delicious..I thought of sharing it for quite a long time, finally made it few days back and took pictures of it as well.Hope you will give this a try and let me know how it turns out for you..

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Feb 18, 2016

Broccoli 65 Recipe

Gobi 65 is one of the dish we make in our house more often than anything else. Whenever we buy cauliflower this dish has to be done. Amma insist me to make this always, because this was her favorite. I already have gobi 65 recipe , cauliflower fry recipe too.This time i decided to try it with broccoli and it turned out delicious..
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Okra Masala Recipe - Ladies Finger Curry Recipe - Bhindi Masala Recipe - Vendakkai Curry Recipe

This is one curry which i make very often, but somehow i missed to share it here. Few days back i made this for dinner..Many of you have been asking me to share this recipe as soon as i shared the image on instagram. So here i am sharing you the recipe for simple ladies finger dish..

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Black Pepper Fish Fry Recipe - Milagu Kariveppilai Meen Varuval Recipe

I love the combo of black pepper and curry leaves. I wanted to try this combo and create a marination for fish. ..Finally i tried it few days back and it turned out perfect..This  is so easy to make, you just few ingredient to put together and finally you get a plate of tasty fried fish....The main flavouring for this is black pepper,So dont skip to add those..

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Feb 17, 2016

Adai Aviyal Recipe - Adai Avial Recipe - South Indian Adai with Aviyal Recipe

Amma makes a huge batch of dosa batter each weekend which will last us for that whole week..For grinding this, she uses a old fashioned big wet grinder which we are having for more than 25 years..While she plan to grind dosa batter, she also make appam batter and ada batter in the same day to prevent less washing of dishes..Sometimes she makes vada batter too..
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Noolkol Curry Recipe - Kohlrabi Curry Recipe

I always see turnip in my supermarket but i never pick them. I have never tasted them in my entire life. Last week we went to our super market, i decided to grab couple of those. I came home and made a delicious curry using that and it was delicious, it tasted healthy..

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Herb Garlic Croutons Recipe

This has become my favourite snack. Maha loves is too, it is super easy to make and taste so yummy. You can top soups with this and enjoy or even have it on its own with a cup of tea..

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Feb 16, 2016

Mashed Potatoes With Chicken with Mustard Cream Sauce & Buttered Veggies - Continental Recipes 1

I get many mails from my viewers asking me to share continental food recipes like you get in a restaurant. Frankly i love continental foods, but i have never tried making it at home. Finally after my trip to coorg, i enjoyed lots of cotinental foods and i got the confident to try it at home. 

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