Jan 18, 2017

Paneer Popcorn Recipe - Popcorn Paneer Recipe

This is my lil one's favourite snack. It is a paneer popcorn and it taste so yummy. Crunchy and soft. You have to try this for your kids. Since i made this for my little one, i didn't add much spices and kept it plain and simple. She loved it so much.

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Beetroot Kheer Recipe - Beetroot Payasam Recipe

This is a easy and delicious kheer made using beetroot, dal, jaggery and coconut milk. I specially love the colour of the kheer. Great for any parties or occasions.

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Jan 17, 2017

Eggless Strawberry Cake Recipe

I love baking with berries, specially strawberries. I have baked few cakes and cupcakes using strawberries. I wanted to share a basic eggless strawberry cake recipe for a long time. I made it few days back and the cake was a super hit.

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Warm Turmeric Milk Recipe - Haldi Doodh Recipe - Manjal Paal Recipe

This is a staple drink in my home, whenever someone gets cold, cough or throat pain this milk comes handy. It gives such a relief for them. There is nothing more soothing for your throat than a cup of hot manjal paal.

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Jan 16, 2017

No Bake Lemon Bars Recipe

This is a delicious super easy lemon bars which can be made without baking. It is perfect for parties and taste really delicious. The topping is so lemony and the base is buttery and yummy.

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Boiled Egg Finger Sandwich Recipe - Kids & Toddler Recipes

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Jan 13, 2017

Jelly Milkshake Recipe - Jelly Shake Recipe

This is a super easy and delicious milkshake made using jelly. It taste damn delicious and is so refreshing as well.

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Homemade Corn Tortilla Recipe - How to Make Corn Tortilla at Home

I have made tortilla before they are a bit different from out roti or chapati. They are either made with hot water or warm water. The bread is more chewy and elastic. I wanted to make this corn tortilla for a long time. Finally i made it few days back and used it to make corn chips and nachos.

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My Mum's Vegetable Biryani Recipe

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Jan 11, 2017

Strawberry Pie Recipe - Strawberry Lattice Pie Recipe

I am seeing strawberries all over the market these days. I wanted to make a strawberry pie for a long time, finally i picked couple packs of strawberries and made this delicious pie. I was surprised when i tasted it. It was totally yummy. I am sure everyone who eats this will love it for sure.

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Sesame Seed Powder Recipe - Ellu Podi Recipe

I wanted to share this podi here for a long time. Even though this is a staple in our house, i somehow missed to share it here. Finally i made quite a few powders yesterday specially for blog. Will share all those soon.

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Jan 10, 2017

Basic Chicken Curry Recipe - Nattu Kozhi Kuzhambu Recipe

Over the years i have shared so many chicken curry recipes on this blog. This one is a very basic chicken curry which i make often in my home. It is very easy to make and taste just yum. I used Nattu kozhi (country chicken) to make this curry and it turns out to be delicious.

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Oats Chapati Recipe - Oats Roti Recipe

Oats chapati is a healthy recipe which taste great as well. This is great way of adding oats in your diet.

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Jan 9, 2017

New Year 2017 with Horlicks Oats + Fruits & Nuts Oatmeal Recipe

Put all the unhealthy food habits of the past year aside and let's start this New Year with good spirit and good thoughts. Everyone should have a New Year resolution and stick to that throughout the year. Having said that, let me share my New Year resolution with you all.

1) Never skip breakfast.
2) Start eating healthy. 

Being a mom of a super active toddler and a full time blogger, managing time is a hard thing for me. Each day starts with chaos and I end up skipping meals because there is never enough time which leads me to eat a whole lot of junk snacks which I shouldn't be eating at all. 

So I have taken my resolution pretty seriously, waking up an hour or two before my little one is up and preparing a healthy breakfast for myself. I love having oatmeal for breakfast, so I have decided to take it as my breakfast daily. Preparing oatmeal hardly takes 5 mins and you can top it with your favourite toppings. One of my all-time favorite is fruits and nuts with a drizzle of honey. I even love to top it with some crunchy granola and flax seeds too. 

