Mar 11, 2017

Blue Apron's Meal Delivery Service Review + Tangelo & Honey-Glazed Salmon with Farro, Apple & Crispy Rosemary Recipe

Blue Apron is a meal delivery service based on New York City which is a gift for people who hate fiddling around grocery shop. I have seen so many reviews about their services online, so when Blue Apron contacted me to try their meal delivery service, i happily accepted it.

I went on their website and created my menu for the entire week. You can sign up to receive three meals a week which are already pre portioned for you. The meal comes in either two, four or six person portions.

When you order their meal service, you will receive big boxes of already pre portioned fresh ingredients to create your meal. On their website you will find six different menu options in which you can choose from. They have separate meal options for vegetarians as well. All their menu is mouthwatering delicious and takes less than 30 to 35 minutes to prepare.

I picked these three meals and it was delicious.

Chicken Yakiniku with Sesame-Marinated Carrots & Garlic Rice,
Tangelo & Honey-Glazed Salmon with Farro, Apple & Crispy Rosemary &
Falafel Pitas with Roasted Sweet Potato & Yogurt Sauce

The package was neatly arranged and everything is already pre portioned for you to the right size. The produce and meat is as fresh as possible. I got the plan where you get 3 meals, each of which serves 2 people. The cost for this would have been $59.94. They have separate options for family plan which serves 4.

How was my Experience
1) All the foods & their menu were pretty good.
2) The ingredients were fresh and tasted best
3) Recipes given were clear with pictures and easy to follow.
4) Great when you have no time to shop.

$30 Off Your First Blue Apron Order

3 Meals Free on Your First Blue Apron Order

Over all my experience with blue apron has been great and i would definitely be using their service again.

Preparation Time: 10 mins
Cooking Time: 25 to 30 mins
Serves: 2


Farro - 1 cup
Apple - 1, peeled and cubed
Tangelo - 1 juiced
Rosemary - 2 to 3 tblspn
Salmon - 2 steaks
Honey - 1 to 2 tblspn
Apple Cider Vinegar - 1 to 2 tblspn
Spring Onion - 1 chopped finely
Salt to taste
Pepper to taste
Olive Oil - 1 tblspn + 1 tsp


Start by cooking farro in salted boiling water. Cook as per package directions, drain and set aside.

Now heat 1 tsp oil in a pan, fry up some rosemary till it gets nice and crispy. Set aside.

In the same oil, add in spring onions and apples. Season with salt and pepper and saute till it gets nicely chared. Toss this over cooked farro and mix well. Set aside.

Now cook salmon. Season salmon both side with salt and pepper.

Heat 1 tblspn oil in a pan, place salmon skin side down and cook till crispy. Now flip over and cook.

Add in tangelo juice and honey and let it bubble for a min.

Now plate farro salad on couple of plates and top with salmon and drizzle with the syrup.

Serve hot.


Already measured ingredients for your meal

Perfectly portioned

It comes with a step wise recipe with pictures

Now lets start by cooking the farro in boiling salted water

I prepared other ingredients

First heat some oil to crisp up the rosemary..set that aside
Saute some green onions and apples

season with salt and pepper

Toss that over cooked farro and mix well

add some apple cider vinegar and mix well..set this aside

Season salmon with salt and pepper

Heat oil in a pan

place salmon skin side down

cook till the skin gets crispy, flip over and cook

add in the tangelo juice

and some honey

let it bubble up, till the sauce thickens

now it is nice and syrupy

Time to plate..spoon some farro on plates

top with salmon and drizzle with the honey sauce

This is their second meal which i tried..Falafel Pitas with Roasted Sweet Potato & Yogurt Sauce

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  1. Love your recipe but I don't think Blue Apr will work here in France :-( Hope all is well Diane


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