I am teaming up with Horlicks Oats to bring you this post. Starting your day with a healthy bowl of Horlicks oats will boost your metabolism and energy. Oats are packed with fibre which actually keeps you full for longer and also help in weight management. So forget all those junk foods you have been putting in your body and start eating healthy. In the long run, it will make you fit, keep you healthy, and takes 5 minutes to cook and create a healthy and tasty bowl of oats. 
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Butterscotch Pudding Recipe

This is a delicious pudding, it is pretty easy to make and taste delicious. If you have butterscotch essence in hand then you can add that to this pudding, add some food colouring too..I had the butterscotch mix which gives the flavour and colour as well. You can make them with just few ingredients which you already have on hand.

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Spicy Gooseberry Pachadi Recipe - Nellikai Pachadi Recipe

This is a delicious, sweet, salty, tangy and spicy pachadi made with gooseberry. Taste amazing with yogurt rice.Hope you will give this a try and let me know how it turns out for you.

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Jan 5, 2017

Amla Candy Recipe - How to Make Gooseberry Candy at Home

Amla candy is easily available in supermarkets these days. This is a great way of having amla daily without going to buy it fresh. Making this at home is pretty easy and it has no preservatives in it.

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Carrot Sambar Recipe

This is another addition to my sambar list. A yummy sambar made using carrots and just taste amazing.This is a sambar recipe which i make occasionally. It taste really really good and this is a kind of thick sambar recipe and goes great with rice, idli, dosa or anything you name it..

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Jan 4, 2017

Easy Icecream Pudding Recipe

This is a delicious pudding, it is pretty easy to make and taste delicious. If you have icecream essence in hand then you can add that to this pudding, it do taste like icecream. You can make them with just few ingredients which you already have on hand.

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Andhra Tomato Pickle Recipe - Guntur Tomato Pickle Recipe

I love making pickles, because they transform any simple meal into a tasty one. Whenever i dont have time to make lunch, i used to have a pile of rice, curd and pickles..YUM YUM..

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Jan 3, 2017

Quinoa Idli Recipe - How to Make Quinoa Idly - Indian Quinoa Recipes


Quinoa in Spanish, (/ˈkiːnoʊ.ə/, from Quechua kinwa or kinuwa)[2] is a species of the goosefoot genus (Chenopodium quinoa), a grain crop grown primarily for its edibleseeds. It is a pseudocereal, similar in some respects to buckwheat, rather than a true cereal, as it is not a member of the true grass family. As a chenopod, quinoa is closely related to species such as beetroots, spinach and tumbleweeds. As a member of the Amaranthaceae family, it is related to and resembles amaranth, which is also a pseudocereal. After harvest, the seeds must be processed to remove the coating containing the bitter-tasting saponins. The seeds are in general cooked the same way as rice and can be used in a wide range of dishes. The leaves are eaten as a leaf vegetable, much like amaranth, but commercial availability of quinoa greens is limited.

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Tomato Peanut Chutney Recipe - Andhra Palli Chutney Recipe

I made this chutney and served with my quinoa idli and it was fantastic. I loved the nuttyness you get from the peanuts in the chutney. Make this chutney spicy and pour some gingelly oil over it and enjoy.

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Jan 2, 2017

Rose Sabja Lemonade Recipe - Rose Lemon Juice Recipe

Rose lemonade is a cool refreshing drink on this hot summer day. It is really hot in my place and i am making lots of cool drinks. Sabja is one ingredients which naturally cools your body.

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Baked Beans on Toast - Indian Style

This recipe may be new for many. It is made using a can of baked beans. I like to have a can on hand for all those busy days. It is very helpful and taste pretty amazing too.

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Jan 1, 2017

Butterscotch Cake Recipe - Butterscotch Fresh Cream Cake Recipe to Welcome 2017

Butterscotch cake is one of the most requested cake recipe in yummy tummy. Finally i decided to make this to celebrate this new year. Each new year i used to share special cakes recipes and this year it is butterscotch.


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